Weather 4D For iPad | Adding A Whole New Dimension To Meteorology

Weather 4D for iPad

Weather 4D for iPad equips you with a decent amount of global weather knowledge at whatever time you care to check it. The Weather 4D for iPad itself is easy to use – simply choose your region, and it’ll download the relevant information. Once this has been selected, you can go into the orbit mode to spin the globe, although unfortunately it’ll only display the weather and temperatures in the region that you’ve picked, which, as a result, … [Read more...]

Fizz Weather HD for iPad

Fizz 1

Find Out If It Is Going Rain Or Shine with a Little Help From This App Fizz Weather HD is one of the latest weather apps for iPad to hit the App Store; released just over a week ago. Fizz Weather itself has been around for years on various mobile platforms and the iPhone version has been in the App Store since 2008, shortly after the store launched. I always liked Fizz Weather back in Windows Mobile days and also enjoy their iPhone app ­so I … [Read more...]

Tectonic For iPad | See Of All Earthquakes Around The World

Tectonic 1

Following the recent tragedies in Haiti and Japan not to mention the large number of devastating tsunamis that have occurred in recent times, the power of nature has never been in sharper focus. The frequency of large earthquakes and terrible hurricanes appear to be on the up. Certainly it seems some of these conditions could be the result of human endeavor — global warming and so on, and they provides a fascinating area of study. The … [Read more...]

Nav Clock | Essential iPad Apps

Nav Clock | Essential iPad Apps

This an app designed for traveler, weather enthusiasts, pilots, hikers, and everyone else on the move who needs to get quick and accurate weather forecasts as well as present conditions, wind speeds, temperature, visibility, humidity, pressure, localized times for sunrise and sunset and more. If enables you to see all the current information you need in a very clearly presented format. It’s easy to see at glance exactly what you need to … [Read more...]

My-Cast Weather Radar

my cast weather radar

If those basic weather applications don’t offer enough depth for you and you’re looking for a more detailed and serious weather app then My-Cast Weather might be what you need. Developer Digital Cyclone has been around since 1998 and have a great deal of experience producing weather-related product for the consumer market, outdoor pursuits and even pilots, so you can rest assured they know their stuff. If you’ve previously downloader or … [Read more...]

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