Top iPad 2 Screen And Anti-Glare Protector

Here are the top iPad 2 screen protector and anti-glare.  The iPad 2 screen is such a great thing to look at and it’s nearly perfect now that it goes all of the way to the edge of the iPad without that metal lining around it.  But there are times when you want to make sure it’s protected or reduce the glare and here are some of the ways to do that.

iPad 2 Screen Protector And Anti-Glare

Much like the original iPad, the iPad 2 screen is made of glass and as you know, glass is very reflective so it can be tough to read or view content when near a light or direct sunlight.  Additionally, there are those that feel compelled to put some protection on their iPad 2 screen mostly because they want to reduce the smudges and/or protect it from breakage.

Here are some of the products available right now that you can get to protect your screen and/or reduce glare which are made specifically for the iPad 2.

iLuv Glare-Free iPad 2 Screen Protector

iLuv iPad 2 Screen Protector

The iLuv Glare-free iPad 2 screen protector runs about $12 and most reviewers say that you get what you pay for.  It is definitely a screen protector but apparently not a lot of people are pleased with it.  However, it is not that expensive so it’s a great entry-level product if you are not sure you want to have screen protection or not.



splash Masque Screen Protector

splash Masque iPad 2 Screen Protector

The splash Masque is so new that there are not a lot of reviews yet but their other products seem to do fairly well.  For about $19 you get a 3-pack of these iPad 2 screen protector.  One thing to keep in mind is that these are mainly protection so their primary function is not for anti-glare.  One other thing is that this particular screen protector is that it is not compatible with the first-gen iPad.

splash Masque Screen Protector Film Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) for Apple iPad 2 2nd Generation (3-Pack) NEWEST MODEL


LifeGuard Screen Protector Films

LifeGuard iPad 2 Screen Protection

Here is a better rated iPad 2 screen protector than the first two.  It sells for around $15 and it is more geared toward both protection and anti-glare.  This means that it is a good one to get if you do a lot of reading and want to cut down some glare from lights.

The customer feedback on this one has been semi-favorable.  One thing to note is that with this one and some of the others, you have to apply them in such a way as to get the air bubbles out and that can frustrate people when it is not applied correctly.

myGear Products LifeGuard and SunBlock Screen Protector Films for Apple iPad 2 2nd Generation – (4-Pack) 2 Clear and 2 Anti-Glare

Great Shield Ultra Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Great Shield For iPad 2 | iPad 2 Screen Protector

As the title suggests this is definitely a screen protector geared more towards keeping the glare down.  These are about $18 and they claim that it can be removed and washed for reuse!  Because this is a hybrid screen protector it is perfect for those looking to cut down on glare while protecting their screen.  It claims to provide 3X anti-glare protection, or Matte and it also comes with 3 of them in the pack (along with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth).

splash Masque Screen Protector Film Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) for Apple iPad 2 2nd Generation (3-Pack) NEWEST MODEL


Skinomi TechSkin

Skinomi | iPad 2 Screen Protector

Now here is something a bit different.  This is a really nice iPad 2 screen protector that has great ratings and it covers not just the front but the back as well.  There are some significant advantages with the Skinomi such as full protection and the easy installation.

This is the only protector that’s also perfectly compatible with the iPad 2 Smart Cover. The Skinomi Carbon Fiber Series Protector Film is a break-though in mobile protection technology. By utilizing state-of-the-art materials, the film offers effective damage protection without adding additional weight or bulk to your device. Essentially, you get the protection of a durable case without the excess weight.

Skinomi TechSkin – Skin Protector Shield for Apple iPad 2



Zagg for ipad 2

This is probably one of the most popular iPad screen protector on the market, but ironically does not get the best reviews.  It’s main purpose is protection, not anti-glare, although it will still provide some anti-glare.

The reason most people buy the Zagg is for protection from scratches, and that’s what Zagg does the best.  These are $30 and some people rave about them while others simply don’t like them.  If you have used a Zagg on your phone then it’s pretty much the same product, just bigger!

ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD for iPad 2, Full Body (APPIPADTWOLE)

So there are some of the top iPad 2 Screen protector and anti-glare protectors.  There will be more and we will cover them as they come out.  It would appear that if you are looking for just anti-glare, then the Great Shield is the best choice and if you are looking for maximum protection then the Skintomi is the next best choice.  If you would like to see any of these screen protectors plus a lot more then click here to see all of them with reviews and pricing.

What has your experience been so far with the iPad 2 screen protector?

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  1. Robert L. says:

    I like the Skinomi Carbon Fiber Series Protecto for just the back piece. I like the look of it and of course protection.

    While I have always covered my iPhone face with ZAGG my personal preference for the iPad is leaving it naked. You just don’t have the same feel in my opinion and feel Apple has done a very good job on the surface for protection and easy fingerprint removal.

    Nice roundup!

  2. Shane says:

    Ha! I’m with you Robert…a naked iPad is a perfect iPad….really though, I was slightly impressed when I saw one with an anti-glare protector and only because it really did a great job cutting down that annoying glow from lights.

  3. So, are you saying that some of these will not work if you have the new apply cover? My wife has the cover (still waiting for her iPad2) and had planned on some screen protection. Is she out of luck unless she uses the Skinomi?

    1. Shane says:

      Hey there Eric. Sorry I must have miscommunicated. The skinomi is just a cover that wraps around the entire iPad….but all of them will work fine with the smart cover.

  4. Rodrigo De Faria says:

    Hi Shane, which one you would suggest at the end?Your review was great, but still I’m not sure.

  5. Arul says:

    Hi Shane, what would you suggest for a screen protector and case combined for the iPad 2? I heard that some cases are not compatible with all screen protectors and vice versa.

  6. Two antiglare shields not mentioned here are also in the higher quality range, similar to Zagg – Power Support USA makes a very good antiglare shield (currently in pre-order for the iPad 2), and my recommendation, SGP’s Steinheil series (

    My Steinheil went on within a few days after the original iPad was released (purchased on launch day), and is still going strong – once fully applied, it has never bubbled, never peeled at the edge, it’s as if it was always meant to be there. The hard coating does NOT interfere with the effortless gestures on the iPad either, at least in my experience, and I’ve used it almost daily over the past year.

    Anyway, there are two options – the UO (Ultra Optics) and UF (Ultra Fine) – both are antiglare and matte, but the UO allows more light without increasing glare, and is right there in the average $30 range for these screen protectors.

    1. Shane says:

      Brian. Thanks a ton!!! I’m going to look at the ones you mentioned and add them to the mix…it’s great to hear from others that are trying trying various ones out.

    2. Rodrigo De Faria says:

      I’ve decided to place an order for the one you’ve suggested SGP’s Steinheil series UF as it looks very similar to the Power Support.Thank you for the suggestion

      1. Shane says:

        Excellent!!! Will you let me know how it works out?

        1. Rodrigo De Faria says:

          Yeah sure, expecting delivery in the next few days.

        2. Rodrigo De Faria says:

          Product arrived but had a little of a defect. Had a peeled corner I’ve contacted the vendor from Amazon who refused to exchange saying that he doesn’t offer any warranty.At this stage I just want the bloody film placed on my ipad 2 .Contacted the SGP directly and they can’t help.So I’ve order a new one as the product does looks good so I will give it another try.My screen protector saga hasn’t ended just yet.

          1. Shane says:

            Rodrigo, I am really sorry you are having this much trouble with a screen protector! It’s super annoying…..and yeah, all you want is to cover the crazy thing….so when will the next one arrive? I’m not thrilled that they don’t offer a return…I mean…has anyone ever heard of customer service?

            1. Rodrigo De Faria says:

              Thank you Shane.In fairness to the SGP people I’ve purchased from Amazon marketplace and will be rating the vendor later.But right now I just want to receive the new one first.
              Next 3 days should be in here and I will let you guys know.

          2. Simon says:


            That doesn’t sound right. In the UK distance selling laws mean you have more rights than if you buy in store. If you aren’t completely happy you can send it back no questions asked. I’m surprised it’s not the same in the US.

            1. Rodrigo De Faria says:

              Simon, thank you for your reply.I did purchased from UK Amazon market Place and in fairness all I was looking for it was to solve my screen protector drama, so didn’t want to make a big deal about.However my wife have emailed SGP and she is taking further.

  7. Rich says:

    Bought the Zagg and returned it after an hour of frustration in trying to put it on. It was an absolute nightmare to put on my ipad2. Best Buy charges you $15 to put it on and their Geek Squad told me that it took them a while to put it on. Seems like a good product, but don’t even think about putting it on yourself! I might have to fork over the $15, as I have 3 boys and a wife that suddenly love computers because of my ipad2. Seems expensive, but I doubt my ipad will last long in that environment!

    1. Shane says:

      Hey there Rich….yeah the Zagg for some reason does the most advertising but is the least popular…I hesitated including it….it sounds like you have a full house with a lot of iPad 2 users….Yeah, definitely get some protection for it because the last thing you want is a cracked screen

      1. Rodrigo De Faria says:

        I’ve purchased 2 zaggs and returned one as it arrive with a small scratch from inside.The product is definitely good and their customer support sound alright , however is very trick to install.On my second one I watched this video from John something on the net telling me to use lots of solution so I did but when I most need I ran out of solution.The vendor told me to add water, but I could not open the flat spray bottle.I finally managed to install and let it dry for 30 hours.It was almost prefect but right in the middle of my screen had some sort of identified thing quite small but enough to annoy me.So I’ve removed and I am still struggling to find a decent one.The back protector from them looks well, only problem is my Ipad is the 3G model and does not come with the cut around the sim card area, so if I need to change network I will have to remove that bit which I am not looking forward.
        I have used power support anti glare on my Iphone for 3 years and it still looking amazing, but unfortunately they haven’t made one for Iphone 2 yet.

  8. Robin Tseng says:

    I love a brand called Wrapsol. The best thing about it is it has a very smooth surface. It produces less friction then glass when you slide fingers on it.

    This is a very weak point of InvisibleShield. InvisibleShield sticks on your fingers too much and just doesn’t let them move… grrr…

    1. Shane says:

      Thanks Robin….I looked on their page but don’t see one yet for the iPad 2 – as soon as they have one I will definitely list it so others can benefit :)

  9. Rodrigo De Faria says:

    From my experience as I have purchased 5 different brands of films this is what I found so far from.
    I am a pain when it comes to the screen protection, so for me, it got to be perfect or I rather not having anything at all on it.

    Proporta – The worse one, horrible looking,Almost impossible to get the bubbles out and won’t protect or avoid smudges/ fingerprint –

    Great shield – I’ve ordered from Amazon, but the person who sold me contacted me a week later asking if I was ok to cancel as he wasn’t please with the amount of complaints he received from the product so I canceled and not sure if was good or not, but if what the person told is correct, the product is probably not good.

    Cygnett – Ok for the price, cost less than £10(12 usd), but nothing special and won’t look the best.

    Invisible shield full body – Looks great on the back, no cut out for 3g(sim card), easy to install when lots of solutions applied.Careful with the ports.Great customer service and easy to find help online. The screen protector is ok, but doesn’t look that great and your finger will stick on it.My wife really liked her, but I removed the front and left only the back one.

    SGP UF – I have to purchased a new one so still waiting,first came with defect, but I’ve purchased from Amazon Market place and the vendor won’t refund me.Anyway the product itself looks really good the and i believe is a lot similar to power support products wich is the only brand apple sell inside their store and is awesome.

    Power Support – As mentioned above, for me the best one, however haven’t found one for the Iphone 2 yet, but all the previous ones including Iphone are really good.

    hope this help.BTW the Macbook Cleaning Kit (anti-bacterial spray and cloth) work perfectly cleaning my screen.

    1. Shane says:

      Wow. Thank you Rodrigo for that analysis. I should make that a blog post :) For me, I agree with you 100% about the fact that if it does not go on with ease then I would rather have nothing. I personally don’t like things on my screen or my iPad. I am a minimalist when it comes to having a lot of stuff on my devices. However, I do see the value in anti-glare and some screen protection.

      It sounds to me like the SGP is going to be the best one but please let me know once you get one without curled corners!

      1. Rodrigo De Faria says:

        Hey guys, I’m back and unfortunately haven’t got any great news about the SGP.The second one arrived on Thursday and I had exactly the same problem.Once again SGP customer service refuse to solve the problem as it was purchased over the Amazon Market place in UK.However the vendor from Amazon have refunded me the money and I’ve sent it back.This is what he told me on his email.SGP customer service isn’t that great.

        “Hi Rodrigo, I have received your item back today. SGP also has asked us to send all Ultra Fine protectors back to them,as the whole order was defective. I’m therefore happy to give you a refund, but before that i wanted to check whether you would like any other screen protector? I have SGP Ultra Crystal and SGP Ultra Optics in stock. I also have Zagg if you are interested.”

        I have them asked if he knew how long would take until he receive more and once again he replied;

        i’m afraid I have no idea how long it will take to get the proper ones, as all SGP UF have been apparently had the same problem. so at the moment there are no no-defective UF on the market at all. All other resellers have been asked to do the same.

        Anyway I’ve decided to share this with you guys as I still can find UF for sale on the Amazon, but not willing to purchase another defective one.SGP hasn’t confirmed that to me however they are not selling the UF on their website at the moment.

        Today as I am in Madrid for Easter holiday I found the specks shield view glossy ones for 20 Euros and it comes with 2 on the pack so it is quite cheap and it looks OK.I have never found these in London.I will be flying back to London tonight and try to install and let you guys know.I wanted the matte but they only had the glossy.I don’t think I have ever experiece such hassle with a bloody screen protector.
        Regards to all.

        1. Shane says:

          Wow. This is one interesting story Rodrigo. I can’t believe all this craziness for one simple screen protector. Please let me know about this glossy one. It’s really too bad your second SGP was ruined. Perhaps they have quality issues.

          Happy Easter and have a safe flight.

          1. Rodrigo De Faria says:

            Hi Shane,thanks for your comments and happy easter to you as well.
            I have completed the installation of the Speck ShieldView for Apple iPad 2 Glossy and I can only say that this was by far the cheapest , easiest and nicest one.
            I am so please with the ended result that even my wife who was so in love with her ZAGG invisible shield decided to remove hers and place the specks.As mentioned before I wanted the matte finish, but the glossy was very good and I can honestly say you wont noticed something on my screen at all.Funny enough on amazon people complain about the installation process , but was definitely the easiest one as longer you don’t worry about the bubbles until you remove the second film and try to use a different cloth than the orange one provided as it wasn’t great.Easy for me as I now have at least 6 cloths.
            The vendor instructions are 100% correct and clear.The film cost around 8 dollars for a 2 pack so it is really a bargain.It probably won’t protect like the ZAGG being bullet proof :) , but it works great against smudges and simple scratches.
            I am happy to send some pictures if you wish.This is the video with the installation process provided by specks



            1. Shane says:

              Rodrigo…wow…thank you so much….this is excellent and good to know. I am going to be doing another post on iPad screen covers and this will really help. May I use part of your comment here to quote from?

              1. Rodrigo De Faria says:

                Yeah of course you can

            2. Rodrigo De Faria says:

              And just for the records I mean 18 dollars not 8

              1. Shane says:

                Ha! I was gonna ask….but thanks :)

                1. Rodrigo De Faria says:

                  Sorry, I’ve got confused with all the currencies it cost me 20.99 Euros or £18 in Pounds and you can get on specks website for USD 24.95 or 21.66 on amazon.Cheers


  10. michael says:

    anyone try the Incipio protector/anti glare?

    1. Shane says:

      Hi Michael. I have not yet. But a quick check and I seethe iPad 2 version is fairly new. One thing that makes a huge difference is whether or not you have to use adhesives or liquids to apply it. Those tend to create bubbles and that’s when people are not happy!

  11. laura says:

    I’ve been using a Moshi iVisor Anti Glare Screen protector for my ipad 2. I got it because I was told that it was bubble free and I will admit I haven’t found a bubble yet and i’ve removed and re-applied it!

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