Stanza For iPad | Another Free eBook Reader

Stanza For iPad

Stanza for iPad is another free eBook reader with more and better features than the Kindle app but a significantly smaller selection of titles. Unlike the Kindle, Stanza for iPad doesn’t offer a $189 handheld device, but I suspect you won’t care. Stanza for iPad has all the features that are missing from the Kindle app and more. Some of Stanza’s niceties include almost infinite control over page layout, so you can specify not only font … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Comics


Time And Relative Dimensions In Your Pocket The resurgence in popularity of Doctor Who has been phenomenal. The BBC's willingness to put budget into rebooting the series has paid off many times over as as an inspired selection of Doctors up to and including present TARDIS incumbent, the excellent Matt Smith. You can't move in toy departments these days for Doctor Who action figures and replica sonic screwdrivers. IDW Publishing were tasked with … [Read more...]

Kindle for iPad | The Popular iBooks Alternative

Kindle for iPad

Amazon’s Kindle for iPad offers users the chance to purchase store and read thousands of books. It enables over half a million works to be browsed utilizing the popular retailer’s website, using the simple standard interface of either flicking horizontally or tapping a page’s edge to read text. Kindle for iPad - The Popular iBooks Alternative From a convenience angle, Kindle’s online store offers customers a complete chapter of … [Read more...]

Selection of iPad Apps becoming your Wise Choice


There are several great iPad apps that you can run on your iPad device for fun, entertainment, or other meaningful actions. As you may know, there are tons of apps for iPad devices that you can find on Apple AppStore. However, selecting the best app is necessary for you as a number of those apps are paid apps. You cannot pay for each and every app present in the App Store. You will get a wide range of apps for you iPad, which builds confusion in … [Read more...]

Guinness World Records At Your Fingertips

Guinness World Record For iPad

Spread across a handful of extreme categories  (including Tallest, Craziest and Most Expensive), Guinness World Records At Your Fingertips offers users an interesting insight into what it takes to become a legend among generation of drunks. This may occasionally require doing a little more than withstanding the pain of a needle or forgetting that falling causes death, but oh well. If You Want To Be a Record Breaker, This is What You … [Read more...]

Marvel Comics | Essential iPad Apps

Marvel Comics for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

This app offers comics book fans an exciting new way to experience the Marvel Universe using the iPad. Upon opening this app you will need to create a Marvel Comic Store account – don’t worry as this free. Upon confirmation of sign up you are given access to the comic book adventures of some of the world’s most popular super heroes, including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-man, Wolverine and many more. To view the comic books you … [Read more...]

War In The Pacific For iPad

War in The Pacific for iPad

With shows like The Pacific and Band of Brothers giving World War II’s most prolific campaigns a lick of Hollywood gloss, it’s no surprise to see historical texts receiving the same treatment. War in the Pacific is an engrossing history lessons for anyone looking to learn more about the Pacific Theatre. It’s an app that will appeal even to those with an in-built aversion to reading books on the subject, thanks to the rousing orchestral … [Read more...]

Gems and Jewels For iPad Guide to Precious Stones

Gems and Jewels for iPad

When the iPad was launched back in spring 2010, one of the apps that showcased it was stunning interactive version of the periodic table called Elements, used because of the way it harnessed the iPad’s capabilities and showed it off to be the show-stopping gadget it really is. Gems and Jewels For iPad - Captivating Visuals Enhance This Guide to Precious Stones Gems and Jewels for iPad comes from the same developers, Touch Press and works in … [Read more...]

iBooks For iPad – The Future of Reading, Now!

iBooks for iPad

The first and most obvious advantage iBooks For iPad holds over its peers is its virtual bookshelf. Like much of Apple’s work, this app boasts an elegance of design (and extended features list) that only the most miserly could bring themselves to detest. Sharing the same basic navigational commands as its main rival, Kindle, iBooks for iPad distinguishes itself with greater customization, from a range of available fonts to the fact both PDF … [Read more...]

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