iPad 2 Information And Features

Finally, we got to know what the new iPad 2 is all about.  The event was great.  And the new iPad is even better than we thought.  There was so much information and discussion going one that we decided to summarize everything for you right here.  Here are the features and information all about the new iPad.

The New iPad 2 Information And Features

iPad 2

Wow.  We finally got the new iPad and I can’t wait to get mine.  Here are the features and information so you know all about Apple’s newest “magical” device.

New iPad 2 Features

  • It’s got a dual core processor as well as improved video
  • Front and rear-facing cameras
  • Gyroscope.
  • Thinner design, even thinner than an iPhone 4 (8.8 millimeters vs. 13.4 millimeters)
  • “It is not a little bit thinner, but a third thinner,” Jobs said
  • Lighter (1.3 pounds vs. 1.5 pounds for the original)
  • Two colors: black and white
  • “We’re going to be shipping white from Day 1,” Jobs said.
  • Models supporting both AT&T and Verizon
  • same 10-hour battery life
  • same prices as first iPad
  • Accessories include a $39 HDMI out cable that mirrors what’s on the iPad at up to 1080p resolution and a “smart cover” that uses magnets to attach to the iPad and allow it to stand up without adding bulk of a case. The cases come in 5 polyurethane colors for $39 apiece and 5 leather colors for $69,
  • And the iPad 2 will be out March 11 in the U.S. and two weeks later in 26 other countries.

New iPad 2 Information

iOS 4.3 was announced with the following features

  • Along with iPad 2, Apple is releasing iOS 4.3. Jobs brings Scott Forstall on stage to talk about it.
  • 4.3 boasts improved Safari performance via a Nitro Javascript engine, iTunes Home Sharing and a bunch of AirPlay improvements.
  • The next iteration of AirPlay supports video play in apps as well as the browser.
  • Another addition, allowing users to use the iPad switch as a mute button or a rotation lock.
  • And another, this one for iPhone 4 only–Personal Hotspot.
  • And another, this one for iPhone 4 only–Personal Hotspot.
  • Moving on now to software updates. iOS 4.3 supports Apple’s PhotoBooth application with all its various filters which can now be manipulated with touch.
  • Next … FaceTime. “We support it on the iPhone and the iPod Touch and now we’re bringing it to iPad,” says Forstall adding that any combination of those devices can FaceTime one another.
  • “The size of the iPad is just ideal for FaceTime,” says Forestall. “Your face just fits perfectly within the dimensions of its screen.”
  • iOS 4.3 will be a free download on March 11 and it will support most of Apple’s newer iOS devices.

New iPad 2 Pricing

iPad 2 Pricing Stays the same!

New iPad 2 Availability

The iPad 2 is available March 11th in the U.S. and March 26th Everywhere else

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