Chess HD

Chees Images

A Chess Game With Many Features - but even more issues to sort out Enjoy nothing more than a nice, relaxing game of chess? Then why not indulge yourself with a chess board on your iPad screen? This is a functional representation of the game in 2D. We say 'functional: as there are some interesting spelling mistakes and bugs within the game. Black is labeled 'blakc' and the A.I. has a tendency to cheat. Clearly, the game doesn't extend you the … [Read more...]

Lemonade Tycoon For iPhone | Strategy | RPG

Lemonade Tycoon Images

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If it gives you an iPhone, play this EA has brought some great simulations to iPhone — including Sim City and The Sims— but the classic Lemonade Tycoon is a real gem. Styled with retro pixel-art graphics and an easy-to-use push-button interface, the game is all about building the ultimate soft-drink empire. The manager of your own lemonade-vending franchise, you must you buy in the stock and watch the … [Read more...]

Spoing HD For iPad | Adventure Games

Spoing Images

Poor Spoing,  the titular character at the centre of this game. No sooner did he agree to guard his friends' collection of gems, they're all whisked away while he sleeps. For the rest of the game, you're tasked with helping him track down the missing gems one at a time. The basic gameplay element of Spoing sees you jumping from one elastic platform to the next by pulling Spoing down and letting go. A faint, dotted line gives you hints as to … [Read more...]

Zen Bound For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

ZenBound Images

This game is odd and yet brilliant.The idea is that you have an object in the centre of the screen that you can manipulate using a drag of the finger (it will swivel in all three dimensions) and then attached to it is a rope that you must wind around the object until you've covered a significant proportion, by which point the game is won. You can best your score by doing the wrapping more efficiently using a lesser length of rope, or by covering … [Read more...]

Etolis: Arena For iPad | Arcade Games

Etolis Images

Ever since Angry Birds, Chillingo has moved from strength to strength, taking fame and fortune with it. Etolis: Arena is its latest high-quality offering, but the cracks are beginning to show in the renowned developer's armour. For the most part, Etolis: Arena repeats much of the quality that has gone into their past titles. The first thing to note is the effort that has gone into making this a good-looking game, and though it doesn't answer … [Read more...]

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle For iPad | Action Games

Gangstar images

We're seeing it but we still can't quite believe it. Gameloft has created an amazing GTA clone for the iPhone. Forget the top-down efforts that already exist as this is the real 3D deal. Technically incredible and with a huge open game world, Gangstar is an utterly superb title that shows just how much untapped potential the iPhone still has. Plot-wise, it's as generic as they come, but still entertains as you steer a low-level trim named PThug … [Read more...]

Disc Drivin’

Disc Drivin for ipad

Disc Drivin' : Another asynchronous, online, multiplayer game, Disc Drivin' is part race, part mini-golf, and part shuffleboard. Players take turns slid­ing their eponymous disc around the tracks, trying to beat their opponents to the finish line. The fun hap­pens when the physics of the tracks and the discs themselves come into conflict, with bounces, explosions, and odd results that cause both lucky victories and horrifying defeats, often in … [Read more...]

Bubble Tap For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

Bubble images

Enjoy the game brought about by bursting bub­ble-wrap? If so you'll love this game because that's all you do! Burst bubbles by the hundred to a count­down of 25 seconds, and you'll quickly discover that the most efficient way to reach a high score is to simply mash your fingers across the screen. Bonuses are given for bursting a bubble in under a second, so you'll find the random bashing of fingers an unbeatable method of … [Read more...]

Star Trigon For iPad | Arcade Games

star trigon images

Namco's Star Trigon is part of the Mr. Driller franchise and is an obscure coin-op from 2002. It also makes for a surprisingly fun, if limited iPhone game. Unlike other games in the Mr Driller universe, the aim of Star Trigon is to rescue weird little creatures called Uchujin.This is achieved by trapping them within trigons (basically triangles). Numerous plan­ets are dotted around each screen and your character, one of three, will continually … [Read more...]

GobbleGator Gold For iPad | Board/Family/Kids

GobbleGator Images

Every child loves playing Hungry Hungry Hippos, and this loving homage is exceedingly well done. It only caters for two players (would be pretty crowded otherwise) but it remains fast and furious fun, even if the experience is rather annoyingly short-lived. The single-player mode is nothing more than a time attack — gobble all the ducks in as short a time as possible — but it's the fun two-player mode where you'll spend most of your time. … [Read more...]

Sneezies For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

Sneezies Images

With so many games now costing just 69 pence, a title has to be really special in order to make it stand apart from its competitors. So here's our own little  shout out to the wonderful Sneezies, one of the cutest and cleverest apps we've discovered for some time. Life for a Sneezy is pretty sweet, as they just spend all their time floating around in little bubbles, safely cocooned from the world. Of course, that wouldn't really make for that … [Read more...]

Ms Pac-Man For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

ms.pacman images

Pac-Man is already available on Apple's devices, but we urge you to pick up this far superior se­quel instead. The original single maze of Pac-Man has been replaced with four new mazes, allowing for far more variety, while the ghosts that chase you are much cleverer than before, offering more of a challenge. Other no­table changes include new cut-scenes and moving fruit, but this is otherwise based on the same collect-the-dots formula that made … [Read more...]

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