Real Racing HD for iPad

Real Racing Images

Amazing graphics, perfect controls and loads of vehicles is this the best racer on the iPad? Real Racing HD for iPad : Real Racing has been the definitive racer for the iPhone since the game's release in June 2009. Its first-person perspective is unmatched, the graphics sublime and the Al aggressive. So, when an iPad version was an‑nounced in time for the device's release, we couldn't have been more excited -the best racing game on a … [Read more...]

Ms Pac-Man For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

ms.pacman images

Pac-Man is already available on Apple's devices, but we urge you to pick up this far superior se­quel instead. The original single maze of Pac-Man has been replaced with four new mazes, allowing for far more variety, while the ghosts that chase you are much cleverer than before, offering more of a challenge. Other no­table changes include new cut-scenes and moving fruit, but this is otherwise based on the same collect-the-dots formula that made … [Read more...]

The Best Console to iPad Games

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for iPad

The trick is knowing which are the top iPad games and the best games for iPad. Some games are pricier than others and I am sure you do not want to waste your money on games that will give you no pleasure at all. Do not be the first to buy any new game. Look at the reviews that have been collected on a game before deciding what to buy. Sometimes depending on the merchant and site you may read comments from other users who have the game. So what is … [Read more...]

Beat Sneak Bandit

Beat Sneak Bandit For iPhone

Save the world from a mass clock theft in this enchanting and deviously unique platformer Beat Sneak Bandit : All the clocks are gone. People don't know when it's lunchtime! No one knows when the soaps are on! Children are brushing their teeth for hours, because they don't know when to stop! Such a dastardly scheme could only have been hatched by evil villain Duke Clockface. "Are you implying that I need clocks to build a time freeze device? … [Read more...]

Armado For iPad | Action Games

Armado images

Armado is an armadillo who is both tough and quick, and it's your job to guide him through various perilous levels in this enjoyable game from Tricky Software. Platform games are a difficult market on the iPhone because of the lack of physical buttons, but Armado manages to get around this by using the accelerometer for controlling Armado's direction and a single screen tap to make him jump.This is an incredibly enjoyable app and a lot of fun to … [Read more...]

Feed Me Oil For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

Feed Me Oil Images

Similar looking to the hugely popular World Of Goo, this oil shepherding puzzle game is less intuitive in execution. The idea is to get a certain amount of oil from the pipe to the mouth of the strange hill creatures that occupy each stage, which is done by dragging and placing tools to influence which way the oil flows. These start off basic - iron girders and rotating mills - but soon become more complicated, with tools like fans and magnets … [Read more...]

LaDIDa For iPad


Chances are you haven't heard of LaDiDa. First of all it has a slightly ridiculous name, and it doesn't really let you know what you can expect from downloading it. Thankfully, those that do will be in for treat. Asking you to record a song by simply singing into the iPhone's microphone, the app will then put in a backing track, adjust the pitch and add in reverb depending on the tempo and style of the song you chose. You can essentially put … [Read more...]

Low Grav Race 2 HD for iPad

Low Grav Images

A fast-paced sci-fi racer for your iPad Low Grav Race 2 HD for iPad : There's 18 tracks included in this hover racer, each with incredible graphics that include detailed track-side scenery and real-time reflections. The vehicles are a mix of floating racing pods, and as you race power-ups appear in the track that enable you to fire an assortment of weapons or receive a speed boost. The Al is totally aggressive — it's a struggle to reach first … [Read more...]

Burn It All – Journey To The Sun For iPad

Burn It All images

Cut the rope? We'd rather just burn it Early impressions of Burn it All might have you drawing comparisons to Cut The Rope, with a focus on chemistry rather than physics. But in truth, Burn It All is an original and unique little puzzler with the capacity to steal hours from your life and only takes minutes to learn. The object of the game is to ignite ropes by dragging a flaming lava rock onto their knotted ends, and hope they burn out before … [Read more...]

Spider-Man : Total Mayhem HD For iPad | Adventure Games


We're pretty sure that there isn't a decent computer format out there that hasn't had a Spider-Man game or two made for it. So, we can understand why consumers can treat the release of yet another game featuring the world's most famous web-clinger with a little indifference. Those of you that fall into this category need to seriously rekindle your faith in that little radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker and created one of the best comic book … [Read more...]

Lume HD For iPhone

Lume HD For iPhone

Lume's cardboard cutout world will enchant and delight you, albeit for a relatively short time Lume HD For iPhone : Lume is a frustrating game. Not because it's particularly difficult. In fact, the puzzles contained in this point-and-click adventure are mostly at the casual end of the spectrum. The reason it's frustrating is because it's very, very short - even by mobile gaming standards. The basic structure of the game is simple, but the … [Read more...]

Rhythm Racer For iPad | Music/Puzzle Games

Rhythm Racer Images

If you're both a fan of keeping rhythm and the PlayStation classic WipEout, then you may want to drop the very reasonable sum of zero pounds on Rhythm Racer. Borrowing its look more than just a tad from Sony's classic hit, the gimmick here is to hit specific blocks in order to keep the music in the background running. Miss one and the tune cuts out taking away the thrill of racing around a space-styled track to an adrenaline-fuelled theme. The … [Read more...]

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