How To Use iPhone 5

Regardless if you are a long-time user or a new user, the facts remain that Apple’s new iPhone 5 version sold more than 5 million phones in just three days and sales continue to be strong. The iPhone 5 is packed with so many features that it takes awhile to learn How To Use iPhone 5. However, taking the time to understand the various features will make your overall experience with the latest version that much better. New users will be excited to begin using the phone, but if you have read an iPhone 5 Review online, you will find that there are plenty of new users.

Using The iPhone 5 Features

How To Use iPhone 5The first thing you’ll notice about the newest iPhone is it is thinner and lighter than previous versions but it is by no means smaller. In fact, the screen on the newest model is taller at 4 inches, but it seems bigger when you’re actually holding the phone. The new iPhone has LTE, which means it is much faster for browsing and downloading apps. LTE is Long Term Evolution and the latest technology in mobile high speed network.

New and Better Camera

If you have been a fan of the iPhone, you probably know that the camera has always been superior, but the iPhone 5 has an even better quality use of iSight by snapping pictures faster and photos look better even in low lighting. In addition, the camera now comes with a feature for panorama shots. To take a photo using the iPhone, open the camera app, focus your subject. To zoom your subject in or out, just pinch the screen. When ready, click the volume button to take the actual photo.

The New iOS 6 Software

The New iOS 6 Software offers more features than previous releases such as the Map app, it not only offers turn-by-turn directions but 3-D images of the buildings and streets. To access, touch on the Map app, which will automatically detect your location, to get directions just type in the address you wish to go to.

iOS 6 Features | How To Use iPhone 5

Email Set Up

If you plan to use your iPhone to retrieve your email, you will find the iPhone very intuitive when it comes to setting up email accounts. Open the “Settings” icon and choose ‘Mail’, from there you can add several email accounts. When you type in your user name and password of your email address, iPhone 5 is pretty good at finding the correct mail settings, which makes getting your accounts up and running a snap.

Social Media Set Up

Under the “Settings” icon you’ll find both Faceook and Twitter. The new version of the iPhone allows logging into both via a central location, and you can share info by using the ‘Share’ button. Once you log into this service, it will be active and you’ll be able to share videos, photos, and even urls with a couple taps.

Find My iPhone App

A very useful app that is free and you definitely will want to download is ‘Find My iPhone’. When you first turn your iPhone on, you’ll be able to set up an iCloud account, which you should do. Once the Find My iPhone app is installed, if you happen to misplace your phone, you can use any computer to log into and use the map, which is quite accurate in finding your phone.

Siri – Using Your Voice

Siri is one of the features that many people that own iPhone’s love. With Siri, you just speak your what you want. For instance, ‘What is the weather today” and you will get a response back telling you the high for the day and a graphic hour by hour detail of the weather throughout the say. You can also ask where certain types of restaurants are and receive a list back of nearby restaurants. Siri is intuitive and even understands some of the common slang words.

SIRI | How To Use iPhone 5

Get The Apps You’ll Use

The iPhone comes with built-in apps but you can access the app store and find hundreds of apps that can make your iPhone more personalized and set it up to help you be more productive or just to have more fun with your phone.

Summing up The iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is obviously a hit with the Apple seeing 5 million sold in just a few days of its release. The iPhone in general has always been a big hit with users so when a new model comes out, it is always a welcomed by the public.

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