How To Transfer Files With Your iPad | FTP For iPad


Transferring files with your iPad using FTP, Bluetooth or Wireless is a must have when working on the go.  Here's how to use the iPad for file transfer and file management... File Transfers & File Management For those that don't know, FTP is the File Transfer Protocol.  It is one of the oldest and most well-known ways to transfer files back and forth over the Internet.  We use FTP for many things but it is most popular with anyone … [Read more...]

Use Google Talk On Your iPad With GoTalk

GoTalk For iPad

Here is a must have iPad app for all those that using Google talk to communicate with others.  This is one of those apps that you may not have heard about but is one to check out since it was previously available only on the iPhone. … [Read more...]

This Is A Must Have iPad App. The BBC iPlayer


Here's an excellent guest post from our friend in the UK, Gareth. The BBC launched an iPad app this week that caught the attention of the whole world.  And some would wonder why this is such a big deal but to understand that you have to also understand a little bit about the BBC. Here's the scoop on this groundbreaking app. The BBC Must Have iPad App First, let me tell you a little bit about the BBC. In the old country, by that I mean the … [Read more...]

Twitter For iPad | The Perfect iPad Twitter Client? Yes!


If you use Twitter and you have an iPad then you know that there are a ton of really great Twitter apps.  In fact, you may have tried a few (or more than that).  Well today the official Twitter app is released and we are extremely impressed so far.  Here's why. … [Read more...]

Use AirPrint With Any Printer


If you want to use AirPrint with your iPad with any printer, even a non-AirPrint wireless printer then you are pretty much stuck using Printer Sharing but then you have to install software on your computer.  Well, here is a new way and you don't have to install any software at all. … [Read more...]

Learn How To Play Piano Using Your iPad

piano learning apps for the ipad

Your iPad is more than just a device for reading email, surfing the web and viewing photos.  It can also be your own private piano tutor.  Perhaps you have always wanted to learn to play the piano, but you did not have the time to get lessons.  As luck would have it, there are some smart developers out there making it possible anyone to learn to play piano - and today that can be you! … [Read more...]

Now! Fill Out PDF Forms On Your iPad


Have you ever got a PDF on your iPad and began reading it only to find that it had a form with it but you could not fill it out?  A lot more forms are being converted to PDF these days and it's no problem filling these PDF forms out on your laptop or desktop, but when it comes to the iPad you can only read them.  PDF Expert changes that. … [Read more...]

Best iPad 2 Photography Apps

Photo FX Studio HD

Hello Readers! Welcome to the iPad 2 best photography apps. There are some great ones out there that have been updated or just work better with the iPad 2 and so we wanted to show you a few of them that are at the top of their game.  Here's the best iPad 2 photography apps. … [Read more...]

Did You Know About All These iPad Google Apps?

iPad Google Apps

Have you tried any of the Google apps for the iPad? You might not even know which ones are available but there are certainly quite a few.  I hear from readers all of the time that want to know more about the Google apps and how they work.  Here are a few of the best ones so you can choose which ones to try out. … [Read more...]

Project Oriented Task Management With Firetask


TCGeeks showed  you how to make the iPad more useful in our guide to task management.  Another great way to make the iPad useful is when it helps you get things done which may not be huge projects but simple everyday tasks that tend to build up.  Firetask is an iPad task management app with a different take on helping you get things done and it really works. … [Read more...]

Best iPad Note Taking Apps For Meetings And School

Best iPad Note Taking Apps For Meetings And School

When it comes to taking notes during important business meetings and classroom lectures, your iPad is a real gem. Of course choosing the right iPad note taking app(s) for you can be a bit tedious since there are so many to choose from. This is why we've taken the time to help simplify things a bit and hopefully make the selection process easier for you.  So, sit back, relax and be sure to take note of the following iPad apps. … [Read more...]

The Absolute Best iPad Cloud Sync App [plus a giveaway]

iPad Cloud Sync App

We stumbled on an app that could quite possibly be the best iPad cloud sync app that we have seen.  It offers an incredible set of features that are sure to protect all your most important information as well as keep you in sync. Best iPad Cloud Sync App What does cloud sync actually mean and why would you use it?  The cloud, of course, is the Internet and syncing all of your information to storage on the Internet that can be accessed from … [Read more...]

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