Be A Smart Buyer While Collecting Genuine Fine Art Prints


A collection or even a single piece of limited edition print of fine art is very precious for its owner and what makes it precious is its rarity and originality. But how do you make sure that the print you are buying is genuine and truly belongs to a limited edition? What if the publisher sells you the print at the cost of limited edition and also publishes it in an open edition run. Then your rare collection won’t be actually rare and hold … [Read more...]

Art Authority For iPad

Art Authority for iPad

Having Art Authority for iPad is like having the history of Western art in pictures and words on your iPad. The app includes works by hundreds of artists, organized alphabetically by artist and also by periods (called Rooms within the app) that include Early (up to the 1400s), Baroque, Renaissance, Romanticism, Impressionism, Modern, Contemporary, and American. Tap one of these eight Rooms on the main screen and you’ll see its subcategories; … [Read more...]

Strip Designer For iPad | Create Your Own Comic Strips

Strip Designer for iPad

Strip Designer for iPad is fun and easy to use, and it provides numerous creative options for turning your photos into comic strips or graphic novels. And while I enjoy using it on my iPhone, the iPad version provides a much better user experience. The first thing you do is select one of the many available page layout templates, as show in the figure on the left below. Then you populate the panels by choosing photos from your Photos app … [Read more...]

iPad Air – Great Apps to Try Out

The iPad Air is certainly a masterpiece in terms of technology and design. It has the grandeur of being an Apple product. Apple has always been renowned for the superior quality of its products. Another thing for which Apple is renowned is its app store. Almost half of the apps available are designed specifically for your iPad Air. You can find a huge number of apps for your iPad Air, and deciding which apps would be helpful for you, can be quite … [Read more...]

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