PrintCentral for iPad | How to Print on iPad

How to Print on iPad | PrintCentral for iPad

It seems strange that Apple hasn’t made printing a core service in iOS that every app can tap into. Instead, we have a series of apps that bring the art of printing to the iPad and iPhone, each in its own different way. PrintCentral for iPad is the best of all those I tested. Apple just announced that printing services will be added to iOS 4.2, which is scheduled for release in November of 2010. Until then, PrintCentral for iPad is the best … [Read more...]

Personalised News Apps | iPad Apps


Trying to stay on the top of the news via the Internet could be a full-time job if you're not careful. Simply trawling through site after site in Safari looking for interesting or relevant information can be a real chore, which is why it pays to employ the services of an app or two to help drill down the real nittygritty of what interest you without losing you off from potential new sources and websites. If you're looking to bring all the news … [Read more...]

Dragon Dictation| Essential iPad Apps

Dragon Dictate for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

The concept of the application is simple, that being you will actually be able to use the iPad’s built in microphone in order to actually transfer your speech directly into usable text. The app has been designed so that you can simply activate the core program then dictate into the microphone and then stop the recording. Without the need – at least when we tasted with various users – for any voice set up and personalization specific to each … [Read more...]

Bloomberg for iPad


Take Stock Of The Markets With This Application From The Financial Giant. Bloomberg for iPad offers to bring the power of the most trusted source for financial information to your portable Device, with the bonus of tools to help your analysis of the world's markets. Giving a mixture of news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders/laggers, price charts, market trends and more via a well thought out and presented Interface. Additional … [Read more...]

Another Remainder Apps For iPad


When Reminders App was announced as a stock app for iOS 5, the world collectively scratched their heads. Isn't the App Store already littered with To-Do lists? Don't most people already have a favorite? After all, what could Apple possibly add to the noise that would be worth sticking it dead center on our iPhones and iPads? The answer turned out to be a little bit of everything. Reminders  has location-aware reminders, iCal integration, … [Read more...]

Easy Books for iPad


Easy Books Offers Professional Business Bookkeeping And Invoicing In Your Pocket. Easy Books is not only a great example of both a free trail app but also of book keeping on your 'Phone, the app comes with a demo business and a total of 120 transactions which can be easily upgraded should you find, like us, that this application is perfect for home and small business accounting. When using this free version you can test the following features … [Read more...]

Navy Federal Credit Union Apps For iPhone / iPad

Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union Mobile Tap your way into Navy Federal today! Our mobile app provides fast and secure access to your accounts right in the palm of your hand. Need to find a branch in Hong Kong, Singapore or any of our other 180 locations around the world? Done. Want the latest and greatest rates? You got it. Or maybe youre thinking about buying that new car or house -and- you need a quick calculator to figure out your monthly payment. … [Read more...]

Why local and organic SEO are not the same

Local small to midsize businesses are like favorite songs; they go on, at times even when you don't think they will. Depending on the size of the businesses, the owners might regularly perform junior level work like building their own websites, managing budgets and contracting with SEO marketing firms to gain access to SEO marketing packages that are right for their firms. Even if owners of small and midsize businesses hire marketing firms that … [Read more...]

The bubblegum concept and Myspace

Myspace - Myspace is one of the popular social networking sites that have been very successful all over America and all round the globe since its commencement. It was first started by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe in the year 2003 and then later owned by Specific Media LLC and singer and actor Justin Timberlake. The headquarters of myspace are in Beverly Hills, California. In a study, myspace had 25 million users in the year 2012 and it is … [Read more...]

How To Establish Your Business On Review Sites

Establishing your business on review sites is something that you must do in order to be successful. The more reviews people find on your business the more you will be in the spotlight. There are several things you can do to establish your business on review sites. Focus On Yelp First Yelp is one of the most widely viewed review websites on the Internet today, so this should be your first stop. When you first log onto Yelp, do a search using the … [Read more...]

Wealth Manager – Financial Planning App | Essential iPad Apps

Wealth Manager for iPad

Worried about the future? This might make things better or worse... If you want to find this financial planning software in the App Store, then you’ll obviously have to search for the words ‘Wealth’ and ‘Manager’, but we’d like to think that there are a couple of other search terms that would work just as well. How about ‘A way to make you lose all hope for the future? Or, ‘The graph of inevitable depression? Doesn’t sound so … [Read more...]

OmniGraffle for iPad | Business Diagrams on The iPad

OmniGraffle for iPad

If I had to pick just one company (outside of Apple) that I thought really grokked the iPad, it would have to be The Omni Group. These people really seem to have that whole touch-interface thing in their DNA. This whole book is full of great iPad apps, but The Omni Group’s offerings definitely stand out among the standouts. OmniGraffle  has long been a Mac staple for people who need to make flowcharts, diagrams, and other layout ideas and … [Read more...]

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