Now! Scan And Recognize QR Codes With iPad 2

Here is a must have iPad 2 app.  If you have ever used  your iPhone or Android phone to scan QR codes then you know how useful they can be.  Now there is a new app out that will let you scan and use QR codes using your new iPad 2 camera.  Here’s why this is a must have app.

Scan And Recognize QR Codes With iPad 2

You might wonder what a QR code even is.  QR is short for Quick Response and QR codes are a specific matrix barcode that is readable by QR Code readers.  The information contained in the QR code can be text, an URL, or other data.  Basically, they are like bar codes that your iPad can read and act upon using an app.

QR Codes can be used for a ton of different things due to their flexibility.  You can use them for marketing, business, school, or for personal use and they are definitely growing in popularity. In fact, the featured image for this post is a QR code that takes you right back here to the TCGeeks website.

Introducing Scan

Scan QR Codes With iPad 2

Scan allows you to scan and interpret QR Codes using your iPad 2 camera.  It is the most straightforward QR Code scanner available.

Scan is completely free. There are no advertisements, “lite” version restrictions, etc. It’s just simple QR Code scanning the way it should be. No need to take a photo or press a “scan” button like other apps. Simply point your device’s camera at a QR Code, and you’re done!

If the code contains a website URL, you’ll automatically be taken to the site. If the code just contains text, you’ll immediately see it. For other formats (such as phone numbers, email addresses, or contact info), you will be prompted to take the appropriate action.

Each scan is logged (along with the date/time of scan) in a list containing your scan history. Simply tap a history item to be taken to the web site, text viewer, or action.

This is great news for everyone out there that wants to take advantage of QR Codes with their iPad 2!

If you would like to create your own QR Codes for distribution then you can sign up for free on the QR Code City website or here are a few other places:

Create a few of your own QR Codes and then check out Scan and start seeing how easy it is to use. You can download it free right here.

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