How To Make Flash Sites Work With Your iPad

Do you find it frustrating that you cannot visit sites with your iPad or iPad 2 and make them work?  All you get is a blank space or a message telling you that Adobe Flash will not work.  Here is a way that you can visit website with Flash and get them to work using your iPad.  This does not require jailbreaking.

Make Flash Sites Work With Your iPad

Use Flash On iPad

Even though there are a lot of sites converting over to HTML 5, there are literally hundreds of thousands running sites with components that use Adobe Flash.  One of the frustrating things for an iPad owner is not being able to see this content and while it’s true you can jailbreak the iPad and view some Flash sites, here is a way you don’t have to jailbreak your iPad and view sites that are running Adobe Flash.

Skyfire Web Browser ($4.99)

What Is Skyfire
Finally on the iPad! Skyfire is the browser that not only allows you to view Flash Videos on iOS, but provides as well the best integration of social features for a quicker, more informative and most of all fun internet experience.

Features You get with Skyfire:

  • Play millions of Flash videos – everyday, with no limits!
  • All-new ‘Skybar’ toolbar gives one-click access to video and related content
  • Stay in touch: Unique Facebook and Twitter ‘Quickview’ allows you to see your wall and feeds with one click.
  • Universal ‘Like’: Like ANY page on the internet, with one click.
  • Fireplace: See only the links shared by Friends. Why? Filter what friends did from what friends shared (which is a great starting point for browsing)Popular: See what Friends and the Facebook community have to say about the site you are currently exploring
  • Be informed: Quick access to GReader feeds
  • Be social: Share via Facebook and Twitter
  • Share to more services including GReader, Instapaper, Pinboard and Read It Later
  • Standard browser elements: Tabs, search, sharing, bookmarks, history, etc.
  • Full screen option for maximum use of screen real-estate – with scroll to top
  • ‘Desktop’ option loads pages as on a desktop browser, giving more flexibility in accessing web sites
  • Private Browsing option: Browse with no history and cookies left behind

Things To Be Aware Of:
Although Skyfire is known to “bring Adobe Flash to the iPhone”, you should be aware of the following limitations:

  • Flash VIDEOS are supported; Flash Games and Flash Apps are NOT supported.
  • We do NOT SUPPORT ALL WEB SITES that use Flash Video. We are working hard at it, with millions of videos already supported. But we cannot guarantee that your favorite site is already on the list.
  • For users and sites outside USA: Your country’s TV website may not work in Skyfire as some sites do not stream to our US based servers.
  • Hulu is NOT supported (they don’t allow it), but scores of other premium sites are available
  • It may take 15-30 seconds for videos to load: Preparing goodness takes time…
  • The application language is in English.

Skyfire Web Browser for iPad - Skyfire Labs, Inc.


  1. richard kearney says:

    I just made a search for,”Ipad 2 tip of the day”,and couldn’t find anything;interested?
    this is my last comment to you,so Ido not bug you too much.

    1. Shane says:

      You are never bugging me. That’s what I’m here for. I sure can do some tips :)

  2. Dominic says:

    Just wondering if I can watch online movies from websites like and using this app.

    Problem is you buy these apps and they end up not doing what u want them to do and you can get your money back too! Could you try any of these websites and see if u can play the movies from there Shane?
    Thanks buddy!

  3. tiffany says:

    Would you be able to tell me if the app works for kaplan college’s quad2 course site? it needs adobe flash to be able to access the course material.

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