How To Use Facetime on iPad | Help And Tips

FaceTime on the iPad 2 is an amazing feature that you will want to check out once you get your new device.  It can be used for business, school, or for bringing families closer.  If you start using it and have issues, here is some help and tips how to use FaceTime.

Facetime is great on the iPad 2.  The screen size and the flexibility of using it makes is a perfect tool for multiparty videoconferencing or for bringing together your family from across the miles.  If you really want to see the power of Facetime, grab the Apple AV Digital adapter and experience it on your TV. But FaceTime can also have issues as it is still new so here are some tips and help in case you run into issues.

How To Use Facetime on iPad | Help And Tips

FaceTime Calling

In order to use iPad 2 FaceTime you have to activate it first and you do this with your AppleID.  If you do not have an AppleID you can get one for free when you open FaceTime.  Additionally, each person needs to have Facetime either on their iPad 2, iPhone, or on their Mac for the video to work.

iPad 2 Review Facetime | How To Use FaceTime

When you have an AppleID you will sign in to FaceTime using that ID and this will be the same address that others will use to call you on iPad 2 FaceTime.  You can also tap on Settings and then FaceTime to see what your ID is and turn FaceTime on or off.

And here is how to use FaceTime and a call:

  • Tap on the FaceTime app or tap on your Contacts app
  • In the FaceTime app just tap on a name in your list or in the Contacts app find a person and then tap on “Facetime Call”
  • If you want to add a contact just tap the plus icon in your contacts (either in FaceTime or in your contacts app) and then enter the basic information – the most important part here is that you enter the email address they use with their own FaceTime account.

There are a few things you can do during a FaceTime call:

  • You can switch cameras by tapping the icon that looks like a camera and two arrows. This will show the other person you are talking to the perspective from the rear-facing camera.
  • You can also mute the microphone by tapping on the icon of the microphone with the line through it
  • You can drag the little picture-in-picture display round the screen but you cannot get rid of it
  • You can also use another application while in a FaceTime call by just pressing the Home button  and then selecting another app.  You will still be talking with the other person but you won’t be able to see each other.  To return to the call, tap the green bar at the top of your iPad 2 screen.

Troubleshooting FaceTime Calling

Most of the time things go pretty good with FaceTime.  There have been some issues with it freezing.  If it does this then you can simply restart your iPad 2 by holding down the Home button and the on/off switch for about 15 seconds and it will restart.  Here are a few other things you can check if your calls are not working:

  • Make sure the you and the other person have the correct email address that you used to set up FaceTime
  • Make sure you are connected via Wi-Fi (it will not work over 3G)
  • It may take quite a few rings to establish a connection so make sure you give it some time

Improving FaceTime Quality Tips

Here are a few tips for good, high quality FaceTime calls:

  • If your video seems slow or jerky, make sure you are both in close range of the best Wi-Fi signal as possible and if you are in a cafe with free Wi-Fi it could be that the connection is saturated
  • If the image is grainy or blotchy then the iPad 2 camera needs more light
  • If your image won’t fill the screen, then make sure you both rotate your iPad 2 into landscape mode

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  1. Troy says:


    You have been more than helpful on all topics that I have read on setting up our new Ipads at work but I have a small problem.
    You state that you can use “Face Time” to perform multiparty videoconferencing but don’t say how and so far I have not been able to do this with the Ipads I have at work. Can you expand on this issue?

    Thanks for all of your help and wisdom.

  2. Marcia says:

    Just got IPad 2- set up FaceTime. Have confirmed settings but every time I try to call I am getting message Face time failed

  3. Sajit says:

    Hi there,
    I am unable to add FaceTime contacts on my iPad 3, the + icon on contacts does not appear on the screen.

  4. Catherine says:

    I have 2 apple id’s and use both on my ipad2 for Facetime. My problem is: I wish to keep contacts from one id seperate from my other. When I open Facetime under new id the contacts from my other id are there arrggghhh….PLEASE HELP!!!!

  5. sharon fisher says:

    my face time does not always work and my messages dont always send?

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