10 Indespensible iPad 2 Tips And Tricks

If you are a new iPad or iPad 2 user and you want to learn some great tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPad and impress others then here are ten indespensible iPad 2 tips and tricks  to get you started.

Top 10 iPad Tips And Tricks

A while back we wrote about 30 iPad tips and tricks.  A lot of those are still great ones to know but since the introduction of iOS 4.2, there are some even better iPad tips that you might want to learn and use.  Once you learn these iPad tips, you can impress others with your in-depth knowledge of the iPad.

1.  Tapping and Hold Virtual Keys

iPad 2 Tips and Tricks

Holding down on certain virtual keys will display a popover that lets you choose some additional options.  Press and hold a vowel, for example, and a popover will display that lets you select special characters.  Even some of the consonants, like the C, S, and N will display special characters when you hold down on them.

Additionally, hold down on certain punctuation marks and you will get a popover with some extra helpful options.  It’s best to try them all out to get a feel for your options.

2.  The Comma Key

Well, we all know that the iPad’s virtual keyboard is not as convenient as a real one but here is something you may not have even known about the keyboard.  Swipe up quickly on the “comma” key and it will insert an apostrophe.  Swiping up on the period key inserts a quotation mark.  It’s not a tap…just a quick swipe.

3.  Auto-correction

If you are using the on-screen keyboard, this is a great iPad 2 tip to know about.  You will become a virtual typing pro in no time by putting some faith in the auto-correction algorithm.  Don’t be tempted to look and correct everything you type because the faster you allow yourself to type, the better the the algorithm will become and it will soon learn the words you actually meant to type.

tip: after you are done typing, check to see how close it came and if it’s an important email, definitely check before tapping “send”.

4.  Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is another great iPad 2 tip.  If you connect your iPad to the Apple Bluetooth keyboard or the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock you can actually use some of the same keyboard shortcuts that you are used to using on your Mac. Here are some great keyboard shortcuts you can use:

  • Command-C, X, and V for Copy, Cut and Paste
  • Command-Shift-Arrow key-based text selection
  • Option-key shortcuts for typing diacritical characters
  • Command-Z and Shift-Command-Z for Undo and Redo
  • Control-A, Control-E, and Control-K

5.  Avoiding Application Exits

Ever pressed the home button by mistake in an app and had it close out on you?  Instead of letting the app close, finding its icon and then relaunching it, you can tell your iPad that you did not want to shut that app down.  Here’s how: don’t let go of the Home button.  That’s it.  If you keep holding down the Home button without letting go it is essentially telling the iPad that you really didn’t want to close down that app.

6.  Closing Background Apps

Here is a great iPad 2 tip you definitely want to know about.  There may be times when you want to close apps that are still running in the background.  Even after you close an app, it may still be running in the background (multitasking) and this really isn’t an issue but sometimes apps get weird and you might want to close it out completely.  In fact, some chew up data and resources while running so that’s another reason you may want to completely close them out.

To force an app to close completely, double-tap the Home button to bring up the multitasking bar, then press and hold on any one of the apps you see until them start dancing around. Now tap the red circle on the running apps in your multitasking bar that you ‘d like to quit.

7.  Hidden Music Playback Controls

Here is a great little tip that brings us back to that multitasking bar.  To find the music controls, just double-tap the Home button, then swipe to the left and you will finally see the music controls.  Coincidentally, you will also see this is where the screen orientation lock and brightness controls are.

8.  Smarter Search

Double-tap that Home button again, or swipe to the left of your home screen.  This gets you into Spotlight search (the same one you use on your Mac).  This is a great way to launch apps, find emails, or look up contacts.  Did you know that you can also tell Spotlight what you want to look for? You can rearrange the search order to have it not even look at certain things like your contacts or email.

To set your search preferences, just tap on Settings, tap General, and then tap the Spotlight Search.

9.  Put More Apps On Your Dock

Another great iPad 2 tip.  The app dock has 4 apps by default but did you know you can have 6? You sure can.  All you have to do is hold down on any of your apps on the home screen (or any of your screens) until they are dancing around. Then just drag an app to your dock and it will stay right there.

10.  Launch Apps Quickly

Here we are with the last iPad 2 tip.  By now you are a guru and it’s time to show off your new iPad skills.  Before you do that, here’s one more for the road.  If you have a lot of apps (eventually you will), and a lot of pages of them then you might want to launch one quickly instead of swiping through screen after screen.

As luck would have it, you can use Spotlight (from tip #8) to help you launch apps a lot quicker.  Tap the Home button to get to your first home screen, and then either tap it again or swipe to reveal the Spotlight. Now, start typing the first few letters of the App’s name and then tap the result to launch it.  The best part is that as you use this, Spotlight will remember your frequently used apps and thus they are right there for you just a tap away.

There are ten iPad 2 tips and tricks you can use with the first generation iPad or with your new iPad 2.  If you find any others, please feel free to leave them here in the comments as it benefits everyone.  Thanks.

Originally posted 2011-03-07 16:04:44.


  1. Juan Carlos says:


    I’ve recently discovered a somehow handy trick very similar to this list’s #7.

    I haven’t seen this one in any website so far so I hope it will be useful.

    - While being in the Lock Screen, you can press the home button twice in order to access to the iPod app.

    Simple as that, Thanks.

    1. Enmar Khalis says:

      where is the home key?

  2. Oliver says:

    Another one is hold 4 fingers on the screen and swipe- it switches to other running application

  3. Jules says:

    Another trick to go with #10, you can group apps together into something like a folder.

    Press and hold until the apps start dancing. Drag one of the apps on top of another. When you do this it starts a new box and gives it an automatic title. If you you put games together it will call it games. Press the home button and tap outside the group. You can then add any of your other apps to the new group.

    1. Jules says:

      Also, you can edit the name of the group if you don’t like the one it chose.

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  5. Howard Brazee says:

    I have folders in my dock. From within iTunes for the Mac, I cannot drag apps to those folders (I can do so from my iPad).

    Is there a way to turn on caps lock on my iPad or iPhone?)

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