Do You Want New Ways To Use It?


So You Like CAMERA APP, But You Want New Ways To Use It? The iPhone's cameras just keep getting better. Apple has singlehandedly edged out the need for handheld cameras, almost entirely. Soon (hopefully) the iPad 2 might even have a camera worth taking pictures with. But with a great camera, comes a great camera interface—and we're happy that the Camera App in the iPhone and iPad are constantly being new features, like HDR photography, a Grid … [Read more...]

Other iPad Music Making Apps

Beatwave For iPad | iPad Music Making

GarageBand for iPad is one of the most impressive apps we've ever seen. It's simultaneously able to cut almost nothing from its computer counterpart, but also added never before seen features to the iPad—like pressurized keys on pianos that knew how hard you were pressing them down (we still have absolutely no idea how they programmed this, and have yet to see it in another app). But what if you don't have an iPad—or worse—what if you … [Read more...]

Avid Studio

Avid Studio

Avid's jumping on board the iPad bandwagon with its first foray into video editing. Avid's interface is very clean and simple, but it's obviously designed to be used in landscape. All the media stored on your iPad is displayed top left and sorted by type: videos, photos and music, along with more app-specific sections like transitions, montage (advanced slideshow-like effects for photos) and titles. If you own an iPad 2, you can also use its … [Read more...]

Your Guide Using Twitter On iPad

Twitter on iPad

Follow this guide to get started with your Twitter account and the official application on your iPad. From installation, searching for users, to tweeting your latest thoughts or opinions, we have got the core uses covered in much more than 140 characters! Twitter On iPad - Getting Started Upon opening this app you will greeted with a lot of information, don't panic, on the left you will notice the categories that your fellow Twitters fall … [Read more...]

Web Browser For iPad

Opera Mini For iPad | Web Browser For iPad

Sure, Mobile Safari got lots of great upgrades when iOS 5 dropped. Reading List is nice, even if it's really just a quick, temporary bookmark list. Reader is where the real action is, stripping all the extraneous Internet out of the way. Private Browsing? Welcome to 2005's version of Safari on your iMac running Tiger. Tabbed browsing? Not so fast, little guy. Unless you're playing with the big dogs on the iPad, you iPhone users are still rocking … [Read more...]

Living Earth HD For iPad | World Clock and Weather


This App Keeps You On Time, No Matter What The Weather May Bring! There are a wealth of applications on the shelves of the App Store offering to turn your iPad into a dock and those promising to give you accurate weather forecasts via your Apple tablet. And yes there are those that do both, yet there are few that do it as well as Living Earth HD-World Clock and Weather. This app gives you a frankly stunning live HD 3D simulation of our planet at … [Read more...]

How to Back up And Store Information in iCloud


Now that we're well into what many are calling the `post-PC era', the last thing we want is to be constantly having to connect our wireless devices (like iPhones, iPads and iPod touches) to our computer in order to back up the important data on them, or to transfer files between them. Apple's iCloud service is designed to help you live life without the tether of a USB cable, letting you back up your devices and share files between them, over the … [Read more...]

Increase Your Productivity with Newlook of iWork and iLife


Recently,Apple announced The new look of iWork and iLife lines in iOS and OS X. This was done in order to bring the supporting system for their 2 new operating systems, iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks . For iWork , Pages now comes with a new design , in order to facilitate your work with this application . same with Numbers . Eddy Cue when presenting this lines  application update said that his team re-create this  application from the beginning … [Read more...]

Instapaper The Perfect Apps For Offline Reading | iPad Apps

instapaper logo

We're used to having an always on internet connection these days, even wirelessly, but there are still often times you'll be without the Internet, particularly if you own a Wi-Fi only iPad model. It won't give you full interaction, but if it's just text you want to read then instapaper is the perfect solution. Instapaper is available as a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for £2.49/$3.99. The service is free to use on the web, … [Read more...]

Another Remainder Apps For iPad


When Reminders App was announced as a stock app for iOS 5, the world collectively scratched their heads. Isn't the App Store already littered with To-Do lists? Don't most people already have a favorite? After all, what could Apple possibly add to the noise that would be worth sticking it dead center on our iPhones and iPads? The answer turned out to be a little bit of everything. Reminders  has location-aware reminders, iCal integration, … [Read more...]

New Look For Google Search App On iPad

Google Search App

The latest update on iPad is Google’s search application. When you update Google search app you get the major overhaul with the new features to replace the old built-in Internet search on your iPad. The new Google search app has all the power without the bulk of the old Safari search. You can easily do an Instant Google search faster than ever before. You can get a preview of the page to see if that’s the one you want to visit. It shows … [Read more...]

Keep As Many Articles As You Like | Read It Later Pro For iPad

Read It Later Pro For iPad

Scooting around the internet you quite often come across articles that seem interesting but you may not have time to read them there and then, especially if you’re at work. You plan to go back and have a look later but of course you never do and they get forgotten about. Not any more though with Read It Later for iPad. With that app installed, any time you stumble across a feature that takes your fancy all you have to do is add it to your read … [Read more...]

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