ITGO HD Interval Trainer GO HD

ItGo HD1

The Ultimate Gym and Outdoor Timer for Cardio Health, Fitness and Well Being There have been lots of different apps that relate to physical fitness in the App Store. Unfortunately, very few of them have actually been very useful. I am happy to report that while this may be a true This is not only very useful is a fairly unique idea as well. ITGO is an “interval" trainer that will allow you to design workouts based around the idea of working … [Read more...]

The Best Health & Fitness Category for Essential iPad Apps


We all make plans to stay fitter and thinner at various times (especially the New Year with resolutions to be made), though our motivation often runs out of steam. However, with the right apps on your iPad you should be able to see a real change in your fitness level each day. For starters, there are apps designed to help you to record and reduce your calorie intake, enabling you to lose weight at a pace that suits you, as well as highlighting … [Read more...]

BMI Body Fat Calculator


Do You Know Your BMI? Or More Important How Far You Are From A Healthy Level? BMI is a measure of body fat based on height and weight for adult men and women. The BMI+Body Fat Calculator does exactly that. On first launching the app, I clicked on the person button at the bottom toolbar, I was able to enter in personal data such as gender, current weight in pounds or kilograms, age and height in inches or meters. BMI and Body Fat percentage … [Read more...]

Ambiance Lite

Ambiance Recording

Create The Perfect Aural Ambience For Your Life Urban Apps describe Ambiance as an 'environment enhancer'. What it actually is is an ambient sound effect generator designed to create the perfect mood for your requirements whether it be to focus on a task or project, to think things over or simply to relax. To this end there are an astonishing six million ambient sounds available to download from pan pipes to running water, thunderstorms, wind, … [Read more...]

Gray Anatomy Premium Edition for iPad

Gray Anatomy 1

Do You Want To See How Far Medical Research Has Come Since 1858 in Full 3D? This application has absolutely nothing to do with the TV show— thank goodness - 'Gray's Anatomy' is the renowned classic anatomical book penned by Henry Gray way back in 1858. His work is considered to be one of the most iconic and significant medical books of all time and is now available to view on the high resolution screen of the iPad. Not to mention, thanks to … [Read more...]

How The iPad is Being Used in Medicine


The Apple iPad has changed the way people access the web, shop and read books. Now, it’s storming the inner sanctums of healthcare and the world will never be the same. Healthcare professionals like the iPad because it’s more portable than a laptop and gives them instant access to the information and tools they need. There are nearly 5,400 medical apps for the iPad and other healthcare agency-customised apps are in various stages of … [Read more...]

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