iPad 2 Features: What Makes It So Special

As practically everyone is saying today, if you don’t have an iPad 2, you don’t have an iPad 2. That’s it; it’s that simple; there’s nothing that comes close to an iPad 2 as it quickly becomes the prized possession of its owners. And it’s the object of desire for many others who can’t wait to get their hands on it. But what is it that makes it so special and miles ahead of the original iPad, which saw stupendous success in the market as well. It’s the iPad 2 Features that are simply outstanding and absolute delight to work with.

iPad 2 Features

First thing that one will notice about the iPad 2 is that it is extraordinarily fast. It can be seen when you use the twirl effect in the Photo Booth, for example. To be able to distort images in real time needs an extremely quick processor as those on the slower side could have trouble with it. And in the case of iPad 2 it is the 1GHz dual core A5 chip that was much touted, way before its launch and you can see that it has lived up to the expectations. This chip with fast graphics processing is one of the key iPad 2 Features.

The dual cameras in iPad 2 were much anticipated as well and they live up to the billing. Now that iPad has made FaceTime HD a catchphrase in its own right, it will soon become the benchmark of picture quality for others as well. And that’s the kind of reputation iPad 2 has built for itself already. The FaceTime chat feature has cut down any delays that one might have seen in the past. These are some of the iPad 2 Features that make it a must have.

And of course there are the aesthetics for the style conscious, who have said that iPad is a thing of beauty and work of art from the day they set their eyes on it. These connoisseurs are going to be spellbound by iPad 2, which takes the look a step further as it comes in a sleeker, thinner avatar. But one of the clever and handy iPad 2 Features is the Smart Cover, made out of Polyurethane or Leather. It’s not only smarter but keeps the screen protected and saves battery life and is far less cumbersome than the case one needed for the iPad.

Some of the apps you will find with the iPad 2 will blow your mind away, like the GarageBand for example, which is not only a blessing for professional musicians but for beginners as well. And it’s also quite reasonably priced. iMovie is another iPad 2 Features you cannot do without especially if you wish to use to the camera on your iPad 2, as most people would. It makes it easier to shoot videos and edit them on the system itself. It’s your own editing studio at your fingertips.

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  1. richard says:

    My iPad 2 is on on my person about three hours a day;seven days a week.I haven’t got it’s email down pat but I’m working on it.
    The iPad 2 is a work of art.


  2. SHAE B says:

    Iactually thought this infomation was , good, i lovve you

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