Hero Academy for iPad

Hero Academy icon for ipad

Hero Academy for iPad : Here's a game that takes asynchronous, turn-based, multiplayer games seriously. A cross between chess and a collectible card game, Hero Academy plays like a real-time strategy game, only players send their moves one at a time like Words With Friends. Games are straightforward. There's a grid to place different units, and each unit has special moves, powers, range, and abilities. The point of the game is to either stay … [Read more...]

Bird Strike For iPhone

Bird Strike Icon

Try not to get yourself in a flap, there's a pretty boy Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most instantly appealing, and Bird Strike certainly ranks as pretty straightforward; you merely have to launch a bird up the screen and ensure he gets as high as possible. However, this bird isn't really a natural flier, and the initial fling will only get him so far into the air, which means you will have to utilise the various rockets dotted around … [Read more...]

Infinity Blade | Best iPad Games

Infinity Blade for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Put simple there are countless reasons that you must download this! First of said reasons and most instantly striking being the stunning visuals, using the Unreal Engine – which has powered some lavish visual feasts of the current generation of games consoles, the developers have produced a genuinely breath taking visual experience which smashes any preconceptions of graphical power of the iPad. This is one of the best iPad games. And thank … [Read more...]

Flight Control Rocket For iPhone

Flight Control Rocket For iPhone

In space, no-one can hear you get frustrated as a cynical business model spoils your fun In the early days of iOS, Flight Control was one of the few titles that stood out and made us believe there was something to this finger-prodding, swipey gaming lark. It arrived without fanfare and proceeded to take over our lives, as we battled to avoid a heart-wrenching mid-air collision between cute little aircraft flying over a cute little … [Read more...]

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2 : This is the cream of the crop when it comes to racing games. No matter the device or console, racing games need to be fluid, run at high frames per second, and feel at least a little realistic in terms of handling and pushing high speeds on the track. Real Racing 2 has that in spades, with a full 1080p resolution on the iPad 2 version that you can wirelessly mirror to an HDTV via AppleTV and AirPlay. That's not even mentioning the … [Read more...]

Fast Five The Movie Official Game for iPad | Fast Five For iPad

Fast Five for iPad

Drawing heavily from the mechanics of its Asphalt racing games, Gameloft’s Fast Five for iPad is hefty title that delivers more content than its small asking price suggests. It follows ex-FBI agent Brian O’Conner – played by Paul Walker in the movie – as he pulls off a seemingly small heist, and unknowingly triggers a larger, more deadly chain of events that leads him and his crew to Rio de Janeiro. Fast Five for iPad is purely a … [Read more...]

Rally Master Pro 3D

Rally Master Images

Enjoy a nice drive in the countryside, by ploughing your car through it The countryside. A green and pleasant oasis in a hectic world some might say, but probably not those who like speeding metal around muddy hairpins and along bone-shattering dirt tracks. We refer, of course, to the most back-to-nature driving experience of all — the rally. The first question you'll want answering is this: time trial or head-to-head race? Rally diehards … [Read more...]

The Incident For iPad | Arcade Games

The Incident Images

What's your vision of the apocalypse? Zombie  invasion? Nuclear  fallout? In The Incident it’s simply mundane, everyday objects constantly falling from the sky. And it’s your mission to survive this particular apocalypse by avoiding the dangers from above and climbing up the ever-mounting pile of stuff Essentially a survival/score-attack game, the idea is to survive for as long as possible, with your success measured by the number of metres … [Read more...]

Lume HD For iPhone

Lume HD For iPhone

Lume's cardboard cutout world will enchant and delight you, albeit for a relatively short time Lume HD For iPhone : Lume is a frustrating game. Not because it's particularly difficult. In fact, the puzzles contained in this point-and-click adventure are mostly at the casual end of the spectrum. The reason it's frustrating is because it's very, very short - even by mobile gaming standards. The basic structure of the game is simple, but the … [Read more...]

Battlefield : Bad Company 2 For iPad | Adventure Games


The Battlefield series has become a huge success for Electronic Arts and developer Digital Illusions, with the Bad Company spin-off series in particular faring well. Famed for its sensational graphics engine, slick ingle-player campaign and excellent online multiplayer mode, it's gratifying that this new iPad release does everything it can to capture the authenticity of the console originals. While it can't compete with the graphical … [Read more...]

Big Bang Board Games For iPad

Big Bang Images

Respected developer Freeverse appears to have come up trumps with this collection, covering all traditional board game bases with chess, checkers (draughts), reversi (Othello), four-in-a-row (Connect 4), backgammon, tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses) and something called Mancala. Presentation is generally good and control is easy, with taps to place and move pieces, but not being able to zoom in misses a trick. For some of the games, there is also … [Read more...]

Fastlane Street Racing for iPad | Racing

FastLane Images

Weave through the traffic on winding city routes Fastlane Street Racing for iPad : There are so many racing games available for the iPhone that it's difficult to choose between most of  them. What Fastlane has in its locker is a very cool look and feel and some great gameplay. From the outset this looks slick and polished. Once you've nego­tiated through the menus and selected the game mode (from five options) and car of your choice (from … [Read more...]

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