iPad and Travel. One Website That You Don’t Want To Miss.

Do you travel a lot and take your iPad?  Ever heard of Chris Brogan?  If you haven’t then let me introduce you and tell you what he is up to and why an iPad user who is about to travel could benefit.

Chris Brogan is a busy guy. Not only did he help start  Third Tribe Marketing, which I am a proud member of, but he is also the co-author of Trust Agents, author of Social Media 101 and is one heck of  amazing guy when it comes to humanizing business. He also travels a lot and and he happens to own an iPad (plus a lot of other devices).

His latest project, Man on the Go, is one you might want to check out the next time you are going to travel.  It is just getting started but I can tell this is going to be a great resource and benefit to travelers from all over the world.  Man on the Go is a source of information about what works when traveling.   Chris covers hotels, airlines, luggage, services, and everything else that happens from point A to point B.  He does this based on his own experiences as a “man on the go.”  The rich use of videos to illustrate the points will be of great value the next time you are about to take a business trip.

Now, to the point about the iPad and travel. Since Chris has multiple devices, he tends to show how he is storing it or using it while on the go.  For example, in this video Chris is showing us an epic bag from ogio that can store his laptop and his iPad.  I suspect many of us are in the same boat – needing a place to store our multiple electronic devices when traveling.

While the site is still new, I am already finding it valuable and I am digging the use of video for the reviews.  Not every video or review will have something to do with the iPad but you never know when he will throw in a way that can make traveling and using your iPad a lot easier.

Check out Man on the Go the next time are getting ready to travel with, or without, your devices.

Disclosure: This post has no affiliate links nor was it sponsored by by Man on the Go. It is solely based on my own observations and the interests of my readers.

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