World Of Goo HD For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

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World Of Goo had made its iPad debut amid a blaze of critical acclaim. First released for PC and Nintendo Wii in 2008, it immediately garnered top review scores, won tons of awards, and went on to sell by the bucketload, all without an expensive marketing campaign. Made by independent developers Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, it's a true indie success story and feels right at home on the iPad. Though fundamentally unchanged from its original … [Read more...]

Dead Space HD For iPad | Best iPad Games


You have to hand it to Electronic Arts. Rather than adapt the excellent and vastly underrated Dead Space: Extraction to Apple's iPad, they've instead cre­ated a brand new title that fans of the franchise are bound to lap up. Set three years after the events of the original game, and nicely setting up the story for the console release, Dead Space 2, The iPad version proves to be every bit as atmospheric as its forebears. This in part is due to … [Read more...]

Ms Pac-Man For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

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Pac-Man is already available on Apple's devices, but we urge you to pick up this far superior se­quel instead. The original single maze of Pac-Man has been replaced with four new mazes, allowing for far more variety, while the ghosts that chase you are much cleverer than before, offering more of a challenge. Other no­table changes include new cut-scenes and moving fruit, but this is otherwise based on the same collect-the-dots formula that made … [Read more...]

iDragPaper For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

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So, how many of you ever had an uncontrollable urge to unravel a whole toilet roll in one go? Prob­ably not as many as the developer of this quirky app seems to think, as it has given you the opportunity to do just that There's a lot less mess this way. The aim of the game is to to unroll an on-screen toilet roll as fast as you can. It certainly sounds dull, but it's surprising how quickly you get drawn into wanting to get the best time … [Read more...]

MetalStorm : Online For iPad | Action Games

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If you've ever played and enjoyed a console based action/flight game, then MetalStorm: Online may seem like a very tempting app. Featuring some high-end 3D visuals and fast open-air action, it looks and plays just like a proper console game, allowing you to engage in some exciting Top Gun-style dogfights as you chase enemy planes and take them down with a series of gun shots and lock-on missiles. There's no throttle or control stick on the … [Read more...]

Cut The Rope For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

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On the surface this is a seemingly simple game that is easy to dismiss. All you do is slice dangling ropes by tracing your fingertip across the screen. On the end of said rope is a sweet that you must guide into the mouth of a frog-like creature that's been abandoned on your virtual doorstep in a cardboard box. After playing the first ten trial levels we were hooked. You see, it's not as simple as dropping the prize into the ever-hungry target, … [Read more...]

Bomberman Touch for iPad

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A classic explodes on to iPhone Bomberman Touch for iPad : If you haven't heard of Bomberman, then you seriously need to get with it. This game has been around since 1985 and has appeared on almost every console imaginable. Your objective as Bomberman is simple: use your bomb-laying skills to negotiate levels, destroying rocks and enemies as you go. Sadly, the iPhone version is single-player only, and as long-time Bomberman fans will know, the … [Read more...]

Hero Academy for iPad

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Hero Academy for iPad : Here's a game that takes asynchronous, turn-based, multiplayer games seriously. A cross between chess and a collectible card game, Hero Academy plays like a real-time strategy game, only players send their moves one at a time like Words With Friends. Games are straightforward. There's a grid to place different units, and each unit has special moves, powers, range, and abilities. The point of the game is to either stay … [Read more...]

Devil May Cry 4 Refrain For iPad | Adventure Games

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The point of Devil May Cry 4 Refrain was to port a DMC experience. Congratulations Capcom, in that you have succeeded. Just don't ex­pect us to be nearly as enamoured with this eviscer­ated portable action-adventure as we were with the original. It opens in the same fashion as Devil May Cry 4, with Dante teas­ing his sibling Nero before displaying his affections by engaging Nero in battle; single combat being an effective method as any of … [Read more...]

Sudoku Challenge

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The puzzle that's now taking the iPhone by storm Sudoku Challenge sells itself. With millions of people the world over still buying books, playing it online and allowing it to become the sole reason to purchase a daily paper, it's the commuter's puzzler of choice. If you fall into this category, there's simply no reason why you shouldn't get this app. With the iPhone's touch screen it's incredibly easy to get to grips with and Devare!s promise … [Read more...]

Transformers – Dark of the Moon | Best iPad Games/Adventure


Those Transformers are at it again, saving the world from the pesky Decepticons so we can all live safer lives until the next movie is released. And this game doesn't disappoint. It's solid fun with some neat gameplay mechanics, and is overall a well put-together experi­ence from Electronic Art. The game follows the movie closely as you pilot Optimus Prime through 13 varied levels. There's some great RPG elements as well, letting you upgrade a … [Read more...]

Monster Trucks Nitro 2 For iPhone

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It isn't often that you can liken a Japanese TV programme to a sideways-scrolling monster truck game, but while racing the green shadow car over chaotic scenery, the obstacle course with the wrecking ball from Takeshi's Castle comes to mind. Monster Trucks Nitro 2 takes the well worn and quite tedious premise of sideways-scrolling scenery with automatic acceleration and some obstacles to get over and turns it into a carnage-strewn, … [Read more...]

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