Fastlane Street Racing for iPad | Racing

FastLane Images

Weave through the traffic on winding city routes Fastlane Street Racing for iPad : There are so many racing games available for the iPhone that it's difficult to choose between most of  them. What Fastlane has in its locker is a very cool look and feel and some great gameplay. From the outset this looks slick and polished. Once you've nego­tiated through the menus and selected the game mode (from five options) and car of your choice (from … [Read more...]

Rally Master Pro 3D

Rally Master Images

Enjoy a nice drive in the countryside, by ploughing your car through it The countryside. A green and pleasant oasis in a hectic world some might say, but probably not those who like speeding metal around muddy hairpins and along bone-shattering dirt tracks. We refer, of course, to the most back-to-nature driving experience of all — the rally. The first question you'll want answering is this: time trial or head-to-head race? Rally diehards … [Read more...]

Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf, the sequel to Stickman Golf, is the most unique take on the physics puzzler I've seen, placing vir­tual golfers in the role of stick figures with a love for golfing. All 261 courses are bizarre affairs, requiring the laws of normal physics to change according to the environment. Special golf balls and specially-powered golf clubs help add up to a delight­ful gaming experience on the iPhone or iPad. Multiplayer supports … [Read more...]

Sky Combat For iPad | Arcade Games


The vertical shoot-'em-up is one of many classic genres that have become something of a lost art, before finding its feet again on iOS. The frenetic arcade action has the dual benefit of being a good option for a quick blast, and, as the quite brilliant arcade ports from genre master Cave have proven, perfectly suited to touch-screen controls. With Sky Combat, Chillingo has mercifully gone a different route for the sake of accessibility to … [Read more...]

Civilization Revolution for iPad


Everybody wants to rule the world How do you fancy taking over the word today? Fine, now you just have to decide how you're going to go about it. Are you an inspirational ruler, encouraging the arts, philosophy and science? Or perhaps you prefer to rule by the sword, conquering your way across the continents of the globe? However you chose to enforce your global rule, Civilization Revolution is an immersive game of strategy, history and … [Read more...]

Domino Touch HD For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

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This is the basic dominoes game, but on your iPad. The same rules apply, with a choice of up to four players (there's no multiplayer — you're playing against the AI). The game gives you the option to either drag the dominoes into place, or simply tap on any domino that matches up to another on the board. This latter option takes any strategy out of the game, as you can simply tap on the dominoes until one flies nicely into … [Read more...]

2XL ATV Off Road – iPad Racing Game


Rallying in cars is one thing, but doing it on quad bikes or ATVs is a recipe for a trip to the hospital. Luckily, there's nothing more than your game-playing pride to hurt in this feature-rich racer. This is fast and furious with excellent graphics and well balanced gameplay that starts with easy opposition before ramping the difficulty level up. The game is all about throttle, brake and tilt controls. The display is from behind the rider and … [Read more...]

Race Like CANABALT…With Running Games

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Running games are a dime a dozen in the App Store—and for good reason. They're fun, incredibly addicting, and basically created for touch devices. Most of these games only require one or two buttons, and the quick-pace means even if you die a dozen times, you'll be back for more as soon as the game loads. Canabalt is the king of these games. It has everything: cutesy pixel graphics, excellent music, a blisteringly fast pace, and a subtext … [Read more...]

World Of Goo HD For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

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World Of Goo had made its iPad debut amid a blaze of critical acclaim. First released for PC and Nintendo Wii in 2008, it immediately garnered top review scores, won tons of awards, and went on to sell by the bucketload, all without an expensive marketing campaign. Made by independent developers Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, it's a true indie success story and feels right at home on the iPad. Though fundamentally unchanged from its original … [Read more...]

Spoing HD For iPad | Adventure Games

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Poor Spoing,  the titular character at the centre of this game. No sooner did he agree to guard his friends' collection of gems, they're all whisked away while he sleeps. For the rest of the game, you're tasked with helping him track down the missing gems one at a time. The basic gameplay element of Spoing sees you jumping from one elastic platform to the next by pulling Spoing down and letting go. A faint, dotted line gives you hints as to … [Read more...]

Chess HD

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A Chess Game With Many Features - but even more issues to sort out Enjoy nothing more than a nice, relaxing game of chess? Then why not indulge yourself with a chess board on your iPad screen? This is a functional representation of the game in 2D. We say 'functional: as there are some interesting spelling mistakes and bugs within the game. Black is labeled 'blakc' and the A.I. has a tendency to cheat. Clearly, the game doesn't extend you the … [Read more...]

MetalWars2 For iPad | Action Games

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There are few things cooler than stomping around in a massive robotic tank, so it's easy to see why - MetalWars2 might appeal to many gamers. Thankfully, it's not just a cool concept — the game boasts great controls, excellent visuals and compelling gameplay. It also has a neat progression system, thanks to the fact that you can upgrade your meth with new parts and weapons.The lack of a two-player mode is a bit of a shame but the solo campaign … [Read more...]

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