Will You Subscribe To This iPad App?


The Daily, which is the long-time rumored iPad-specific news publication has finally been announced and it's going to be quite the big event.  This is a joint-venture between News Corporation and Apple.  Here's what this all means and why you will want to see what is going on with The Daily. … [Read more...]

iPad Apps To Prepare For College Or Graduate School

iPad apps for college and graduate school

Here are some great iPad apps to prepare for college (or graduate school).  These will help you prepare for your SAT tests (and more) which have a heavy weight depending on the school you want to go to. These are all a great way to spend a lot less and gain a ton more. … [Read more...]

How To Make Better Financial Decisions With Your iPad

iPad financial app

If there are two things that help make the iPad useful it would be helping you balance your checkbook and then setting up a plan for paying off your debt.  Ideally, these go hand in hand since getting your checkbook balanced means that you can then focus on a pay off plan for any loans you might have.  Here are two ways to do that. … [Read more...]

Must Have iPad Apps | Text To Speech

text to speech apps

Have you ever used any Text to speech iPad apps? They are really great to use if you can get over the fact that you are essentially talking with your iPad.  Recently, I tried a few and found them to be pretty darn amazing.  Here's some that you might want to check out. … [Read more...]

How To Collaborate With Others Online Using Your iPad


If you use your iPad or iPad 2 for business then one of the things you will want to do at one point is collaborate with others online.  That's one of the best things about the iPad and the fact that it's usually always online.  So here are some great ways you can collaborate with others. … [Read more...]

Enjoy Google Video Chat On Your iPad 2 Over 3G

Google Video Chat On iPad Over 3G

Are you looking for a way to enjoy Google Video Chat using your iPad 2?  You sure can do that now thanks to a newly updated app and some really nice features that take advantage of the iPad.  Here's how you can now do that. … [Read more...]

15 Last Minute App Price Drops | Black Friday

iPad App Price Drops

In case you weren't aware it was "Black Friday" and it would be hard to miss since everyone is having a sale today.  Well, we didn't want you to miss out so here are 15 pretty amazing app deals that are valid until at least midnight (and maybe longer).  There are some great deals here if you want to check out some nice iPad and iPhone apps. … [Read more...]

The Daily App Show | Episode 2

Daily App Show.001

Welcome to the May 3rd Edition of the TCGeeks Daily App Show where we show you two super useful and must have iPad productivity apps.  On today's show I highlight the following apps. … [Read more...]

Could You Create Your Own Web Based App Store?


So, you wanna have a little fun today? You wanna experience some really cool uses of technology?  I would like to introduce you to Chalk, an app that is not something you can get in the App store. It's free and it demonstrates an innovative use of several key technologies. But I think it suggests a lot more and here's why. … [Read more...]

iPad Cloud Storage Options Compared


I was just talking to a friend that had her laptop stolen.   It was unfortunate but the thieves also stole her external hard drive.  This meant she lost all her most valuable information, music, photos, etc.    Feeling her pain, I was reminded how valuable I find cloud storage these days and thus wanted to explain all your options for cloud storage with your iPad. … [Read more...]

Save Money On Your Household Energy | Meter Reading for iPad

Meter Reading for iPad

Everyone likes saving money. It's almost like earning money except that it's often easier. We go out to work and most of us think we ought to paid more but if you break down what you spend each month you'd probably be surprised at how much you could save. Often all it takes is a little bit of research and you could save enough cash every month that it would equate to a significant pay rise. Independent software developer Graham Haley has a … [Read more...]

iPad PDF Readers | How To Download PDF’s On Your iPad

Are you wondering how to download PDF Files to your iPad?  This article shows you how several popular PDF readers will help you get PDF's onto your iPad … [Read more...]

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