How To Pay Bills, Budget, And Manage Your Finances With The iPad

Did you know that your iPad can be the perfect device for paying your bills and arranging your finances?  It doesn’t matter if you are just doing the basics, a student, or managing your entire household/business.  Read on to find out how…

It sure seems that there isn’t much the iPad can’t do.  It is a fully functioning device that is changing media (slowly) and it is able to integrate into your daily lives.  The apps are what makes the iPad so versatile and able to do so many varying things.  Here we look at how you can make your iPad the ultimate device for paying your bills, managing your finances and keeping your budget in check!

The iPad As Budget Manager

The very word “budget” is one that conjures up terrible thoughts for most people.  It’s great to keep one but most people have a hard time sticking with it.  Read about a few of these budgeting apps and give one a try. It might help you stick with your goals.

HomeBudget ($4.99/Free)

This budgeting app has some of the highest ratings for it’s rich set of features.  It is packed with ways to help you track expenses and income, and includes support for budgets, accounts, payees and basic bill tracking.  Each of the features are integrated so that if you pay a bill, it becomes an expense in the appropriate category.

One of the features of the paid version of this app is the Family Sync option.  This is a feature that allows a group of devices within a family to exchange expenses and income information (and they all work together within a single budget).  The iPads/iPhones all sync together over a wireless network.

Budget Touch ($5.99)


Ever used the envelope method for budgeting your money? You know. You put money into various labeled envelopes and then that is your budget for those items.  The creators of this app thought you might like to create a budget and use the envelope method.  It allows you to create expenses and then it puts those in “envelopes” so you can see how much you have left to spend on that specific item.

This is a really nice way to budget because it uses a concept everyone is very familiar with.  It also syncs with the desktop version of Budget or it can be used standalone.

Expense Tablet ($.99)

Here is a very easy-to-use personal expense tracker and budget manager.  This is the app to get if you don’t want a complicated financial manager and all you really want is something simple to record expenses and keep on a budget.  It’s also the perfect app to try out if you don’t want to spend a lot of money (as in, you are on a budget) and want to try out a budget app first.

The iPad For Paying Bills

Now that your budget is in tact and you have budgeted for some more apps you might want to have the iPad help you out with all your bills.  It might not pay them for you (literally) but it sure can help out!

Bills For iPad ($3.99)

Want the #1 bill paying app?  Here it is.  Bills for iPad is one nice financial planning app you should take a look at.  The graphics are really great and the interface is simple to navigate and use.  The overall feature of this app is that it helps you plan and track your expenses.

How is this different than a budgeting app?  It adds in things like a huge calendar and is focused solely on your monthly/yearly bills.  Ever used a big desk calendar to write down your upcoming bills? This app is that big calendar.  But it’s better because you start with how much you have to spend in the month, mark your days down on the calendar, mark down your set expenses, and then when you have a transaction, you simply “approve” it.

The overall app looks like a real office and has a ton of great features such as recurring bills, export to HTML and Excel and password protection.

Money for iPad ($12.99)

If you are serious about financial management then this is well worth the money.  It is a full financial management application.  And $12.99 is a lot less than a desktop version or paying a financial manager.

Bill Reminder ($2.99)

Sometimes you don’t need all of the bells and whistles of the larger financial apps. Here is one that is cost effective and provides the basics of paying your bills. Bill reminder is a simple application that helps you remember when bills are due and provides basic bill management.

If you have never used a bill manager before, start with this one as a way to see if you will like the way they work in general.

So there are some great ways the iPad can help you pay your bills, maintain a budget and manage your finances.  It takes a little while to get everything set up, but once you do, these are invaluable and it shows the true power of portable computing.


  1. Akhat says:

    Thank you for the article Shane! I like your choice of financial apps.

  2. Shane says:

    Absolutely! They all seem similar but some are definitely more detailed than the others. Looking back I should have included a financial calculator as well!

  3. ithink2ez says:

    Do any of these apps offer a checkbook register and balancing ? Like Quicken

  4. Shane says:

    I think that these ones are mainly for budgeting and the expenses but…it makes sense that there would be a checkbook-type app. I will check and see because that would be a great post

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