How to Use iPad for Design Works [Guest Post]

Apple products have been one of the most preferred products for many designers world wide. In fact this relationship with Apple has blossomed over the years. However, there is one question that keeps coming up nowadays – with Apple focusing more on low power devices to suit the mass market will the needs of the designing community be left behind? It is a known fact that iPad is a great product to have but is it really a great business tool that can help designers with their work. To understand this you must know how to use iPad for high quality design works.

How to Use iPad for Designing Works?

iPad for Designer | How To Use iPadWell, from a designer point of view, the iPad and other similar products are a major headache really. This is because they are really too great looking to not own one. However, it is difficult to justify its purchase if you are planning to use it for business purposes. This is because for al its great looks and features, the iPad is still a low power computing device whereas designers need larger capacity RAM, powerful processors and lot of storage space to handle the day to day work. In fact the iPad is designed for web browsing, email and for running basic applications. This means you will not find the full fledged applications that you find on your desk top computer.

A lot of discussion flows through the various forums on the internet on how to use iPad efficiently for designing work. It is a fact that most iPad apps for designers comprise mostly of basic apps for sketching/drawing along with to do lists which means it is not something that as a designer you will have to get really excited about. The Adobe Ideas are good but they do not really improve the way brochures, logos, cards or web sites are designed. However, as a proud iPad owner it is important you learn how to use iPad as a professional designing tool apart from browsing the web or taking pictures or sending mails.

Well, one way of doing it is to have a look at some of the accessories and applications that can help you learn how to use iPad for designing works. If you are a professional designer and want to work and also have fun then it is important that you invest in a decent stylus. There may be people who may be surprised with this since the iPad is not built for using a stylus. In fact all the controls and applications can be used by any of the ten fingers on your hand. Many consider that a stylus actually ruins the pleasure of using an iPad.

As a designer you need something that is more precise than your fingers. A professional designer who knows how to use iPad for design works will use it for typing or navigating while for writing, drawing by hand or for manipulating graphics a stylus is a very good option that you should seriously consider.

Finally, learn how to use iPad for taking photos and videos, downloading Apps, sending emails and a host of other activities.


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