iOS 5 Features You Should Know About

The launch of Apple’s iOS 5 operating system brings a host of the unique features that have enhanced the uses of the iPad to even higher heights. In this section of the publication we will be looking at our choice of the best features from the 200 elements and additional features that make up the driving force behind your iPad hardware. We will take you through each and show you exactly how their use will take your iPad experience to the next level.


iOS 5 Features – PC Free

PC Free | iOS 5 Features

For new adopters the inclusion of PC Free Set-Up for the iPad will completely remove the need for a home computer! Allowing first time owners to activate their iPad directly out of the box, requiring only a wireless internet connection and nothing more. Removing the previous need to link all new hardware to your iTunes account on your desktop computer, is revolutionary for first time owners. While existing users will reap the rewards that come with being set free from our desktops, such rewards as iOS software update downloads direct to your iPad and the ability to upgrade from anywhere.

iOS Features – PC Free. Break the bounds of your desktop computer and iTunes forever…


iMessage | iOS 5 Features

With iMessage, Apple have opened up a world of communication for all iPad owners, with this unique messaging service that is accessible across all iOS 5 devices and users. Having linked to a Wi-Fi network or 3G we can send unlimited text messages from your iPad to any other iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch user. The iMessage app allows you to send not only text messages but also photos, videos, GPS locations, and even forward contacts to individuals or to numerous contacts via group messaging. Yet what really impresses are the levels of accessibly that iMessages offers, from optional read receipt requests, to ensure your message was received to digital encryption to ensure your messages remain private. You can even begin a conversation on your iPad and end it on your iPod touch or iPhone, amazing!

iOS Features – iMessage. iPad Users Can Finally Text! At long last we can text from the iPad to any other iOS 5 device!

iMessage | iOS 5 Features


Notification Centre

Notification Center | iOS 5 FeaturesWith the introduction of iMessage iPad users now have a welcomed addition to their notification formats, from emails, Game Centre friend requests to new multi-media messages your access to the world has never been more open. Hence the need to keep close control on our personal interactions, we need Notification Centre! Simply swipe the top of your iPad screen and you will call up the drop down Notification Centre display, containing quick links and short samples of your latest messages, emails and all other notifications you have received. Tap an individual notification to open the full message in the relevant application. This home screen also contains a stock ticker and even the current weather forecast for your location!

Yet this instant notification accessibility isn’t limited to your iPad home screen, any new notification you receive when using apps will appear as a non-obtrusive message at the top of the screen which do not affect the app itself. Only when tapped will take you directly to the full message, ending your current interaction! Even if your iPad is locked new notifications will appear on your lock screen, and can be accessed with a single wipe.

If you want to keep up with your iPad social life and network you need Notification centre.

Notification Center. Stay In Touch All The Time. Keep all of your messages and alerts in one easy to access location.

Notification Center | iOS 5 Features


Reminder | iOS 5 FeaturesTo-Do applications litter the App Store and for good, reason! Our iPad’s are perfect to organize our daily lives, and a perfect To-Do list application is now integrated into iOS 5. Reminders allows you to grab your iPad and enter a reminder note directly into this app. Giving us a location based service where you can set reminders to appear when you reach a pre-entered location, want to make sure you don’t forget an important birthday? Set your Reminder to alert you about the required gift when you reach your local shopping mall!

iCloud integration allows you share your notes, memos and reminders across your iOS 5 devices ensuring you never miss out again! From the basic memo to location specific to-dos, you want need a reminder to use the Reminders application.

iOS Features – Reminders. Never Forget Those Important Things. Could this be the best way to do those to-dos you can’t forget to do!

Reminders | iOS 5 Features


Newsstand | iOS FeaturesSubscription digital publication – newspapers and magazines – are gaining huge popularity and the iPad is the perfect home for your favorite titles. Using the Newsstand application all of your magazine and newspaper app subscriptions finally have a home, which links directly to the Digital Subscriptions specific area of the App Store. Using the Newsstand all current and future purchases appear directly within the app. With all your titles in one place and alerts to notify you when the latest editions have hit the shelves, Newsstand doesn’t simply bring you the news as you are able to purchase new subscriptions or renew current purchases all without leaving the app.

Newsstand. Read All About It On Your iPad! Access this custom newsstand which holds all your digital subscriptions.

Newsstand | iOS 5 Features

Wi-Fi Sync

Wi-Fi Sync | iOS 5 FeaturesThe stunning feature enables you to wirelessly sync your iPad to your desktop computer via your wi-fi network, by simply connecting your iPad to your mains battery charger. All content will be backed and also synced via iTunes so you will always have the most update content no matter which iOS powered device you are using. Wi-Fi Sync also has the huge added benefit or creating up-to-date backups without a need to manually connect to iTunes, meaning should you need to restore your iPad, very little information will be lost!

iOS 5 Features – Wi-Fi Sync. Link and Sync Across Your iDevices. Connect to your Wi-Fi network to back up and sync all iDevices!

Multitasking Gestures

Multitasking Gesture | iOS 5 FeaturesUsing gestures – movements over the iPad’s touch screen using a specific number of fingers of directions – brings a whole new level of control when using your iPad. These movement based interaction allow you to take huge short cuts when navigating your iPad and various applications. With iOS 5 you can now reveal the multitasking bar by swiping the screen with four or five fingers, swipe left or right scroll through running apps and finally perform a pinch motion to return to the Home screen. Multitasking just got a lot easier.

iOS 5 Features – Multitasing Gestures. Let Your Fingers Do The Talking. An amazing addition to the iPad iOS that changes how we control everything!

Multitasking Gestures | iOS 5 Features


Calendar  | iOS 5 FeaturesEnhancing the Calendar App, iOS 5 brings new functionality and gesture control, tap to add a new event, swipe to change the date and time, view event attachments from within the app itself and link to iCould to share your calendar with others and to sync events across your iDevices.

iOS Features – Calendar. Schedule your iLife Without Missing A Thing. Organize, plan, create and share, your schedule can become everyone’s!

calendar | iOS 5 Features


Twitter | iOS 5 FeaturesTweeting from your iPad has never been a more simple task, simply sign into your Twitter account via the Setting options, you can now Tweet directly to your account, from the following applications, Maps, Safari, Photos, Camera and YouTube. With a few taps you can link a Tweet to one of your current contacts or reply directly to them, or add your location to any Tweet via the simple user interface. Twitter has found a new home on our iPads!

Twitter. Tweet To The World With Ease. Twitter has been integrated directly into the core of iOS 5.

Twitter | iOS 5 Features


Safari | iOS 5 FeaturesiOS 5 adds more web-browsing features to Safari on your iPad. New features include Safari Reader which displays web articles without ads or distractions making for an easier reading experience. While Reading List allows you to save pages to read later when your schedule allows, link to the iCloud to share your Reading List across all of your iDevices. Tabbed browsing lets you switch between numerous web pages as you wish, using only a single tap of the screen, so simple but so useful!

Safari So Goodie! With iOS 5 and your iPad you now have the perfect way to go (web) site seeing!

Game Center

Game Center | iOS 5 FeaturesThe iPad is the best way to play games and Game Centre will bring you even close to the action. With this update you can now add a profile pic to your pages, take on new friends in multiplayer gaming bouts, friends that are matched to you based upon the ability and favorite games. Also discover new games that suit your gaming tastes and downloading profile, all without having to leave the app! Game on.

iOS 5 Features – Game Centre. Gaming Has Got A Little More Serious! Gamers rejoice, the enhanced iOS5 version of Game Centre beats its own top score!

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  2. Patricia Florenco says:

    Thanks for the updates with iCloud. I did notice that on the iPhone calendar there are shaded in parts but on my iPhone I do not have that. Any suggestions what Ii am suppose to be doing to get that? Thanks! Patricia

    1. Patricia Florenco says:

      Ok I just found out that it does it automatically, sorry about that.

  3. Jackson says:

    My messages and email goes to all devices in my home. Spouse and teens. I’m a counsellor and privacy is an issue. As I’ve upgraded i’ve passed ipads and iphone down to family. Is there some way to control which device data is pushed to.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks for your site
    Can you answer a question please.
    How does syncing via iCloud cater for the different drive sizes of my devices – I have a Mac book Pro with very large iTunes music list(20,000 songs) a 16 gig iPad and a32 gig iPhone

  5. Cable tray says:

    IOS5 is very cool. If we did not see IOS5 coming, 4s could not be sold that much.

    Ios 5 is one of the thing Apple did fantastic…

    Lets see what happens with Iphone 5 :)

  6. Jim D says:

    I’ve had my iPad 2 for about two months and I am not very happy with the processing speeds that I am getting. I have done most everything that you have suggested, but still slow. Is there a tweak for the system that would help. I appreciate your information and will certainly be checking back in for new articles.

  7. Jan Hood says:

    I receive so many emails, so I was wondering if I can have my IPad divide them into groups? Where do I find this Instruction? Thanks

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