iRecorder – Voice Memos, Audio Recorder, and more!

irecorder 1

Make Audio Recordings Via Your iPad With This Impressive Application Using your iOS powered device as a recording device is hardly a unique concept, the iPhone comes pre-installed with a decent audio capture application, the fact has still seen the App Store opened up to third party developers to capture the attention of App shoppers. iRecorder brings a solid and well presented recording/audio capture tool to the iPad, which is efficient and … [Read more...]

So You Like BRUSHES …And Want New Ways To Express Yourself Visually?


Since its release, Brushes has pretty much owned the "art on iPad" niche. Does it deserve to be labeled best? Maybe. It comes packing 19 brushes, and lets you paint over six layers, one after another, without significant slowdown. You can export your pictures in a variety of different formats and ways, including uploading straight to Flickr. But now Matter how good Brushes is, by now it's old hat. Besides, its far from the only option on iOS, and … [Read more...]

Chambers Dictionary for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

Chambers Dictionary | Essential iPad Apps

Chambers Dictionary for iPad   : has been around sound 1872  when it was first published and us a favorite of crossword fans and scrabble players. In fact it was at one time the official scrabble dictionary. The app version includes an intelligent word entry system which suggests words as you type them in. this can save some time  as you don’t have to enter the whole word, similar to they way Google predicts your searches. It’s also clever … [Read more...]

Astronomy For iPhone

GoSkyWatch Planetarium For iPhone

Can iOS devices really be useful astronomy companions? Christian Hall turns his iPad and iPhone to the sky to find out Astronomy For iPhone : There's no better place to start in amateur astronomy than with a cheap refractor telescope and a paper planisphere to hold up to the sky. Well, we'd agree if this was still 2007! Ever since then the world of astronomy has changed dramatically thanks to the App Store, giving you the power to not only … [Read more...]

Sleep Talker Recorder For iPad

SleepTalk 1

Ever Wondered If You’re A Sleep Talker? Do you talk in your sleep? If so, what do you say? Sleep Talk Recorder does exactly what the title suggests and offers a window into the subconscious which isn't something you'd imagine you could buy for roughly the same price as a bag of crisps. The App is easy to use and all you need to do is place it next to your bed (or the bed of someone else if you're that way inclined - apparently 50% of children … [Read more...]

LogMeln Ignition | iPad To PC

LogMeln 1

iPad 2 To PC With Only A Few Taps Of Your Touch Screen. Many apps explore how an iPad could be used as a portal into and onto other computer platforms. LogMeln Ignition remote access software gives iPad that ability. I found LogMeln's tag line "One touch access to all of your information," to be almost spot on. After proper setup I was/am able to remotely access my computers with just two touches. Sending a tweet was my first test of the LogMeln … [Read more...]

Adobe Photoshop Express | Best iPad Apps


A Detailed And Free Image Editing And Sharing Application That Is Fun And Simple To Use There are a number of different photo modification programs out for the iPad and this is by no means the best nor is it particularly astounding. Yet it is one of the first photo editing programs I have ever put on my iPad simply because I never thought the quality of images was ever worth editing. Adobe Photoshop Express may have been the first to change my … [Read more...]

Using Pages Explained | Office Suite For iPad

Pages For iPad | Office Suite For iPad

If you're looking for a Word Processor (Office Suite For iPad) then look no further. Pages for iPad not only enables you to create, write and spell-check documents but also design pages, create layouts and more... Apple have reworked their Mac word processor Pages for the iPad. This attractively designed package enables you to create documents, letters, brochures, leaflets or else you might care to create. It comes with built in templates that … [Read more...]

OmniGraph Sketcher | Essential Apps

OmniGraph Sketcher for iPad

Can this app keep you from firing up the laptop? We all know that the iPad has huge potential, and that the allure of touch input has prompted all kinds of innovative ways to do some of the things we’ve been doing on normal computers for decades. The Omni Group is guilty of getting caught up in this wave of enthusiasm, and has created a very cool graph creation tool called OmniGraphSketcher. The app has a handful of templates and a decent … [Read more...]

Office Suite For iPad | Using Pages

Office Suite For iPad

If you’re looking Office Suite For iPad especially a Word Processor for your iPad then look no further. Ages not only enables you to create write and spellcheck documents but also design pages, create layouts and more… Apple have reworked their Mac word processor Pages for the iPad. This attractively designed package enables you to create documents, letter, brochures, leaflets or anything else you might care to create. It come with built … [Read more...]

Emoji – Your Emoticons | Essential iPad Apps

Emoji | Essential iPad Apps

In the modern world with all it’s instant messaging, texting, Facebooking and so forth, emoticons have become almost as important a part of communication as words themselves and that’s where this app comes in. perhaps you’ve received messages in the past that contain all sorts of fancy emoticons and you’ve no idea how people are able to do them. Well it’s quite simple. Emoji is what the Japanese call emoticons. Now the Japanese, being … [Read more...]

Browse The Web In Style Ultimate Browser | Best iPad Browser

Ultimate Browser for iPad

Preloaded on every iOS Devices, Safari is a solid internet browsing app that is full of the standard features that you would probably expect from any good web browser. However, it absolutely pales in comparison to the various desktop browsers, specifically Google Chrome and Firefox, both of which offer a wide range of expansive bolt-ons and features. Best iPad Browser Enter Ultimate Browser, a web browser that successfully delivers all the … [Read more...]

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