iPad Summer Travel Guide


Summer is right around the corner, you have your new iPad, and you are probably wondering how this shiny new gadget can help out with your travel plans. You are in luck because that purchase you made will become even more valuable when you see how helpful (and fun) it can be for your big summer vacation. Ready to explore? Luckily, we have cooked up a great brew of ideas for you to take advantage of when thinking about your summer travel.  … [Read more...]

Make Music on Your iPad | GarageBand 1.0 For iPad

GarageBand For iPad 1.0

Apple's legendary GarageBand studio is now on iPad. You don't have to have musical abilities to use GarageBand, the MAC's iOS interface recording studio. It does all the work, you enjoy all the fun! One of the best recording studios around you can now get it for your iPad. GarageBand easy to use – all you do is drag-n-drop the instrument of your choice. For example, if you want a drum part, drag it to the grid, want to add arpeggios on … [Read more...]

How to Use Safari for iPad | iPad Browser

ipad safari | safari for ipad | browser for ipad

Now that your iPad is connected, you can browse almost everything the Internet has to offer. Apple’s popular desktop browser, Safari, has been adapted for mobile use and comes standard on every iPad. While the mobile version has some limitations (it doesn’t support plug-ins like Flash or Java), Safari for iPad can still usually get you anywhere you want to go. Browse The Web With Safari For iPad Popular Browser for iPad from Apple A … [Read more...]

The New Apple | iPad 5th Gen


This 22nd  of Oct Apple will announce the existence of the iPad 5th  Gen and iPad mini 2 . It is of course a good news for us who are bored with the iPad design that has not changed since  iPad 2 was introduced by Steve Jobs . Are there many change that’s will brought by iPad 5th gen ? Lets find out more here.These are some fact about iPad 5th Gen : 1 . Similar design with iPad Mini Although not yet officially announced , but it’s … [Read more...]

How To Use The iPad To Keep All Your Finances In Sync


In the department of the must have iPad apps you won't find many as useful as the ones that help you organize your finances.  Cloud-based services are cropping up all over the place and these are huge wins for those of you that want to be able to edit content and information no matter where you are.  Our friends over at GearsOfBiz did a phenomenal job of reviewing Billings Pro which allows you to keep track of time, estimates, and invoices.   … [Read more...]

Ansel & Clair’s Adventures: What If Children Could Go Around The World With Their iPad! | iPad Kids

Ansel and Clair’s Adventures

Nowadays, with the help of an iPad and a couple of amazing apps, you can enlarge your children's view of our world even without going on a trip or a plane. Ansel & Clair's Adventures in Africa This game is one of the best, if not the best learning application for kids you will find on the iPad. The look of this app is amazing, it has a multitude of educational information and the scenario of the game is set around a friendly adventure with … [Read more...]

Use Notifications Centre On iPad | iPad Basics

iPad2 Notification Centre

Before iOS 5, anything requiring your attention on the iPad would pop up in a box in the middle of the screen, interrupting whatever you happened to be doing. Fortunately, the iOS on the latest iPad's addresses all that with an easy access Notification Centre. You can now decide for yourself how notification appear, either as a pop-up in the middle of the screen, as a bar the top, or not at all. Those that appear as a bar at the top leave you … [Read more...]

Review of iPad 4


Apple has recently lunched iPad 4, the third model within a year. The iPad 4 has no such differences from the original duos from the tablet of Apple. Every year Apple hits the market by launching a new iPhone. This year Apple lunch iPhone 4 with a new design, a good quality rear and front facing cameras and lot more improved screen.  Design  It seems that Apple do not want to move away from the design of iPad 3. The intents and … [Read more...]

Using Pages Explained | Office Suite For iPad

Pages For iPad | Office Suite For iPad

If you're looking for a Word Processor (Office Suite For iPad) then look no further. Pages for iPad not only enables you to create, write and spell-check documents but also design pages, create layouts and more... Apple have reworked their Mac word processor Pages for the iPad. This attractively designed package enables you to create documents, letters, brochures, leaflets or else you might care to create. It comes with built in templates that … [Read more...]

Agendas App | Best Agenda For iPad

agendas for ipad | agenda for ipad

Planning a meeting can be hard work and you will find that you will have a pile of scribbled down notes that are illegible to even yourself. This is where the Agendas iPad application comes in as it has a clean interfere that will allow you to create your agendas on your iPad. The design of the application is pretty straightforward and there is nothing fancy about it, however, it does do the job that it was designed to do and the app is extremely … [Read more...]

Transfer Your Photos From And To Your iPad

photo transfer for ipad | ipad photo transfer

Photo Transfer App has a basic and easy to use interface. At the top left of its main screen there are buttons to choose Receive or Send mode. Along the bottom navigation bar the first two items are PC and Device. So, for instance, when you first open the app you will be in Receive mode and on the PC tab. So the screen will show you the URL you need to enter to move photos from your PC over to the iPad. You just enter that address in your web … [Read more...]

Listen to Streaming Radio on the iPad | Best Radio on iPad

TuneIn | iPad Radio Streaming | Radio on iPad

Ever get bored of your iTunes playlist or just want something different to listen to once in a while? TuneIn Radio is iPad Radio Streaming app, will open up a vast new range of possibilities, giving you access to more than 40,000 local radio stations around the world broadcasting on the AM and FM wavelengths. iPad Radio Streaming App Listen to Thousands of Radio Stations From Around The World on Demand It’s not just a tuner though. You get … [Read more...]

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