iOS 5 Features | Your In Depth Guide To iOS 5

iOS 5 features are here. It feels like we’ve been talking about it forever but the term iOS itself has only been in existence since the middle of 2010. When Apple first released the iPhone in 2007 it’s operating system was still basically OS X. iPhone OS was born in 2008 when Apple released its native software development kit to developers. With the release of the iPad in 2010 iPhone OS became iOS and the technology is set to further revolutionise so many aspects of our lives. The way we communicate, the way we conduct our business, the way we listen to music, watch TV, read, follow events in the news and just about everything else we do every day of our lives.

Apple has already sold in excess of 200 million iOS devices – iPhones, iPad’s and iPod Touches – and the march toward world domination shows no signs of slowing, iOS operating systems account for 44% of the mobile market with Android a distant second on 28%. Apple have never been about standing still or resting on their laurels and with the iPad, released in 2010, they brought a whole new type of device to the market place. Rival tablets are on the market but none capture the fabulous look and feel of the iPad. That’s partly down to its gorgeous physical design. Apple has certainly been responsible for some of the most eye-catching and iconic designs of modern times. Even their packaging looks cool! However, it’s the beautiful, clean simplicity of iOS. That makes the iPhone stand out from the rest of the Smartphone crowd and it’s iOS 5 features that makes the iPad 2 what it is.

iOS 5 Features | Your In Depth Guide To iOS 5

iOS 5 FeaturesMore than 25 million iPads have already been sold and the sleeker, svelter iPad 2 is a worthy successor to the most revolutionary device since, well, the iPhone.

It doesn’t hurt that the device is backed up by three of the most phenomenal success stories in the history of retail. iTunes is now officially the world’s largest music seller with an incredible 15 billion songs sold – you’d need more than a few iPods to store that lot! iBookstore sold in excess of 130 million books in little over a year since its launch and with all of publishing’s big hitters – Harper Collins, Hachette, MacMillan, Penguin, Simon & Schuster and Random House – on board it will only get bigger and better. Then there’s the little matter of the App Store. An almost incomprehensible 14 billion apps have been downloaded in the last three years. There’s already more than 450,000 apps available on the App Store and that number is growing daily. Of these, 90,000 are iPad specific and designed to take full advantage of the larger screen and extra features the iPad offers. iOS 5 features has been built with both developers and end users in mind. For developers it incorporates hundreds of new tools and elements to ensure the people that make the apps are able to squeeze every drop of functionality out of the hardware. For users there are more than 200 new iOS 5 features.

The first of these is quite fundamental and you’ll come across it instantly the first time you turn your new device on, but you might not even realise it at the time. In the past, when you turned on your iOS device for the first time you’d be prompted to connect it up to a PC or Mac in order to sync it, register it and download the latest version of the iOS. No longer. iOS 5 devices work as is, right out of the box. The power of the iPad is such that it can be your primary computing device. It’s no longer a necessity to have at PC or a Mac at home because the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are able to perform all the key functions that were previously only possible on a home computer. You don’t need a home computer to run iOS 5. If you want your iPad or iPhone to be your primary or even your only web browser and email device it can do that. The days of the home computer being the centre of your electronic life have gone. To facilitate this, all system and software updates are done through the air so you never have to worry about syncing your device manually. From now on it will just happen.

iOS 5 FeaturesThe first thing that users with experience of earlier iOS devices will notice on booting up the iPad 2 for the first time is the far more elegant way in which iOS 5 handles notifications. Rather than a large push notification suddenly appearing, interrupting whatever you were doing, new notifications appear as discreet messages at the top of the screen that automatically close after a few seconds and doesn’t interrupt what you ‘re doing, whether it be writing an email, playing a game or anything else. The new notification centre can be accessed at any time just be swiping down from the top of the screen. All your notification are here and can be deleted or actioned simply by tapping which takes you straight to the appropriate app. It’s utterly seamless and only when you start to use it will you realise how clunky the old system was by comparison.

Just as in previous versions, one of the core elements of iOS 5 is Mail. Experienced users will be right at home with it but, as with almost every other aspect of iOS 5 features, its received a host of tweaks and additions to make it even better, more versatile and more user friendly than ever before.

The addition of some simple formatting functions such as the ability to bold, italicize, underline and indent text adds versatility. Another handy little touch is that you can now drag address around from the To, CC and BCC fields as you wish without having to retype them all. Flagging of messages is supported and one great new feature, introduced due to popular demand, is an enhanced search function. Previously you could only search address and subject fields, but now the search is extended to the entire contents of all your emails including those stored on your mail server. if it’s in your inbox, you’ll be able to go right to it.

Another nice feature of the new Mail on iPad is the ability to swipe your inbox on and off screen. This function only works in portrait mode but its a very cool and convenient to be able to view it with a swipe to the right and then just swipe it away again when you’re done.

There are two more functions that are particularly useful in Mail but they’re both built into the core of iOS 5 features so as to be available for use in all apps. The first of these is dictionary. Simply highlight any word in any app and a ‘define’ button will appear. Tapping it brings up the dictionary definition instantly. The second, and even cooler one is the ability to split the virtual keyboard. This enables you to type quickly with your thumbs while holding the iPad in portrait made and it works like a dream. You can move the keyboard until you find the most comfortable position and i0S 5 will remember it so the next time you use it, it will appear in the same place, regardless of the app.

Along with Mail, another of the iPad’s core functions is web browsing. Apple’s standard browser is, of course, Safari. It’s great on Macs but unfortunately the mobile versions haven’t been quite so good. It’s always felt rather basic and heavily cut down. If you’ve had an CS device before you’ve probably tried alternative browsers form the App Store. We certainly have. Finally though, Apple has produced a mobile version of Safari that includes the features users have been crying gout for all along. That means real tabbed browsing is here at last, and there’s also the excellent Safari Reader. Tap the button and the view changes to focus solely on the article you’re reading. All other links, flashes, menus, stories and banners are removed and font size is optimised for ease of. viewing. Furthermore, if the article runs across two or more pages there’s no clicking. Safari Reader pulls the whole article into one scroll. It’s simply the cleanest, easiest way to read anything ‘on the internet.

When you do come across cool or interesting articles and websites you’ll probably want to share them with friends and iOS 5 features makes this super easy. That’s because Twitter support is now integrated into the operating system itself. All you need to do is sign in once and your details will be stored. In the future, every time you download an app that includes Twitter support, you’ll be asked if you want to allow the app to access your Twitter information. You only need to enter the information once and you’re good to Tweet for evermore.

This integration enables you to Tweet images directly from Photos or the Camera app as well as web stories from Safari, videos from YouTube and more. Another cool feature is the ability to pull images of your friends from Twitter and automatically assign them to your own contact list along with their user-name for future reference.

iOS Features – iMessages

iMessages | iOS 5 FeaturesiMessages is the complete text and chat client that enables you to communicate with your friends and contacts easily in real time and to send them files and Attachments, all of which are encrypted for safety. Reminders is something that’s been inexplicably missing from previous versions of iOS, but now it’s here and it’s best `to do’ list type app we’ve come across and crammed with great features. The same goes for Newsstand which enables you to subscribe to and read your favorite newspapers and magazines on your iPad. It will even download the issues for you automatically when they become available and update the covers in the library view so you know you have the latest edition or issue.

iOS Features – The Camera App

Camera App | iOS 5 FeaturesThe Camera app has been given a makeover with some great new touches such as the ability to go straight into camera mode from the lock screen — perfect for catching those unexpected photo opportunities. It also comes with a suite of built-in editing tools enabling you to crop and rotate images as well as applying red eye reduction and the inclusion of One Tap Enhance that does exactly what the name suggests.

If all wasn’t fun enough, we haven’t even mentioned Game Center yet. Forget Wii and PlayStation. iOS is the world’s number one gaming platform. The function of Game Center is to enable players to find people to play against and to check against those of their friends. With a staggering 50 million users, Game Center is massive community and now offers recommendations for new games as well as people you might like to add as friends based on the games they play. You can even buy and download game directly through Game Center too, making it your one stop portal to fun and (literally) games on iPad 2.

 …the most innovative of iOS 5 features is the one you don’t see, but that’s the beauty of it

Last but certainly not least we must mention perhaps the most exciting of all the iOS developments — iCloud.

iCloud replaces the home computer as the centre of your digital world. Where before all your documents, music and everything else were stored on your Mac or PC, now they scattered across two, three or even more devices and keeping everything synced can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Now, with the cloud, when you make a change to a document, the update is applied to across all your devices. If you take a photo on your iPad it immediately appears on your Mac and your iPhone. Basically every time you update or download anything on any of your devices the change is uploaded to the cloud and pushed to all your other devices instantly or the next time an internet connection is established.

So, the most innovative of iOS 5 features is the one you don’t see, but that’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to do anything. Its all done for you, automatically, in the background while you get on with whatever you need to get on with. Rest safe in the knowledge that everything you do is not only updated across all your devices but also safely backed up in the Cloud should anything happen to your devices.

At first glance Apple’s new operating system might appear to consist of little more than tweaks and enhancements to what was already  there, but under the hood it’s a whole new beast, bursting with incredible potential. Everything has been rewritten with greater functionality and iCloud in mind, and it’s going to change your life for the better.

Welcome to iOS 5Features. You will enjoy your stay !

Specific iOS 5 Features

Unique Input iOS 5 Features

Split keyboard:  Swipe up or pull apart to quite literally split the keyboard in half. Undock keyboard option: You can now move the keyboard up and down the screen.

Unique Safari iOS 5 Features

Tabbed browsing. Tap and hold the back button to access your recently visited website history.

Unique Mail iOS 5 Features

Quick Access in-Box: Swipe left to jump to the In box when viewed in portrait mode.

Unique Calendar iOS 5 Features:

New Year View: Features a new colour coding to show busy/free status.

Unique iPod iOS 5 Features:

All-new user interface: Swipe the screen to skip to the next song.

Unique Multitasking Gestures iOS 5 Features:

Pinch motion now used to return to the Home screen, swipe up gestures now used to open multitasking bar and swipe left or right to switch between open apps.

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    Am i missing something on the Camera ?….it seems if you change or enhance an existing pic in your album the new copy is sent to the Camera roll and cant be put into the album to replace the old version?..the only way is to e mail it to your pc then move it manually into the album..

    Is there a quicker way?

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