iBall3D for iPad | Music | Puzzle

iBall3D images

This app requires a steady hand and nerves of steel iBall3D is extremely tough; it's basically a remake of the Labyrinth game but in 3D. You can still use the classic overhead view, or zoom in to play in 3D style, though. The levels are extremely hard (for us, anyway!) and we did experience a tiny bit of lag in the game, which did detract from gameplay experience. However, we doubt that will affect all users. The levels are nicely made and offer … [Read more...]

Rhythm Racer For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

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If you're both a fan of keeping rhythm and the PlayStation classic WipEout, then you may want to drop the very reasonable sum of zero pounds on Rhythm Racer. Borrowing its look more than just a tad from Sony's classic hit, the gimmick here is to hit specific blocks in order to keep the music in the background running. Miss one and the tune cuts out taking away the thrill of racing around a space-styled track to an adrenaline-fuelled theme. The … [Read more...]

Zombie Infection For iPad | Adventure Games

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Gameloft has a reputation for translating full-blown console games to the iPhone, and although it lacks the licence, Zombie Infection is as close as you're go­ing to get to Resident Evil 5 in your hands. The opening stage, in a favela where the natives are less than friendly, could easily be mistaken for the Capcom game's first stage. Lack of origi­nality aside, though, Gameloft has managed to create an excellent adventure, with great … [Read more...]

Broken Sword – The Smoking Mirror : Remastered For iPad | Adventure Games

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While Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror has never been as good a game as the original, what Revolution Software has shown is that it's now the developer to beat when it comes to porting classic point-and-click adventures to OS. It's an understandably popular option for studios with such renowned games in their back catalogues, and while the quality of many of the games is undeniable, the standard of the Apple adaptations has fluctuated. Here … [Read more...]

TETRIS for iPad

Tetris iCon

Do You Really Need Another Version Of Tetris? Of Course You Do! When Alexey Pajitnov came up with the idea of game that involved interlocking geometric shapes falling down a screen and disappearing when a complete line was formed he can't possibly have realised that he'd just devised what would become the single most universal, omnipresent video game in the history of, well, video games. The name of Tetris is as well known as Mario, Lara Croft … [Read more...]

Words With Friends

Words With Friends

Words With Friends : Chances are, any given iPhone has Words With Friends downloaded on it. Zynga's run¬away hit found the sweet spot among word game enthusiasts when it came over to iOS in 2009, making the iump from the web browser and Facebook to the iPhone and iPad. The asynchronous, turn-taking mode with push notifications set the standard for these types of multiplayer games. Players match up with friends from Facebook or their contacts … [Read more...]

Duke Nukem For iPad

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It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum A perfect port of the original Duke Nukem PC game - one-liners and humour fully intact - this is a classic example of when control methods don't quite live up to expectations. The game offers the choice of analogue or digital on-screen controls, the analogue controls bordering the screen as buttons and the digital method appearing as two control sticks - one for movement and one for aiming. Problems … [Read more...]

LEGO Creationary For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

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With Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter and Lego Indiana Jones all hitting stores within the last couple of years, you'd be forgiven for thinking a certain child's toy is making somewhat of a comeback. Instead, the ironic humour behind a man composed of tiny pieces literally falling apart has risen anew, leaving Lego's more traditional role — giving children an easy introduction to how engineering works — abandoned. While this iPad title will … [Read more...]

Waking Mars

Waking Mars For iPhone

The best gardening adventure set on a fictional, soil-rich Mars you'll ever play. Probably Waking Mars is a game we found very easy to put down. Don't get us wrong: we loved its every extraterrestrial second, but simply leaving the game's insanely detailed Martian ecosystem to its own devices yielded countless moments of heartbreak and hilarity. See, Waking Mars seals you in the high-tech hazard suit of a researcher, looking to put Mars under … [Read more...]

Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light For iPad | Adventure Games


After finding success on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live, it was somewhat inevitable that Lara's latest adventure would appear on Apple's machines. Dispensing with the traditional adventures that were so popular on the PlayStation, Guardian Of Light instead takes a more arcade-style approach in the form of an impressive twin-stick shooter. There are still tombs to plunder and puzzles to solve, but the emphasis is placed firmly on action and destroying … [Read more...]

Where Wally The Fantastic Journey For iPhone

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He’s on the iPhone, obviously... A Where's Wally? game is an idea that's easy to baulk at, but the more you play it the more it makes sense. The iPhone's screen has more than enough definition to show all the tiny details, and e interface is certainly capable of scrolling around large ages, as anyone who's used the built-in Maps and Photos apps will tell you. Throw in a bit of animation to differentiate it om the books and muddy things up as … [Read more...]

So You Like WE RULE and Building Games?

we rule

The first freemium game to make serious waves on any platform was Farmville, but for the i0S-lover it was We Rule. While Zynga was busy prepping, altering, and fixing their iOS game, We Rule had already won the hearts and attention of many iPhone and iPad users. Part of it was the freshness of freemium that got us all riled up, but the other part was that we were building legitimate kingdoms with streets paved with gold. Because friends could pop … [Read more...]

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