How To Use iPad 2 Effectively | iPad for Begginers [Guest Post]

With the amount of work I can do on my iPad 2 now, my notebook is becoming less important to me. Now that I know some awesome techniques to be able to do more work, my iPad 2 is even more useful. Now I can enter/edit text faster and open/manage apps and files easier.

Unfortunately, iPads are not made for data entry. That is why the attachment keyboards are very popular. Even though these keyboards are more compact then a normal keyboard, they are still not fun to carry around. The thing that makes an iPad so useful is that is it small and easier to carry than a notebook. Along with some useful shortcuts, I can get by with the on screen keyboard function on the iPad.

How to Use iPad 2 Keyboard Shortcuts

how to use ipad 2Stop writing a period after sentences. Pressing the space bar twice will insert a period at the end of the last word.

Quotes and apostrophes can be a hassle. Instead of switching the mode to be able to make the punctuation, swiping up on the respective keys will create the quotations and the apostrophes much faster and easier.

Special keys used in languages other than English can cause hassle too. Holding down the original letter key will give you the option to create the special character. This can create characters like the tilde (~) over the letter n for the Spanish language. It can also create the other various special characters that you may need.

Another useful tip on how to use iPad 2 is the punctation option. Just like swiping up on the keys for the quotes and the apostrophes, you can swipe up on the keys on the punctation screen. Now you can insert characters like the upside-down exclamation point or upside-down question mark.

In the number\punctation keyboard option, you can add ellipses with a swipe up on the period. You can get various money symbols by holding the dollar sign. You can insert a degree symbol by swiping up on the zero. A very useful shortcut is swiping up on the hyphen key to create an em-dash.

Hitting the shift button twice will put you into CAPS mode. This can easily cause problems for someone who never uses CAPS and activates this by accident. That is when you can deactivate this function. Deactivating this is as easy as opening the settings, selecting the keyboard option in the general catagory, and select disable CAPS lock.

There are other various options on this screen such as: automatic capitalization, spell check, automatic word correction, and the period shortcut stated earlier in the article. You can also choose various keyboard layouts used in various countries.

If you have problems placing the cursor were you need it, there is a simple magnify function to make sure you place it in the right spot. If you just press and hold the screen, you will activate the magnification function.

How to Use iPad 2 Replace Suggestion

With the iPad’s ability to recommend words for you, it is easy to pick the wrong word from the list. A great way to fix this without going back and typing it all over again, is the word replacement function. By pressing and selecting the word, you will see a new list of words that you can replace the word with. The word you meant to type may not be in the list, but most of the time it is.


With the ability to add a countless number of apps to your iPad, finding the right one quickly may become a problem. With a built-in feature, you can press and hold the app, and place the app into catagories. Grouping your apps into related catagories can save you time when searching for an app. You can either choose a default folder name or make your own.

A better way to find an app faster and launch it quicker is the Spotlight feature. You just type the name of an app into Spotlight and it will find it. Pressing the home button, or swiping it to the right will activate Spotlight.

Viewing/Closing Apps

Double clicking the home icon used to display Spotlight. Now this function shows your currently open apps. The more apps you have running, the faster the battery will run out. Here is a quick tip on how to use iPad 2 effectively. Pressing and holding the icon of an active app will show a menu where you can shut an app down. Just pressing the minus sign on the menu will stop the app.

Connecting your iPad to a computer can show you how much memory an app is using. You can do this by viewing the apps in iTunes. You can also delete/add files to the apps listed from your iPad. Along with that feature, you can save those files to your computer. This may be the fastest and easiest way to batch-trasnfer files back and forth between your iPad and computer.

Originally posted 2011-07-31 04:22:04.


  1. Don says:

    ‘Begginers’. You can have access to some dictionaries on the iPad2. Why not try one?


    1. Jeff says:

      Very funny, where is Shane.

  2. Patricia Florenco says:

    Thanks for the info George. I didn’t know about the swiping up with certain keys. Saves time and truly an asset when typing.

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