Easy Books for iPad


Easy Books Offers Professional Business Bookkeeping And Invoicing In Your Pocket. Easy Books is not only a great example of both a free trail app but also of book keeping on your 'Phone, the app comes with a demo business and a total of 120 transactions which can be easily upgraded should you find, like us, that this application is perfect for home and small business accounting. When using this free version you can test the following features … [Read more...]

Should You Hire a Digital PR Company?

The online revolution is here and it will soon account for the majority of consumer purchases. Digital PR is more important than PR in the real world. You might think you can do your own marketing, but can you really do it to the same high standards as you would get from a comprehensive digital PR company?  We answer this and more below.  Can it Benefit Me? You need to stop assuming digital PR is the digital version of media relations. … [Read more...]

Personalised News Apps | iPad Apps


Trying to stay on the top of the news via the Internet could be a full-time job if you're not careful. Simply trawling through site after site in Safari looking for interesting or relevant information can be a real chore, which is why it pays to employ the services of an app or two to help drill down the real nittygritty of what interest you without losing you off from potential new sources and websites. If you're looking to bring all the news … [Read more...]

James Caan Business Secrets For iPad

James Caan For iPad | James Caan Business Secrets for iPad

James Caan is best known to British audience as one of The Dragon from Dragon’s Den, Where he would help budding entrepreneurs by financing their product if he deemed it worthy. How ever, this free app has got to be the second-best assistance a young businessperson could receive. James Caan Business Secrets For iPad - Straight From the Dragon’s Mouth The Secret section of the app consist of eight ‘volumes’, from ‘People & … [Read more...]

Dragon Dictation| Essential iPad Apps

Dragon Dictate for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

The concept of the application is simple, that being you will actually be able to use the iPad’s built in microphone in order to actually transfer your speech directly into usable text. The app has been designed so that you can simply activate the core program then dictate into the microphone and then stop the recording. Without the need – at least when we tasted with various users – for any voice set up and personalization specific to each … [Read more...]

How To Establish Your Business On Review Sites

Establishing your business on review sites is something that you must do in order to be successful. The more reviews people find on your business the more you will be in the spotlight. There are several things you can do to establish your business on review sites. Focus On Yelp First Yelp is one of the most widely viewed review websites on the Internet today, so this should be your first stop. When you first log onto Yelp, do a search using the … [Read more...]

Cloud Connect Pro – iPad Remote Desktop App

Cloud Connect Pro | iPad Remote Desktop

If there’s one limitation of using an iPad for regular work, it’s the file system. To put it simply, there isn’t one. In many ways, it’s a positive move by Apple, simplifying how users interact with the system and removing the need to manually manage files. But if you were hoping to plug your iPad into a Mac or PC and drag files back and forth between machines, then you’ll be disappointed. Thankfully, Cloud Connect Pro is here to … [Read more...]

Personal Finance App


Online banking will make your life easier. Of course, one visit to your financial institution's convoluted and excruciatingly slow website makes it clear that it was designed as a convenience for your bank, not for you. Enter Mint.com: a user-friendly personal finance web-app that pulls data from all your online accounts and lets you track your investments, credit and spending habits based on the aggregate. Mint will notify you when your … [Read more...]

Why local and organic SEO are not the same

Local small to midsize businesses are like favorite songs; they go on, at times even when you don't think they will. Depending on the size of the businesses, the owners might regularly perform junior level work like building their own websites, managing budgets and contracting with SEO marketing firms to gain access to SEO marketing packages that are right for their firms. Even if owners of small and midsize businesses hire marketing firms that … [Read more...]

BluePrint Sketch For iPad | Sketch All of Your Bright Ideas

BluePrint Sketch For iPad

We have to admit, there’s something magical about blueprints. After all, the rockets that took mankind to the moon and back were designed on blueprint paper. Don’t raise your hopes too high, however, as this is more of a sketching tool with the ability to create quick drawings and design layouts. Sketch All of Your Bright Ideas Onto Blueprint Sketch For iPad The intuitive interface makes it easy to manipulate objects. At the bottom of the … [Read more...]

Using FTP on iPad And Get Access From Anywhere | FTP On The Go

FTPOnTheGo for iPad | FTP on iPad

Need a way to upload to your website or view documents on an external FTP server while on the move. This is definitely the app you need. It not only enables you to look at what’s on the FTP server and open files but also download existing files or upload new ones direct to and from your device. Its own browser means you can see all changes you make from within the app. Files can be shared wirelessly to enable access from different device and … [Read more...]

iPad Dropbox And Cloud Sevices

iPad Dropbox

In case you're out of the loop and still haven't owed any of the dozen "CoolGuy87 invites you to join Dropbox" emails lingering in your inbox, all he wants is for you to join the best-established file syncing and online backup service free-99 can buy. iPad Dropbox creates a folder (aptly called Dropbox), the contents of which it backs up to its own cloud server and syncs to any other device on which you've installed the Dropbox client. The first … [Read more...]

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