iPad Alarm Clock Apps | Five You Should Know About

The iPad does not come with an alarm clock (or any clock for that matter), so we thought we would show off the the many ways you can make perfect use of the top alarm clock apps.  You may be surprised at how much you can do with these. Read on for the details…

One of the complaints that people had with the iPad is that it did not come equipped with a clock app.  Well, while that remains true there are some really amazing iPad alarm clock apps that you might want to learn a little bit more about.  Having a good alarm clock on your iPad keeps you productive, on schedule, and provides some really nice additional features like a world-clock, waking to music, or the ability to wake up to ambient light.

For the traveler, student, or business professional these apps make perfect sense and are ones that you don’t want to miss if you are seeking out utilities that make the iPad a useful tool.

NOTE: One thing to note about these apps is that the alarms will only work when the app is open. Until we get iOS 4.

Night Stand HD ($2.99)

iPad Alarm - NighstandDubbed the “Smart Clock” this iPad alarm clock app is pretty nice and full of features.  It has iPad-optimized controls, a World Clock mode and some really nice graphics.  As the developers say, “Night Stand HD simply blows away your current crusty relic of a clock”.

There are not a lot of complaints about this one.  I found it to be really easy to use and it was amazing how it looked and felt like a real alarm clock.  The developer has been updating it to fix bugs and add user requests.  This is definitely worth checking out.

Apple Store


Clock Pro HD ($3.99)

iPad Alarm - ClockProNow here is an iPad clock app that is serious about time.  Clock Pro combines clock and timer functions together in one app.  The graphics on this one are really nice but yet different than that of Night Stand.  It is one of those clock apps that is heavy on the graphics and gives you plenty to explore.  This clock app adds some twists.

This has to be the best clock app I’ve ever used. The multiple alarm ability is great! You will not be disappointed!

Apple Store


Touch LCD – Designer Speaking Clock ($1.99)

iPad Alarm - TouchLCDWow!  You can really pack in a ton of features for $1.99.  This one does not disappoint.  This alarm clock for the iPad is a huge hit with users due to it’s amazing features and graphics.  I was very pleasantly surprised with this one. It is like a “Pro” clock.  The LCD graphics are done so well, you will think it’s a real LCD clock.  There are no grapics with this one, just pure LCD!

A beautiful LCD themed clock designed specifically for iPad and iPhone, packed with features to ensure you never need another clock app.

Apple Store


Lifelike Alarm Clock And Weather HD ($3.99)

iPad Alarm - LifeLike

Well you knew it was coming – an alarm clock and a weather app, all in one!  This one gets 5 stars consistently and you can see why because it is truly graphical eye candy.  I love the way that the clock looks real with wood trim and a radio tuner playing your songs.  The weather is also a great addition.

Built around what looks like an actual everyday alarm clock, the app includes a calendar, analog clock, and integration with iPod music.

Apple Store


Progressive Alarm Clock ($1.99)

iPad Alarm - ProgressiveFor something truly different you might want to check this one out.  This alarm clock app will wake you up gradually (the best way to wake up) using the sounds of the Tibetan single bowl.  It has the usual clock/alarm functions on a very basic level as it’s strength is not in features or graphics but funtionality.


Apple Store


So there they are! 5 of the top iPad alarm clock apps you will definitely want to check out. Our favorite here is the Lifelike Alarm clock with the weather.  Not because it is any better or worse, but the graphics are so great and the fact that it looks like a real radio make it very unique.

What is your favorite one? What features do you use the MOST?

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Originally posted 2010-07-12 15:06:16.


  1. Todd Sherman says:

    This is a great review as I have been looking for an alarm clock. iOS 4 cannot come fast enough for the iPad though. The commission of a built in alarm clock was disappointing.

  2. Shane says:

    Yeah, that's why I wanted to do the review because a lot of people were asking about the clock but I'm actually liking the apps better than the built-in one on the iPhone's. I also, cannot wait for multitasking because leaving the app running is a little bit of a pain. Thanks Todd for stopping by and commenting too!

  3. Until the OS update and multiple-tasking (really, we will have multiple-tasking?), the calendar app can kind of act as an alarm. Just put in a calendar event and set an alert.

    These are beautiful apps. Thanks for the rundown! Maybe we need a forum thread for apps we will love when we get the OS update.

  4. Robert L. says:

    I have Night Stand HD and love it. I looked at a lot of them and I think the only thing missing on this one is iOS4. :-)

  5. Shane says:

    I think with iOS 4 there will be the ability for it to truly run in the background and thus, it won't have to really be “running” so the alarms will function, etc.
    I like the forum thread idea as well – i put in an iOS 4 thread but the apps one is good because it's kind of a different topic

  6. Shane says:

    Ha! That does seem to be the consensus and all we know so far is that it's “in the Fall” still!

  7. Sinthor says:

    Hmmm…not really sure it's classified strictly as a “clock app” but I really like Embraceware's “Awaken.” Great alarm and timer functions and looks cool too!

  8. Shane says:

    OK. Funny you should mention that! because I did see that app and I had every intention of adding it but oddly enough it's listed in the “productivity” category while the others are all listed in “utilities”…so I missed it but yes, it is definitely a nice app!!!!

  9. Please add Awaken to your next review series. Version 1.7 is in beta and coming out soon, I guess.

  10. Shane says:

    Hi Ben. I'll do better than that! Once 1.7 comes I'll make it my app of the day since I really wanted to review it!

  11. Jeff says:

    Crazy that we don't a good free clock app.

  12. Shane says:

    It actually is a little odd! Perhaps they wanted to encourage devs to be creative or….they didn't have “time” ;-)

  13. READY2SPARK says:

    Gasp! Clock Free isn't on your list? 1) It's free, 2) You can choose to wake up to alarm or radio, 3) You can choose your radio station based on music genre. Love it.

  14. Shane says:

    ahhhhh I am so glad you mentioned that one! I was going to include it too but I figured I need to do a part 2 because there are actually a lot more I wanted to cover

  15. Josh says:

    Great list! I tried a few and my favorite right now is LightWake alarm clock http://www.saflunddesigners.com/apps/lightwake/

  16. Shane says:

    Hey Josh, thanks! I'll be sure to give Lightwake a look!

  17. Tom says:

    If you really want to see innovation, look at smart alarm clock pro. Its the only app on the app store that allows you to record custom alarm sounds !! So start recording your loved ones voice .. and wake up to listening to them …

    Just test this app out ..


  18. Spencer says:

    A new iPad Alarm Clock app out there that is doing really well and I like a lot is Classic Clock HD. Multiple awesome designs, background alarms, timer and stopwatch. I highly recommend it.


  19. james says:

    I just bought snooze robot – it’s got a voice activated snooze button so you don’t have to get out of bed to touch your alarm. pretty neat. heres the app store link: http://bit.ly/heYNgJ

    1. Shane says:

      Awesome app…thanks James!!!!

  20. 60Chevy says:

    I have several alarm clocks, some of the ones you mention, and often they do not ring!
    The alarm clock should be native to the device, like every cell phone I have ever owned.

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