Use Notifications Centre On iPad | iPad Basics

iPad2 Notification Centre

Before iOS 5, anything requiring your attention on the iPad would pop up in a box in the middle of the screen, interrupting whatever you happened to be doing. Fortunately, the iOS on the latest iPad's addresses all that with an easy access Notification Centre. You can now decide for yourself how notification appear, either as a pop-up in the middle of the screen, as a bar the top, or not at all. Those that appear as a bar at the top leave you … [Read more...]

iPad App Price Drops | October 13th, 2010

iPad App Price Drops

Guess What?  It's time for iPad App Price Drops!  This is our bi-weekly article which covers the top iPad apps which have dropped in price.  We do this for you because it's like coming to an amazing sale twice a week.  If you have ever lived in New York City, well, this is like Filene's Basement. … [Read more...]

iPad App Price Drops For Wednesday, October 20th 2010

iPad App Price Drops

Are you ready for some great deals on apps?  Perhaps you have been wanting a particular one but felt the price was too high.  Well, we are back again with your weekly iPad app price drops post to bring you even more value.  Read on to find out what we have in store for today! … [Read more...]

iPad App Price Drops For Thursday, October 7 2010

iPad App Price Drops

Did you know that developers will often drop the price of their apps without much warning?  It's true.  There are days when you can get a $9.99 app for next to free.  We decided that the readers of TCGeeks might want to be in the loop on these price drops (since they don't last long),  so we will be adding a new feature that will go live on Tuesday's and Thursdays.  Here is the first edition of our iPad App Price Drops for Thursday, October … [Read more...]

iPad App Price Drops | March 25, 2011

It's back!  We are doing our weekly iPad app price drops post so you can start the weekend off right with some amazing deals on the apps you have wanted to get.  Here are the top iPad app price drops for March 25, 2011. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Useful Guide in Buying an iPad

One of the best devices that you can find in the market nowadays is the iPad. Almost everyone wants to own this magnificent device these days because it offers several features that you cannot ignore such as watch videos, play music, read ebooks, playing e-games, share or view pictures and others. iPad is an amazing device that gives you the opportunity to have the world in your palm. As there are various brands and manufacturers of iPad, it is … [Read more...]

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