Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe Photoshop Touch

It's got touch, but does it have the power we need? Adobe Photoshop Touch : In order to maintain its reputation as one of the world's premier photo editing apps, Adobe has gone back to basics with Photoshop Touch. Providing iOS users with a paired down version of its flagship image editor, Touch is more akin to Photoshop Elements than Creative Suite. Rather than focus on including all the bells and whistles of the parent app, Adobe have focused … [Read more...]

Photo Delight For iPad | Hand Pain Some Color Into Your Pics

Photo Delight for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Although there are a number of apps with similar functions available within the App Store, Photo Delight for iPad nevertheless manages to score highly thanks to its ease of use, smart tools and great options. The reasons for this success are plenty. Firstly, it’s got some pretty smart styling, making the picture you load to edit look like it’s on an easel. Down the side of the interface are the tools and options and the setup works in … [Read more...]

IncrediBooth For iPad | Capture Passport-Style Photos


You may think it's easy to take passport-style photos on an iPad, and it is. Additionally, experience the atmosphere of the photo shoot. In a world dominated by digital cameras and smartphones, it is likely that you have not visited a photo booth in quite a long time. Indeed, the only time most people visit one is to get a passport photo taken when their current one has run out. There is, however, a way to relive the good old days of the photo … [Read more...]

Instagram : When Loyality Comercialized


Increasing the number of users in a photo sharing service Instagram seems to be a good sign for them . With the number of users is now 150 million , reportedly the Instagram ready to commercialize its services . In the year ahead Instagram ready to welcome the advertisers to get into the service . It is also confirmed that Facebook bought Instagram is the reason to make profits . In addition to advertising , it is still questionable as to … [Read more...]

Top 5 Camera Phones


With all the smart phones now out, not to mention the new iPhone 4S (and the iPhone 5 on its heels), along with a zillion new HTC models, the techno race for the best camera phone is clearly on. But with so much to choose from these days, have you found yourself wondering which really is the best camera phone? The winner is debatable, but if you’re a photo-phone junkie or if you just want the cream of the camera phone crop, these 5 phones … [Read more...]

Supr 8TM | Essential iPad Apps

Super 8TM | Essential iPad Apps

From the visionary creator of lost and the director of Star Trek comes a camera app?! Before the seminal launch of the App Store, a mobile promotional tool for a potential big screen summer blockbuster would have been the expected recovered sprites and “will that do” gameplay of the movie to game template. THANKFULLY those days have gone and now in an area of brand marketing that was once as predictable as the popcorn shilling fodder that … [Read more...]

Avid Studio

Avid Studio

Avid's jumping on board the iPad bandwagon with its first foray into video editing. Avid's interface is very clean and simple, but it's obviously designed to be used in landscape. All the media stored on your iPad is displayed top left and sorted by type: videos, photos and music, along with more app-specific sections like transitions, montage (advanced slideshow-like effects for photos) and titles. If you own an iPad 2, you can also use its … [Read more...]

iMovie For iPad | Video Editing on iPad

iMovie For iPad

There was a time when you’d need a ton of expensive hardware, high end software and some degree of formal training in order to put together your own movies. Now you can do it while you’re lying on the beach or sitting in Starbuck’s with friends. It’s all set up to be as simple to use as possible with most functional instantly accessible via tap or dragging and dropping items into the timeline that serves as the central hub of your … [Read more...]

50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic


Learn The Stories Behind Some Of The Most Amazing Photographs Of The Last Hundred Years Anybody who fancies themselves as a bit of a photographer could do a lot worse than take a look at the National Geographic Society's body of photographic work. The world famous organisation, which has been in existence for over 120 years and is among the largest non profit scientific organizations in the world, is home to some of the most striking and iconic … [Read more...]

Best Apps For Boosting Your iOS Photos | Make Photos Awesome

Camera Awesome For iPhone

Camera+ Camera+ is a terrific all-round photo app. It's so good we had to feature it twice here! It has some great feature for shooting pictures, as you'll see in the Arsenal section. But the Lightbox is the heart of the app. Tap on an image you've recently taken to edit it, or grab one form your Cameral Roll by pressing the '+' button to drop it onto your Lightbox. Editing features are arranged in two rows along the bottom and allow you to add … [Read more...]

Adobe Photoshop Express | Best iPad Apps


A Detailed And Free Image Editing And Sharing Application That Is Fun And Simple To Use There are a number of different photo modification programs out for the iPad and this is by no means the best nor is it particularly astounding. Yet it is one of the first photo editing programs I have ever put on my iPad simply because I never thought the quality of images was ever worth editing. Adobe Photoshop Express may have been the first to change my … [Read more...]

Create a Movie With iMovie | iPad Video Editing

Video Editor For iPad | iMovie

Creating and exploring a film with iMovie on the iPad is easy, if you know a few important tips and trick. iMovie is one of the best iPad video editing. The iMovie app is an iPad video editing with basic enough to appeal to anyone, but could be used by a serious filmmaker who just wants to create a basic film from footage that you shoot on the device itself. The basic idea is thet, like the Mac version, you shoot some video clips and then add … [Read more...]

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