How To Use Notification Center On iPad

Knowing what needs your attention at a glance is now just a swipe away. The Lock screen of your iOS device hasn’t had much to do in the past. However, iOS’ new Notification Center brings the Lock screen to life as a one-stop shop for everything that requires your attention: new emails, messages, calendar reminders, missed calls, Twitter and Facebook mentions, and so on.

Notification Center is not just available on your Lock screen. Previously, notifications would appear as pop-ups in the middle on your screen, interrupting what you were doing. But now, when a notification rolls in while you’re using your iPhone or iPad, it’ll appear as a discreet bar at the top of the screen, which you can either tap to act on or ignore. To see all notifications requiring your attention, all you do is swipe down from the top of your screen to pull Notification Center into view.

So exactly what can you now see in the Notification Center? Basically, anything that delivers notifications goes in it. From there, you can tap to open them in full, dismiss an item individually, or dismiss all notification from an app. There’s even weather and stock ticker widgets.

From the Lock screen, you can open a notification – to read a text message in full, for example – by sliding the notification’s icon to the right. There’s no need to actually unlock the iPhone or iPad first.

The information that’s displayed varies slightly and can be changed in the Notification system preferences in your iOs device’s Setting app. First off, you can sort your notifications manually or by time. Manually enables you to choose the order of your displayed notifications.

Under ‘In Notification Center’, you’ll see all applicable apps. Just tap the options you want, and on the next screen you’re able to tailor it to your needs, such as the number of items you want displayed and whether you want an app to show on the Lock screen or not. There are options for the style of alert. Either None, Banners (notifications at the top of the screen), or Alerts, which are the old-style pop-ups.

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