iPad 2 Troubleshooting Guide

Here is your iPad 2 troubleshooting gude.  Even thought the iPad is very robust and rarely has issues, there are times that things can go wrong, get stuck, freeze, or just not seem right.  And it’s these times when you need  to troubleshoot it and get it fixed fast.  Here’s some ways you can get your iPad back up and running quickly.

iPad 2 Troubleshooting Guide

iPad Help | iPad 2 TroubleshootingThere are many things that can potentially go wrong with your iPad 2 and most of these things are software-related due to apps or something else related.  The good news is that you can get most of your iPad 2 issues fixed pretty quickly.  Here’s how to fix a lot of the most common iPad 2 issues.

Fixing Frozen Or Stuck iPad 2 Video Apps

Here is an article on how to fix your frozen or stuck video apps (which happens from time to time).

Fixing Your iPad 2 If it gets stuck on the “Silver Apple” logo

Here’s how to fix your iPad 2 if it ever gets stuck on the dreaded silver apple logo.

Fix Your WiFi iPad 2 Time

If you ever notice your iPad time out of sync and you have a Wi-Fi only iPad 2, here’s how to fix it.

Issues Syncing Your iPad 2 With Yahoo! Contacts

Issues syncing your Yahoo Contacts?  Here’s how to fix that.

How To Best Care For Your iPad 2 Battery

Your battery is great but here are some ways to care for your iPad 2 battery to get the most out of it.

Backup And Restore Your iPad 2

Here’s how to backup and restore your iPad 2

Fix Issues With Photos, Apps, Email And Contacts

Here’s some help if you have issues with photos, apps, email, or your contacts

Fixing Airprint Issues On Your iPad 2

Here are some ideas to help you fix your airprint issues on your iPad 2

How To Fix iPad 2 Sync Issues

There may be times when your iPad 2 could have sync issues. Here’s how to fix your iPad 2 sync issues.

Fix Calendar And Contact Sync Issues

Here’s how to fix your calendar and contact sync issues that may crop up from time to time.

How To Restore, Restart, or Reset Your iPad 2

Sometimes you have to do this to get your iPad 2 back to life again.  Here is how to restore, restart or reset your iPad.

Those are the major issues you might run into, however there are a few other iPad 2 issues you might want to troubleshoot and here those are:

There are some great iPad 2 Troubleshooting articles, resources and ways to get “unstuck”.  If you want to see all of these and find even more that we have written, please visit out iPad 2 help category.  If you run into anything else you can’t seem to fix, let us know in the comments below.


  1. Lesli says:

    I can’t get the camersa to work on iPad2 Facetime. I can see the person I am calling, but they can’t see me. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Shane says:

      Hi lesli.

      Do each of you have each other added as contacts? That should not make a difference but I wonder…if you launch photobooth does the camera work?

    2. Mindy McDaniel says:

      Mine did the same thing. I had to power my ipad off and back on and it worked.

  2. Phil says:

    My ipad 2 is frozen with a window that reads:

    “Application Over 20MB”
    connect to a WI-FI network or use
    itunes on your computer to
    download”Dogs Info”

    1. Shane says:

      Hi There Phil. Thanks for the message. Yeah a big download has to be over wifi but….if it’s frozen then hold down the home button and the on/off switch for about 15 seconds until it completely restarts….

  3. Randy says:

    Hi Shane My ipad 2 was working fine but now when I press safari button it goes to the internet but won’t let me do anything on the page and it is darker than normal the arrow back and forth buttons work and i can type in different addresses and they will come up but it won’t let me enter them it is like something is locked I am just new with this thing so would appreciate some help if possible Thanks Randy

    1. Shane says:

      Hi there Randy. Go ahead and double click the home button and then find the safari app in the list of running apps at the bottom and then hold down on it until you see a red minus symbol. Press that and it will shut the app down. Then tap once on the home button to return to the regular desktop and relaunch safari

      1. John says:

        I have the same issue but when I double click there is no safari app that appears

        1. John says:

          Fixed!! Did the complete reboot thing as pe below. Worked just fine

      2. Sarah says:

        Thanks! I had the same issue and you gave me the quick solution!

  4. My ipad was working fine then it simply switched off, i assumed the battery died however i have been trying to charge it all day, it does not charge, i tried charging it with my laptop, it doesnt charge and niether does my laptop pick up an external source. HELP its brand new.

    1. Shane says:

      Have you tried plugging it in the wall with the charger??? That’s the best. And the battery has most likely ran out. But I’m sure it’s 100% ok. Let me know what happens

    2. lashields2004 says:

      I had the same problem yesterday… My IPad 2 said that I had 10% battery life left when I powered it down and plugged it in… To the wall. Later when I went to reuse it… Nothing. It would not turn on, not even blinking empty battery to let me know that there wasn’t enough charge to start. Nothing. Tried plugging in to several different options… Nothing. great! A $500 frisbee! Then tried a totally different power cord. Still nothing… Went to bed… In the morning it was fully charged and working. I do not know what happened or why… Mine is only about a month old… Thinking that the power cord is garbage… Not cool, especially since it is still relatively new! Does anyone know if there is a warranty on the cord?

  5. Carlos says:

    Hi! All of a sudden my iPad 2 is not giving me any sound. I went to the setting and I don,t see what’s wrong.
    I also tried with the volume bottom on the side. The lock and unlock button tried to nothing works. What do think it might be?

    1. Shane says:

      Hi Carlos. It sounds crazy but did you accidentally hit the mute switch on the side so it turned the sound off?

      1. Rani says:

        I am having the exact same problem. I get sound on utube videos but nothing else. The soun on the side and in the settings is all the way up and it is unlocked. Is there another mute switch somewhere.

  6. Ed says:

    When I rotate the iPad2 the orientation does not change even when it’s unlocked. Is there a setting that I’m missing?

    1. Shane says:

      Ed. This has happened to me. What I do is simply restart it. And to do that I hold the home button and the on/off button down until I see the silver apple appear. That’s a complete reboot and normally fixes locking issues

      1. Ed says:

        Ah, so simple and so right. All is solved by the reboot. Thank you.

      2. Sher says:

        WOW! You just saved me from a panic attack!! lol! holding down the home & power button worked GREAT! I am now UNfrozen!! YAY! Thank you very much!!

      3. Ann Walker says:

        I have a brand new ipad 4 (3 weeks old) and the mail app failed to rotate when all others rotated just fine. I used your reboot suggestion and this had cleared the problem. Thank you very much.

  7. karen says:

    I am trying to set up my ipad 2, when I plug it into my toshiba laptop, it is not recognizing my itunes on my laptop so I am unable to get started, dont know what to do>

  8. Ruben says:

    When we play recent home videos on our Ipad 2 we hear a buzzing sound with no audio. We have tried playing older versions of home videos and they sound fine. What is the problem?

  9. Johnny says:

    I have an iPad 2 32 gig and I accidentally dropped it off a chair and the volume bittons are jammed and the side of the iPad by that button is bent. Is there any way for me to fix this? Please help.

  10. Maggie says:

    Please help! When trying to read a page in live binders, it only shows the beginning of the page and will not scroll down. Instead, the whole window scrolls. I’ve tried using two fingers and changing the orientation. What am I doing wrong?

  11. diane says:

    i turned my ipad2 off after using it with a battery life still at 49%. i tried turning it on, it doesn’t open. just bought my gadget. please tell me what to do.

  12. Tony says:

    I am not getting volume on any of my games, neither is there the clicking sound on the keyboard. However, volume is present with you tube videos and I pod music. There is an Icon in the top right hand corner next to the battery icon, { a lock with an arrow encircling it }. It was not there all the time, don’t know what I did.

  13. Annne russell says:

    My camera app won’t open, aperture frozen. I can look at photos already taken.

  14. Obie says:

    I have an exchange e-mail app on my iPad2. I have a window popping up asking for a correct password, my password is correct but the pop up widow is frozen and will not let me cancel or even accept correct password, I have tried the two methods mentioned above concerning locked apps but not working, I have even tried turning the iPad completely off but the password window for the exchange will not go away not allowing me to access any other app on my ipad2 or to activate the slide control to completely cycle the power of the iPad. Thanks for any suggestions.

    1. Obie says:

      Just got it fixed. Saw your response earlier to hold down home & start for about 14sec, that did the trick, was able to reboot and all is well. Good site, thanks.

      1. Oscar says:

        Thanks! This solved my problem!

        Got the same problem with a popup asking for exchange password and with no working cancel button.

        Got a Ipad2 wifi 16 Gb. iOS5.

      2. NICIE says:

        Thanks so much. just had this happen to me and was panicking. It worked!!!!

  15. Chhabi says:

    I filled in all my data manually on the Contacts, 300 of them. Two days later all gone … How can I recall them ?

  16. Marc says:

    Hi, how do I clean out my cookies and google history as I do on lap top?

    1. Kati says:

      Go to settings and click on safari. Hope this helps.

  17. jim says:

    The Ipad2 constantly wants me to sign up for a plan for internet. I elect not to at this time. How do I stop this
    screen from constantly coming up?

  18. Phil says:

    How do you slow down the audio on the iPad it plays everything x2, there’s a button you use to change speed but remember whe it is please the wife is on my case….


  19. Mike says:

    Hey when i recoed a video and then go watch it the video is in widescreen. I checked the widescreen setting and it was turned off. I rebooted it. I restored it. Nothing worked. Now when i turn it to landscape mode at the homescreen it is in widescreen mode to???

  20. Mahmoud says:

    Newly got my ipad2, after connecting it to iTunes and all went well I discovered couple of major app were downloaded yet the big surprise was when I was looking out for the messages and phone icon, though it is equipped with a gsm slot that I installed a gsm line in!
    Surfed the Internet over and over trying to find how to install those icons but no answer!
    Kindly advise…
    Another aside question for my iPhone 4g, I enter several app then the screen turns to total black and doesn’t allow me to do anything until I turn off the whole phone, any clue???
    Thank u.

  21. colin says:

    My wireless went down and when it was restored my desk top was good but my ipad2 when I turned it on I have the revolving disk in the centre and I can not remove it, nore can I shut it off. I tried to hold down the on off button for 15 seconds , to no avail. Its stil,l running , Help.

  22. Becky says:

    Hi! I just got my iPad 2 yesterday and synced it with my iPhone. When I open some apps, they come up on the screen the same size as my iPhone. There is a little 2x button in the bottom right corner and when I push that the picture gets bigger, but it’s “fuzzy.” Any ideas?

    1. Brian says:

      some apps are formatted for iPhone & others for iPad. many apps have been designed for both. check the app store & download iPad apps. then just delete the iPhone apps from your iPad.

  23. Noman Lakhani says:

    Hi I have an Ipad2 which was working perfectly fine till yesterday when I used a video out cable and connected it to my TV to view videos and pictures. Once I disconnected the cable from the ipad2 the sound bar has become disabled on all apps. Every time I connect the video out cable the bar becomes active and once removed it becomes grey again. I inserted the cable again and then was careful in removing the sound bar is now active but every time the iPad is closed for an extended period of time the bar disappears, other than that all applications are working fine. The cable being used has been purchased from apple store and has worked perfectly fine with my iphone.

    Would appreciate your help.

  24. Ken says:

    I can download movies from youtube but when I go to various other websites I get an error indicating that Safari cannot download the file. I have no problem opening the same movie files on my PC. Do I need some kind of an upgrade?

  25. Gavin says:

    My little brother has been messing about with my Ipad 2 and it now constantly has a man’s voice reading aloud everything I click on and I have to click on each thing multiple times to get them to load.

  26. Riaz says:

    hi, the silver apple logo appears on my screen for about 5 seconds, goes to a blank screen for about 5 seconds then repeats on then off. I tried resetting by holding power and home buttons for 15 seconds – but the logo is consistently alternates on and off. The ipad 2 16gb 3g was switched on for the first time today, please help

  27. zoe says:

    hey shane,
    i want to reset my ipad 2 but wen i went to settings, clicked on general, and scrolled down to where the reset button is suppost to be, but my ipad 2 doesnt have one!!!!! what do i do

  28. Catherine says:

    My daughter dropped my ipad2 and now the screen is fuzzy with lines. I turned it off and restarted several times but did not resolve. Please help!

  29. Jonathan says:

    Hi Shane – I have a new IPAD 2 with 5.0.1 software (Christmas 2011). I’m finding many safari webpages stall when loading. For intance MSNBC and other mainstream websites will often load 50% to 75% then stall and take 45-120 secs or more to complete loading. My Win XP PC loads in a fraction of the time as well as PC laptop WiFi in the same house and location – while not on at the same time to avoid possibility of competition). Have 30 MB charter internet so that should be fast enough. Most other apps load relatively quickly but safari hangs. What’s up? Could switching to another webbrower help? Is there anything I can do? Has Apple acknowledged a problem? Thanks for any advice/feedback – I’d like to solve this – hoping someone knows how….

  30. Kerry BEin says:

    When I try to send emails and open Google my ipad tells me I am not contected to the Internet. Never had this trouble before.

  31. Ben G says:


    I recently got a iPad 2 & was using FaceTime and it worked great, then it just stopped working, it would say it was dialing but I would ring someone in the room with FaceTime but their apple device wouldn’t work…my iPhone signed into the same account works though…I took it to apple and they restored it and it was working fine for about a week then it stopped working again…any ideas???


  32. jack says:

    My iPad won’t let me check my YouTube subscriptions

  33. jack says:

    My iPad won’t let me check my YouTube subscriptions, what do I do?

  34. Isy says:


    I found a problem when sending emails from the iPad2. The emails disappeared, no trace of them, not in the sent folder and, of course, they didn’t send. It happened to me several times and I just discover that yesterday.

    Do you know how to fix this problem? Is there any way to retrieve sent emails other than looking in the sent folder?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  35. David says:

    My wife dropped her ipad2 a couple of months after we bought it and shattered the glass. I was able to replace the glass fairly easily and got it back together looking like new. For some reason it just wont work right now, there are “dead zones” and it jumps and acts crazy-adds text when you aren’t touching anything. I took it back apart and put a new lcd in it and it didn’t fix it. I now have $250 in repairs into this thing. Any idea what may be causing the trouble? I don’t notice any visible frame damage or warping so I have no idea, pretty frustrated. Thanks

  36. Enmar Khalis says:

    my ipadé is new and nothing hd happn but today i came to work with but i couldnt access the unlock slide even when i was to estart i can not access the related slide
    please help

  37. Gina A. says:


    My son’s ipad2′s key board will allow him to type his password but won’t allow him to hit enter. He has rebooted it and still nothing.

  38. Gina A. says:

    Correction…… my son says he can only type two letters and then it freezes up. HELP please!

  39. When I open my mail app and I go to write an email, the keyboard won’t work. It recognizes tha I’m typing but the letter won’t appear as I’m typing. Please help.

  40. karen says:

    I cant watch any youtube videos, I hear the songs playing but my screen is black…
    What can I do,, please help

  41. franz `kattick says:

    i cannot get voume when playing games and voice transalator , by works well with video file . what might the problem

  42. Barb says:

    The ringer icon stays in the center of my screen. How can I get it to go away? I have not had this problem before. Any help is appreciated!

  43. leo says:

    hi i have ipad2 was working fine i downloaded an update and syop using the ipad but when i went to used it the next day the voice thing wont go off and i can’t scroll down or up and have to tap once and then twice for any apps to open can you help

  44. Leasa says:

    Hi, hope you can help. My photobooth curtain will not stop opening and closing. On a continual loop?

  45. click me says:

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    the favor”.I’m attempting to find things to improve my site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

  46. Tony says:

    I can charge my iPad2 to 100%. Sometimes it lasts for days. At times however, after it has been kept stationery in my briefcase on the floor all day, i try to use it when i get home and it is absolutely dead and needs to be recharged from zero. Its happened to me half a dozen times – this week its happened twice

  47. Vicki says:

    My friend and I use Yahoo IM late at night to video chat, but because it is late and our respective households are sleeping, we type our conversations while seeing each other face-to-face. My friend is on a pc, while I am (trying to be) on my ipad2. The problem is that when we connect , we have great video, but no matter what I do, I cannot make the keyboard appear on the screen. I have tried to use the Zagg bluetooth keyboard, but the app will not recognize it. How can I make my ipad2 work with Yahoo video IM with video AND the ability to type a conversation at the same time? Works perfectly on pc to pc chat. Thanks!

  48. Sharlotte says:

    Hi, my IPad 2 has a problem, when I press the camera button, it just blacks out. When I press the home button, it just goes back to the page where the camera button is

  49. Faiz says:

    Hi…my iPad keeps restart/reboot every 5 minutes…what should I do???i tried to restore but it’s happens again please help on my situation….need to solve this problem

  50. CHristine says:

    I have 2 questions..first, when I type, i see the letters changing colors, but it does not register all of them. I can type they and it shows up thy. Is there anything I can do to fix that?

    2nd….what does the lock with a circle around it in the upper right hand corner near the battery life mean?

    1. Andrea says:

      Not sure about the typing but the lock with the circle means you cannot flip your iPad, no matter how you hold it the screen does not adjust to your point of Veiw if you want to change this double click the home button and scrool to you find the same symbol and click on it.

  51. J.acqueline smith says:

    Hear is one for you just bought this iPad 2 from a private party how do I register it so that I can get started. My Netflix won’t start unless I do

  52. Andrea says:

    Whenever I click music my iPad flashes the screen and then goes back to home. Why is it doing this and how can I fix it?

  53. Penelope Guertin says:

    my ipad 2 is stuck,it is showing a block that says “unable to Download Application… Gmail could not be downloaded at this time, does not respond to the done or retry buttons,will not slide to unlock, of slide to power off, HELP!!!

  54. Marilyn Rothery says:

    When I go to Ustream on my Ipad2, everything is in Japanese instead of English, How can I get English?

  55. Judy Brewer says:

    My camera and FaceTime disappeared from my ipad2. How do I restore them

  56. Gayle says:

    I used skype and the other person can’t hear me, but i can hear my voice and hers. Help!

  57. Gayle says:

    Back again! I am using Skype and the other person can’t hear me but I can hear my vocie and theirs and I am on an ipad 2. How can i fix this??? Thanks!

  58. Larry says:

    I can not get the date to display. The time is fine. I have followed the instructions to the letter but still no date?

  59. Andrew says:

    Whenever I click some of the apps my iPad flashes the screen and then goes back to home. Why is it doing this and how can I fix it?

  60. Angie says:

    My iPad2 camera shutter will not open, and the photo/movie slide is fluttering. Reset does not work. Please help!

  61. Myrna Rex says:

    My email only opens in lower right corner, cannot open it, cannot move it. Turned off and back on, should I try a reboot?

  62. Devon kidd says:

    I am not getting any sound from games or keyboard yet sounds are on?

  63. Devon kidd says:

    I have pressed the both on switch buttons to reboot and still not back

  64. Everything is working fine except when I touch Facebook app it flashes a white screen and quickly goes back to app screen. I have tried restarting! Help please I miss my FB ON IPAD THANKS

    email is nuwaypress46227@aol.com

    Hope somebody can help me!!

  65. G M Caicedo says:

    My FB icon blinks & won’t open, does anyone knows what should I do? Nothing works so far!!!
    Thank you,

  66. Charlie Boulderstone says:

    i have recently jailbreaked my IPad2 16GB and for some reason the whole screen has turned into lines and is hard to see the screen, i have reset my Ipad and its still not working,
    What Should I Do?

  67. Brenda McChargue says:

    My IPAD had an update by the IOS whatever it is in settings. I tap update and my IPAD went off. Now when I try to turn it on, it is telling me to hook to I tunes. It wont come on. I hooked it to I tunes and that did no good I still can get it on. HELP !!

  68. Amy says:

    Something is wrong with sound on my iPad 2 I can hear videos that I have made but am not hearing clicking with the keyboard or some games I’ve been playing…help

  69. Wendy says:

    I have PCM and an ipad2. Had spam on ipad emails. Now I can not view emails on ipad. Says. “Can not get mail. Connection to server failed”. How do I fix this? Thanks in advance

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  75. stuart says:

    I can’t connect to my home wi fi. I have connected in other places so i know it can work. I put in the password for my home wi fi and it says”unable to join the network”. My laptop and iphone work but my ipad won’t. Any ideas?


  76. stuart says:


    I can’t connect to my home wi fi with Ipad2. I have connected in other places so i know it can work. I put in the password for my home wi fi and it says”unable to join the network”. My laptop and iphone work but my ipad2 won’t. Any ideas?


  77. Michael says:

    I’m having some issues with some of the sounds on my Ipad2. The first issue I noticed was the clicks from the keyboard are gone. When I sent an email the “swoosh” sound was missing. The click sound when I put my Ipad into lock modeI when I close the cover is gone as is the beep when I plug in the recharger. I have gone into setting to make sure that the sounds are on and tested the ones that I could. The sounds work in settings but not in the function. I even shut down the Ipad to see if maybe it would reset when I started it up again, but with no luck. Any ideas as to what the problems are and any way to correct them? Thanks!

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  79. Rosy says:

    I have an iPad 2 16GB and I accidently dropped it on a carpet floor (mind you I have my ipad in a protector). Now my screen has lines flickering on it. It is hard to see the apps on the screen. Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    iPad 2 Troubleshooting Guide | TCGeeks

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