Championship Manager 2011 For iPad | Sport

championship_manager_2011 images

Perfect for when you're on the bench? Championship Manager 2011 For iPad : Once the preserve of those willing to spend hundreds fine-tuning their home PCs with the latest RAM modules and processors, these days even a pleasant walk in the countryside can harbour the more sedate thrills of football management. Predictably enough, such a development offers both pros and cons. Firstly, the trend in recent years has been to follow avenues of … [Read more...]

TETRIS for iPad

Tetris iCon

Do You Really Need Another Version Of Tetris? Of Course You Do! When Alexey Pajitnov came up with the idea of game that involved interlocking geometric shapes falling down a screen and disappearing when a complete line was formed he can't possibly have realised that he'd just devised what would become the single most universal, omnipresent video game in the history of, well, video games. The name of Tetris is as well known as Mario, Lara Croft … [Read more...]

Pinata Smash For iPad | Arcade Games

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A skinny child sits at the bottom of the screen as pinata animals fly all over the place. Tap an animal and it'll break open, raining sweets down on the child, some piling up around him while he eats the rest. The more pinatas you break open, the fatter he gets and the more points you score. Perhaps not the best way to teach kids about healthy eating, something that's compounded by punishing you for any green pinata you happen to break open, … [Read more...]

Star Legend For iPad

Star Legend For iPad

Star Legend For iPad : Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games are difficult to replicate on the iPad and iPhone, as evidenced by their almost complete absence. Rising to the top of such a challeng­ing genre is Star Legends, a sci-fi themed MMO. It keeps the interface and control complexity down, offering easy access to new and experienced players alike. There are strong ties to the community as well, with frequent updates and special events, … [Read more...]

Sid Meier’s Pirates! for iPad | Action Games

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While iDevices are known for their revivals of classic games, this isn't the 1987 edition of Sid Meier's Pirates! that you may remember, but the lesser known 2004 remake. The app features much better visuals than the original and it retains the gameplay that made Meier's simulation so popular to begin with. For those who've never played Pirates!, expect a deep and varied experience that's initially overwhelming, but proves to be fun and … [Read more...]

The Simpsons Arcade For iPad | Arcade Games


Those expecting a portable version of Konami's classic arcade game are going to be disappointed. While it certainly borrows elements from the hit arcade brawler and looks sensational, this is a world away from the fantastic scrolling beat-‘em-up. The biggest issue — although one that, we're sure, could be fixed at a later date — is that you can only play as Homer. Granted, you can pick up power-ups that enable you to team up with other … [Read more...]

Battlefield : Bad Company 2 For iPad | Adventure Games


The Battlefield series has become a huge success for Electronic Arts and developer Digital Illusions, with the Bad Company spin-off series in particular faring well. Famed for its sensational graphics engine, slick ingle-player campaign and excellent online multiplayer mode, it's gratifying that this new iPad release does everything it can to capture the authenticity of the console originals. While it can't compete with the graphical … [Read more...]

Cluedo For iPhone

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It was the bloke with the dodgy hair and he did it in the cellar. Right? Does anyone still play Cluedo, the board game? We haven't since we were about ten and unlike Monopoly and Scrabble, the other childhood favourites, it seems to have gone out of fashion. That may be why with this game the developer hasn't chosen to re­create it for the iPhone but instead has applied the basic concepts in a different way. First up, this is a single-player … [Read more...]

Best iPad Games For Family Fun Time

Monopoly Here & Now for iPad

Playing games on the iPad can bring the entire family together and what better way to play than revisiting the classic board games! These amazing best iPad games have lost none of their charm and will be enjoyed by children of all ages! So let’s play together…   Monopoly - The World Edition for iPad   About Monopoly - The World Edition for iPad Our first impressions of this game were all very positive removing the skepticism … [Read more...]

Air Coaster for iPad

AirCoaster Images

Twist, turn and loop the loop with this crazy application Air Coaster for iPad : It seems ridiculous that you could get anywhere near a convincing rollercoaster ride experience on the iPhone, but you really can with this incredible app. Built on 3D models of rollercoasters and using advanced graphics, it enables you to experience a rollercoaster ride in your front room. Not only that, but as you move the Phone around, you can actually see around … [Read more...]

Stranded Without A Phone HD For iPad | Adventure Games

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Perhaps the greatest success any video game can lay claim to is in feeding addicts' most basic desires — in this case, collection — without the player being any wiser as to what's taking place. SWAP HD sees you taking control of a hopelessly adrift traveller, charged with escaping a desert island using only his wits, and the ability to hammer, tie and shoot the many objects that lie about. Every step taken depletes his energy reserves, be … [Read more...]

Plants vs Zombies HD

Unstoppable Gorg For iPhone

What do you mean, you've never heard of... Plants vs Zombies Plants vs Zombies HD : Appearing on almost every current gaming platform, Plants vs. Zombies has experienced phenomenal global success not least because of its quirky take on the classic Tower Defense formula, and its hugely addictive qualities. The premise is that some old duffer has to defend his modest home from waves of brain-hungry zombies by planting a variety of aggressive … [Read more...]

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