Best iPad Speaker | Soundfreaq Bluetooth Wireless Platform

Best iPad Speaker Sound Platform

It's been awhile since we introduced any of the best iPad speakers but that's because there have not been that many brand new ones.  Well, there is something we wanted to show you that not only has a 5-star rating but is quite interesting. … [Read more...]

JBL iPad Speaker Dock Unique With Amazing Features

JBL iPad Speaker Dock

We have covered some iPad speaker docks in the past and they are all really great at what they do but JBL has just introduced a new one that is definitely unique in it's shape and form but also produces amazing sound. … [Read more...]

The New Sonos iPad Controller App And Why You Need It!


The Sonos iPad Controller app is out and there was a very significant leap forward today in the world of music systems.  It's something you don't want to miss.  Sonos, makers of the World's #1 multi-room music system, released their free controller for the iPad and we are not only going to review that app right here for you, but we are also going to show you how you can create one of the most amazing home music systems you have yet to see [or … [Read more...]

iPad Speakers Updated: Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

harman kardon soundsticks III

In the department of iPad speakers you have several options.  You can use the tiny little speaker that is built into it, you can use AirPlay (with iOS 4.2) or you can connect some external speakers.  We did a few articles outlining some of those choices and a clear favorite of external speakers that works well with the iPad are the Harman Kardon Soundsticks.  As it turns out, Harman Kardon has just released the latest version of their flagship … [Read more...]

iPad Speakers What’s The Best? | iPad Accessories


Your iPad is a great music player, but sometimes you need a break from direct-to-brain listening, or you want to share your music with others. A good set of iPad speakers will help you cut the (headphone) cord with your device. Here are the various types of iPad speakers out there, along with some of our recommendations for each type. For each, we’ve indicated whether it has a true iPad dock cradle, an iPhone-size dock, or a … [Read more...]

Speaker Options for iPad 2 | iPad Speakers

iPad Speaker System

You may want to get iPad speakers if you are looking to get ‘big sound’ out of your iPad. But don’t worry, arranging for iPad speakers is not as difficult a task as you may think. It doesn’t even have to be a costly process. In truth, if you already own a decent speaker system you’re won’t need much more than a stereo auxiliary cable (which can be had for less than a dollar). But if you’re looking for a more classy approach … [Read more...]

The Best Speakers For The iPad | Reviewed and Compared

best ipad speakers

Up at the top of your iPad is a little port for a headphone jack.  It allows you to plug in your favorite headphones and enjoy music, videos, etc.  But did you know that it can do a lot more?  It sure can.  You can use that 3.5mm headphone jack to send sound right out to some nice speakers.  This means that you can enjoy music in full, robust stereo sound.  But what are the best speakers to get for your iPad? Whether you are a student … [Read more...]

iPad AirPlay Speaker Options And Workarounds


There are a lot of people looking for iPad speakers and AirPlay speakers these days because media is so central to the iPad.  AirPlay speakers are still fairly new and there really are not that many out on the market.  If you want the convenience of AirPlay then here are three ways you can enjoy it  using your iPad today. … [Read more...]

iPad Bluetooth Speakers For Wireless Freedom


There are all kinds of iPad speakers.  You can get external iPad speakers. You can get portable iPad speakers that are small and light. You can also get iPad speaker docks and plug your iPad right into the speaker unit.  But there is another type of speaker that you might want to check out and it's completely wireless. iPad Bluetooth Speakers Since your iPad is Bluetooth enabled it works really well with a set of wireless Bluetooth … [Read more...]

2 New Portable iPad Speakers From iHome


iHome has done it again.  They have just released two brand new portable iPad speakers that you most certainly want to check out if you are looking for a much better way to enjoy movies, music, or even games.  Check these out and let me know what you think. … [Read more...]

Airplay Compatible Speakers And Receivers


No doubt you have tried AirPlay through your Apple TV or Airport Express but you might also be looking for a great set of speakers or a receiver that you can use with AirPlay.  There are some specialized speaker sets already hitting the market which have built-in AirPlay capability.  Here's what they are and how to use them. … [Read more...]

Philips Fidelio DS3880W

Philips Fidelio DS3880W For iPhone

Sound, sound, get around, Philips gets around (get it?) Philips Fidelio DS3880W : philips' penchant for simple, robust design is noticeable, with this circular speaker featuring the same grey and metal aesthetics as the DS9010. In fact, the DS3880W looks a little like the Dyson Air Multiplier fan, except that the round top lifts off its base, leaving you with a totally wireless speaker solution. It's smart, certainly, but is also hugely … [Read more...]

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