Instagram : When Loyality Comercialized

Increasing the number of users in a photo sharing service Instagram seems to be a good sign for them . With the number of users is now 150 million , reportedly the Instagram ready to commercialize its services .

In the year ahead Instagram ready to welcome the advertisers to get into the service . It is also confirmed that Facebook bought Instagram is the reason to make profits .

In addition to advertising , it is still questionable as to what else will form monetization service Instagram . However , there will certainly involve commercialization action photos and user data .

At present itself , Instagram is still sticking with its business model which does not allow ads appearing on its services . In fact , these services have long been bought by Facebook to price billions of U.S. dollars .


Instagram now has 150 million active users and more than 60 percent of that amount comes from outside the United States .

An increasing number of users are achieved by Instagram over the past few months is quite staggering . In February the company announced that it has 100 million active users .

Four months after that ( June) , Instagram users increased to 130 million . After the video sharing feature launched , Instagram users has now reached 150 million .

The number far exceeded the Vine that only has 40 million registered users . This reinforces the number of Instagram as a photo and video sharing applications are unbeatable .

The increasing popularity of Instagram , one of which is indicated by an increase in total number of users reaching 150 million believed to make Instagram developers quickly commercialize their social networks .


Expected if starting 2014 social networking Facebook is going to start putting ads into the look of Instagram .

The news itself is reinforced with dipindahtugaskannya Emily White , one Facebook employee to initiate steps to Instagram Instagram commercialize .

This step is likely to be done Instagram carefully so as not to damage the look of the concept of Instagram that already exist today .


” We want to make long-term commercialization step , but we also do not want this to lead to short -term pressure , ” said Emily White .

Perhaps that is the short -term pressures are likely protest proposed Instagram users later due to the presence of banner ads on the social network . It is not impossible if later many Instagram users who go after the arrival of advertising on social networking .

Originally posted 2013-09-09 08:23:08.

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