Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition/Board/Family/Kids


Bankrupt from the start Monopoly has received numerous computer conversions over the years, and here's yet another one to add to the list. Thankfully, being EA, the presentation of Monopoly Here & Now is extremely polished and nearly makes us forgive the exclusion of popular UK landmarks like Old Kent Road and Oxford Street. Navigating the board is extremely easy for the most part, there's a wealth of different options to choose from and … [Read more...]

Dora Saves The Crystal Kingdom


Dora explores the iPhone That pesky Greedy King has stolen all the colour crystals from The Crystal Kingdom! Jeez. Now, powered by the iPhone, you must ride a magic shield as Dora and collect them again. it's basically the special stage from Sonic 2, where the hedgehog runs through a half pipe collecting rings - except it’s not quite as fun as that. Dora is easy to play, as a simple tilt of the iPhone is all that's required to line her up … [Read more...]

7 Alternative Games of Flappy Bird for iPhone , iPad and iPod touch

alternative game of flappy bird

Related with Flappy Bird withdrawal from the App Store a few days ago , all of a sudden , a lot of sticking to a surface similar games or perhaps same  with that Dong Nguyen development  game  .hopefully Nguyen returns the game to the App Store so you can also feel annoyed when playing this game. But , while waiting with anxious , it would not hurt if you try alternative Games of Flappy Bird which we present for you below . Immediately , here … [Read more...]

Racing Games with Real Racing HD For iPad

Real Racing HD For iPad

At least a dozen car-race games are available for the iPad already, but Real Racing HD For iPad is the real deal. With 48 cars in 4 classes, 12 tracks, and 5 unique game modes, a career mode with 3 divisions and 76 events, plus multiplayer Wi-Fi support for as many as 6 racers, it’ll take you a good long time to master it. Heck, it’ll take you good long time to unlock all the different tracks and cars, let alone master the game! One thing … [Read more...]

Lemonade Tycoon For iPhone | Strategy | RPG

Lemonade Tycoon Images

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If it gives you an iPhone, play this EA has brought some great simulations to iPhone — including Sim City and The Sims— but the classic Lemonade Tycoon is a real gem. Styled with retro pixel-art graphics and an easy-to-use push-button interface, the game is all about building the ultimate soft-drink empire. The manager of your own lemonade-vending franchise, you must you buy in the stock and watch the … [Read more...]

Army of Darkness for iPad

Army of Darkness images

It’s The Evil Dead mixed with castle defence gameplay! Army of Darkness for iPad : Fan of the Evil Dead films? If so, you'll get a real kick out of this game. It's loosely based on the Evil Dead universe, and sees Ash Williams battle hordes of the undead with a variety of weapons. This is a castle defence game with a side-on view. That means the majority of the gameplay sees you dash forward as far as possible before retreating tug-of-war … [Read more...]

Real Racing HD for iPad

Real Racing Images

Amazing graphics, perfect controls and loads of vehicles is this the best racer on the iPad? Real Racing HD for iPad : Real Racing has been the definitive racer for the iPhone since the game's release in June 2009. Its first-person perspective is unmatched, the graphics sublime and the Al aggressive. So, when an iPad version was an‑nounced in time for the device's release, we couldn't have been more excited -the best racing game on a … [Read more...]

Ms Pac-Man For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

ms.pacman images

Pac-Man is already available on Apple's devices, but we urge you to pick up this far superior se­quel instead. The original single maze of Pac-Man has been replaced with four new mazes, allowing for far more variety, while the ghosts that chase you are much cleverer than before, offering more of a challenge. Other no­table changes include new cut-scenes and moving fruit, but this is otherwise based on the same collect-the-dots formula that made … [Read more...]

The Best Console to iPad Games

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for iPad

The trick is knowing which are the top iPad games and the best games for iPad. Some games are pricier than others and I am sure you do not want to waste your money on games that will give you no pleasure at all. Do not be the first to buy any new game. Look at the reviews that have been collected on a game before deciding what to buy. Sometimes depending on the merchant and site you may read comments from other users who have the game. So what is … [Read more...]

Beat Sneak Bandit

Beat Sneak Bandit For iPhone

Save the world from a mass clock theft in this enchanting and deviously unique platformer Beat Sneak Bandit : All the clocks are gone. People don't know when it's lunchtime! No one knows when the soaps are on! Children are brushing their teeth for hours, because they don't know when to stop! Such a dastardly scheme could only have been hatched by evil villain Duke Clockface. "Are you implying that I need clocks to build a time freeze device? … [Read more...]

Armado For iPad | Action Games

Armado images

Armado is an armadillo who is both tough and quick, and it's your job to guide him through various perilous levels in this enjoyable game from Tricky Software. Platform games are a difficult market on the iPhone because of the lack of physical buttons, but Armado manages to get around this by using the accelerometer for controlling Armado's direction and a single screen tap to make him jump.This is an incredibly enjoyable app and a lot of fun to … [Read more...]

Feed Me Oil For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

Feed Me Oil Images

Similar looking to the hugely popular World Of Goo, this oil shepherding puzzle game is less intuitive in execution. The idea is to get a certain amount of oil from the pipe to the mouth of the strange hill creatures that occupy each stage, which is done by dragging and placing tools to influence which way the oil flows. These start off basic - iron girders and rotating mills - but soon become more complicated, with tools like fans and magnets … [Read more...]

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