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Transferring files with your iPad using FTP, Bluetooth or Wireless is a must have when working on the go.  Here’s how to use the iPad for file transfer and file management…

File Transfers & File Management

For those that don’t know, FTP is the File Transfer Protocol.  It is one of the oldest and most well-known ways to transfer files back and forth over the Internet.  We use FTP for many things but it is most popular with anyone designing, building or maintaining websites.  While website hosting companies have introduced new ways to upload and download files, there is nothing compared to FTP for speed, functionality, and a reliability.  FTP can also be used for to transfer photos if you have a server that accepts file transfers this way.

The reason you might want to use an FTP client on the iPad is if you need access to files on a remote server in order to make quick changes or upload new files (or download files).  Web developers will especially appreciate this because it makes the iPad a light and portable tool they can use as opposed to carrying around the laptop.

If you are not needing FTP functionality then we also show you an app that allows you to do full file management using multiple methods.

Here are the top 3 FTP Clients and a few of their features.

FTP On The Go Pro ($9.99)

The Pro version of this app is the “Universal” app so it will work great on the iPad.  FTP On The Go consistently gets great ratings for it’s rather impressive feature-set.  This is a full-fledged file transfer app that also works with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Apple Store


FTPWrite ($4.99)

FTPWrite is a much more scaled down FTP Client app. It allows you to remotely edit documents without all of the extra features of FTP On The Go.  This app is perfect for making simple edits on the go.  There is a built-in web browser for developers and a handy keyboard helper for programmers.  With this FTP app you can add multiple accounts and do basic file and folder editing.

Apple Store


FTP Deluxe HD ($.99)

Brand new for the iPad this FTP app is meant to be very easy to use.  It allows you to edit and mange files, provides a rich user interface, local file storage, a talking browser with text to speech, and the ability to upload files directly from your camera or Photo library.

Apple Store


File Management

MobileStudio ($1.99)

MobileStudio is a full-featured file manager that lets you create, edit, and view files on the go.  Then you can share these files wirelessly with your desktop or laptop computer.  You can transfer files via iTunes if you have no WiFi network available.  If you are looking for a way to transfer files with your iPad this is one app to check out.

Apple Store


There are going to be a plethora of file management apps out in the coming weeks/months.  These are just a few of the top rated ones and they allow you to truly make the iPad a portable business tool.  With file management, file transfers, and FTP via Wireless and Bluetooth it is both convenient and a way to work on the go.

What do you use for iPad File Transfers and editing?  Does this help make the iPad a true business tool?

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