iOS7 Features | Tutorial of the Latest Features for iOS 7

Except those who choose to wait for Jailbreak version that’s already stable, seems to almost be said the majority of users iPhone have  switch to iOS 7. Although it is undeniable that there are also some people who choose not to update because of the negative issues that are often perceived by users of iOS 7.If you are one of the users iOS 7 or intend to improve iOS, you’ll find a number of changes and additional features that may look ‘cool’ for somepeople, but confusing for others.

The following tips will make  ios 7 features seem friendly to you.

1. Set Privacy

Actually this feature already exists in older iOS, especially iOS 5.1.1. It’s just lying still scattered and sometimes makes us not focusing on privacy settings. In iOS 7 Apple ease  us in doing this. All things related to privacy settings collected in a folder .

This feature is intended to manually set the access can be done by several applications to a number of personal data and our connection. As you look at it there are a number of settings on location data, contacts, calendar, reminder, photo, Bluetooth, Twitter and Facebook .. If there are applications that need to access this data, we can fully control via the on-off  slider.

donot disturb..ios 6 features

2. Do Not Disturb

This new feature appears in iOS 7. Its function is none other  than protecting  your  notifications that do not need to enter the phone even in your personal time. Such as when you have to rest the night.

3. Signature for Multi Email

Previously, in iOS 5 down, email signature feature has limitations. That is only one signature are possible, although we have many email accounts are listed in our iPhone. Now, in iOS 7, you can create a different signature for your email accounts.

The trick, Go to Settings> Email, Contacts, Calendars.

Slide the screen to the bottom and you will find a column that it is one of the signature settings.

there you will find two columns. The upper side you will find  All acounts  and per account. While the other columns you can fill with the desired signature. Now, if you intend to make a different Siganture to your accounts, select per Account. Then fill each column with a different email signature for what you want. If you are finished. Click the Back.

ios6 email

4. New Ways to Attach Photos and Video Through Email

When writing an email with iOS 7, you can directly attach a photo or video files without having to back and forth to the Photos menu. How, you just long press to blank page like when you want to copy-paste the text, then slide to the right once, up popped ‘insert photo or video’.

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