MMA Underground for iPad

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The Biggest And Best UFC And MMA App Around? MMA Underground for iPad : Followers of mixed martial arts, stop whatever you're doing and pay attention because the ultimate MMA app has arrived and you need it in your life. You'll get all the latest news from MMA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship as well as the ability to follow events and result as they happen. You also get access to a vast database. featuring histories arc detailed … [Read more...]

Golfshot: Golf GPS for iPad


With This App Loaded On Your iDevice Can You Improve Your Golfing Game With Ease? Enhancing your golf game is invaluable no matter if you are budding professional or simply a Sunday hobbyist and this application from the aptly titled Shotzoom Software seems to offer you a lot of gaming honing options. The first thing that will strike you about this application is the high price tag, but before you throw your clubs into the bunker and head back … [Read more...]

Sky Sport Live for iPad


Football Fans Rejoice, All The Info Of Your Team And Their Match Results Available With A Few Simple Taps. Sky Sport Live for iPad : As an avid football fan, you always want to keep up to date with the live scores and what better way than to link directly to the top tier SPORTS sports commentary and broadcast team in the UK Sky Sports. This app will helps you do that with its vast array of features and regularly and quickly updated news and … [Read more...]

Eurosport Player HD | Essential iPad Apps

Eurosport Player HD | Essential iPad Apps

First up we need to point out that although you can download the app for free, you need to subscribe in order to actually use it. Alas it doesn’t matter if you already pay for Eurosport through your subscription TV provider you’ll still need to pay a reasonable amount per month or a slightly discounted monthly rate in one payment for the entire year to watch through the app. As long as you’re in possession of those all important a facts and … [Read more...]

ScoreCenter XL for iPad

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ESPN…. Pushing Its Way To An iPad Near You One of the best things about this app is how well ESPN has taken the feel of its broadcasts and website, and managed to translate it directly to an iPad app in such a way that it just feels natural. The first things you will notice, is a bar at the bottom of the screen that is constantly running headline news for all kinds of sports, just like on TV. As far as the interface of this app goes, you … [Read more...]

Formula 1 On iPad | One of The Best Sports Apps For iPad

F1 Timming For iPad

If you are a fan of Formula 1 you will know that there is an incredible amount of data that helps enhance, excite and intrigue the fans. Everything from the obvious lap times and speed differences to the racing line, tyre types and pit stop tactics, to name but a few. If you want all of this information on the race you are watching or about to watch then this app is the one for you. Its hefty price tag should be a signal of its depth and … [Read more...]

Golfplan For iPad | A Professional App For Golfers

GolfPlan For iPad

Golfplan for iPad With Paul Azinger is a wonderfully well-crafted golfing app that means business. It has links to Golfshot accounts, so if you’ve already invested time in that system you can use this one too. You can also download the Golfshot app (although it’s somewhat more expensive at a massive £17.99!) and the two will communicate to offers you the details of your swing and other training elements you’ve participated in. But … [Read more...]

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