Best iPad 2 Apps For Giving Presentations In Meetings


Have you used your iPad 2 for giving a presentation yet?  In all honesty it's one of the best uses of the iPad 2 if you are one that uses it for business or for school.  Here are some of the best apps you can get for doing a presentation with your iPad 2. … [Read more...]

Video Calls With FaceTime

FaceTime iPhone 4

Free Video Cailing on The iPad is Just a Few Raps Away! Getting started with Face-rime couldn't be easier. When you launch the app, all you need to do is sign in with your Apple ID. You can then start making video calls to anyone who appears in the app's Contacts list. Select a contact, tap on their name and tap again on the FaceTime icon. The other person's device will ring, informing them that you're calling. When they answer, away you … [Read more...]

Finally, It’s Here! On Tuesday You Can Get Skype for iPad | VoIP on iPad

Skype for iPad

It's been a while getting here but on you can have Skype for iPad now! Its début is Tuesday, however, it's been tested over 4G and 3G networks and it uses iPad's large screen to make good clear video over wireless and VoIP through your desktop. Call all your friends with Skype whether they have an iPad or a desktop computer to chat or video conference. We noticed the interface isn't anything to write home about but it very easy to use. … [Read more...]

Powerful iPad Project Management Made Easy

iPad project management app

Have you been looking for a really good iPad project management app but haven't yet found the right one? I got an email today letting me know about some iPad project planning software and I want to share with you what I found out... … [Read more...]

Piggie for iPad

Piggie 1

Another App That Promises To Help You Keep Your Finances In Order, But It’s A Good…. This little Piggie might look cute but he could be a very useful ally in the constant battle to keep your finances under control. This is a very powerful and comprehensive finance app that will enable you to keep track of all your incomings and outgoings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Information is very easy to input. You simply enter the amount, … [Read more...]

How to Use iPad 2 For Presentation | iPad for Business

iPad for Presentation

How to use iPad 2 for Your Presentation! If you spend a great deal of time on the road, traveling to give presentations, and don’t want to lug a laptop around everywhere you go, the iPad would seem to be the perfect solution. There are, however, some caveats. There’s no iPad version of Microsoft’s PowerPoint. And if you think finding the correct connector for your lap top when you want to hook it up to a projector is tricky, the iPad … [Read more...]

Discover a Better Way To Work With The New iPad 2 For Business!

iPad 2 For Business

Apple has once again given you the chance rev up your smart business skills and make a lasting impression on that client you were so eyeing for a long time. iPad 2 is a device that can help you get smart in your business and enhance your performance by helping you work faster in real time. With 15 million iPads sold last year, and the current year target being up to 40 million, there is just no stopping this amazing gadget. iPad 2 provides you … [Read more...]

PaperDesk For iPad | Your Own Digital Notebook Via iPad

PaperDesk For iPad

PaperDesk for iPad is a fantastic app for the iPad that allows users to create digital notebooks from scratch on their iPad. Yet this isn’t all that you can do with the application, there are many features and interesting options for you to play around with and we feel that this app is a little more special than a lot of the other notebook apps in the iPad app store. When you open up the PaperDesk for iPad in the first time, you will … [Read more...]

Pages For iPad | Working in Pages on iPad

Pages For iPad

Working in Pages on an iPad isn’t all that different from working in a desktop word processor: You start with a blank sheet, type in some text, and then embellish it with typography and graphics. The difference is that your tools for doing all that on the iPad are somewhat curtailed. Pages For iPad - Start a Document You begin with the app’s My Documents browser. You can either create a new document based on one of Apple’s 16 … [Read more...]

Applications of iPad 2 For Business

iPad 2 For Business

Have you been considering the option of purchasing an Apple iPad 2 for business purpose, and been thinking about its utility for business? This article would serve as a guide for understanding why Apple iPad 2 makes a robust device for conducting different business actions. Apple iPad 2 made whopping revenue from 1.5 million worth sales last year, and intends to double the sale this year, which is “not at all an unrealistic target”, say the … [Read more...]

Numbers For iPad | Spreadsheets Directly on The iPad

Numbers For iPad

Given the identical naming of Numbers for iPad and Numbers (in iWork’09), you may be expecting the iPad version of Numbers to be a clone of its desktop counterpart. While it replicates many of the features of the desktop version, Numbers on the iPad is a ground-up rewrite of the application that is focused on creating and working with spreadsheets directly on the iPad. Numbers For iPad - Start a Spreadsheet Numbers for iPad automatically … [Read more...]

iPad 2 For Business: How To Do Multiparty Videoconferencing

iPad 2 For Business Multiparty Videoconferencing

Are you using your iPad 2 for business yet?  There are some definite advantages over the iPad 1 and one of them is the ability to do multiparty videoconferencing.  You can do this for a meeting, training session, or any number of reasons and also there is something else you can do which makes this even more valuable. … [Read more...]

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