Another Video Editing For iPad

Qik Video For iPhone | Video Editing For iPad

With the release of the iPhone 4S, shooting 1080p video has never been easier. Simply open the Camera app, flip the switch—and voila—you're ready to start shooting some pretty impressive video. But the video camera app (if you can call it that) is very light on features. You can turn the flash on or off, but it's more or less press record and see what happens. You can import that video into Apple's notorious iMovie app, add all sorts of … [Read more...]

How to earn the bonus candy

One of the recent articles claim that the Candy Crush game had made women spend millions a day playing it. I would hardly doubt the authenticity of the article and I am sure each and every person playing this game will agree with me. I sit in the stop waiting for my bus to arrive, I take a look around and what do I see most of the people waiting around me are glued to their phones, I sneak peek into their phones and I see almost all of them are … [Read more...]

Mensa Brain Test


Just How Intelligent Are You Brain training apps have been all the rage for years now. In fact we seem to have been training our brains so hard for so long that we should all be super geniuses by now. Has it worked. Who better to give you the answer than Mensa? Try to answer a wide variety of Mensa questions and really put your grey matter through its paces. To be a member of Mensa you must have an ID in the top 2 per cent of the population so … [Read more...]

Sky+ For iPad


Browse The Current Sky T Listing And Then Program Your Sky+ Box When On The Move… During testing of this iPad application it was hard to shake the feeling that I was mere moments away from uncovering the catch! Was this really a free app that not only let's you browse seven days worth of listings for the vast majority of not only Sky N channels but also free-to-air channels but also enable you to link directly to your home Sky+ box - the under … [Read more...]

Talking Rex the Dinosaur


Had Your Fill Of Virtual Pet Cats And Dogs? Why Not Put A T-Rex In Your iPad The virtual pet is a strange sub-genre, and one which has been almost wrung dry of any entertainment value thanks to a string of uninspired and frankly cheap cash-ins that litter the App Store_ Largely thanks to the great animation and visuals for the titular beast, Talking Rex almost restores one's faith in the genre. The expected array of options are present and … [Read more...]

Adobe Ideas


The Perfect Tool For The Creative On The Move Whether you're a professional graphic designer or simply someone who enjoys drawing and playing about with pictures, Adobe Ideas could be right up your alley. In essence it’s a simple art package that enables the user to sketch out ideas on the move or whenever inspiration strikes. It also enables you to play about with photos and even draw over the top of them using the original image as a guide … [Read more...]

Apple Launching its new iPad – Is it Going to Hit The Spot?


Apple’s new iPad: Another news from Apple – Apple will be launching its new iPad on October 23rd 2012, in San Jose, California. People are looking forward to this event, and are expecting a new iPad, MacBook, and Mac Air. How different is it going to be: People are expecting this upcoming model of iPad to be a lot different than the past three generations of iPad. There are a number of rumors going on but they are just rumors. … [Read more...]

Vodio For iPhone

Vodio For iPhone

Yet another free video aggregator, but this time it's more than just a one minute wonder. Vodio For iPhone : Much like personalised new apps on the iPad, video aggregators are all over the App Store. For newcomers to the scene it's getting tough to stand out, with developers trying all sorts of unusual interfaces to differentiate their apps. Vodio is one app that gets it spot-on, and could soon become your aggregator of choice. Videos are … [Read more...]

Top 5 iPhone Apps


The iPhone has started a craze of mini games and information transfer apps which mean we are often lost without them. iPhones come with some of the greatest apps like Maps and Youtube ready to use but there is an endless selection of other applications to enjoy if you know where to look. Here we’ve reviewed our pick of the top 5 applications available, so you don’t have to trawl through the millions of options to find something fun and useful … [Read more...]

Comcast Cable Deals worthy of every penny spent


Comcast Company is a huge player in today’s pay television market. There are several factors behind this to make Comcast a preferred provider for many customers. Comcast also uses coaxial cable to reach the customer in the areas they serve. Comcast have made huge investments in their infrastructure so as to provide video on demand. Large amounts of content on centralized servers are kept on hold to wait for customers to access programming at … [Read more...]

Other iPad Music Making Apps

Beatwave For iPad | iPad Music Making

GarageBand for iPad is one of the most impressive apps we've ever seen. It's simultaneously able to cut almost nothing from its computer counterpart, but also added never before seen features to the iPad—like pressurized keys on pianos that knew how hard you were pressing them down (we still have absolutely no idea how they programmed this, and have yet to see it in another app). But what if you don't have an iPad—or worse—what if you … [Read more...]

Replace The Music App With Better Music Players | Alternate iPad Music Player

Spotify For iPad | Alternate iPad Music Player

The Music App (formerly known as the iPod App) brought iOS music-navigation to a new place. No longer were we constrained to click wheels and Apple took full advantage of it. Cover Flow is still one of the most gorgeous ways to flip through your music, and the app is stuffed with features without feeling unwieldy. Want to buy a song? That's just a quick button press away. Want to reorder your dock? That's possible with a quick Edit tap. But … [Read more...]

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