Powerful iPad Project Management Made Easy

iPad project management app

Have you been looking for a really good iPad project management app but haven't yet found the right one? I got an email today letting me know about some iPad project planning software and I want to share with you what I found out... … [Read more...]

iPad Cloud Storage Options Compared


I was just talking to a friend that had her laptop stolen.   It was unfortunate but the thieves also stole her external hard drive.  This meant she lost all her most valuable information, music, photos, etc.    Feeling her pain, I was reminded how valuable I find cloud storage these days and thus wanted to explain all your options for cloud storage with your iPad. … [Read more...]

Now! Scan And Recognize QR Codes With iPad 2


Here is a must have iPad 2 app.  If you have ever used  your iPhone or Android phone to scan QR codes then you know how useful they can be.  Now there is a new app out that will let you scan and use QR codes using your new iPad 2 camera.  Here's why this is a must have app. … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Low Cost iPad Games For Under $2

Here are the top 10 cheap iPad games that are all under $2.  Most of the time we see games that are upwards of $10 and so we decided to put together an informative post showing you the top 10 iPad game apps for under $2... … [Read more...]

Top 50 iPad Apps That Work With Dropbox


Here are the top 50 iPad apps that work directly with Dropbox.  These are apps you can use with built-in Dropbox support which means you will have full access to all of your Dropbox features and files.  If you have been using Dropbox and enjoying it, then you might want to know what works with it.  Here's the top 50. … [Read more...]

A New iPad News Reader You Don’t Want To Miss

iPad news reader app

Are you using any of the iPad news reader apps currently?  There are quite a few of them but none of them do what this brand new one does.  And none of them actually presents trending topics in a way that saves you time surfing the web.  Here is a new iPad news reader app you may want to check out. … [Read more...]

File Taxes Directly From Your iPad


It's tax season.  For those that like to do their taxes by themselves, this year you can get an app that will help you complete your tax return and file them electronically.  Here's the details. … [Read more...]

Use The iPad As Your Own Weather Station | 5 Top Apps

Did you know that your iPad can act as your own personal weather station? It sure can.  And you don't even need to rely on the weatherman to inform you.  These top 5 iPad weather apps will help you each and every day with all your weather needs... … [Read more...]

GoToMyPC Now Available For iPad


Been looking for a great remote desktop app for your iPad?  The massively popular remote desktop tool from Citrix Online, GoToMyPC, is now available and it's not only easy to use but it's being offered at a really good price.  Here's the details. … [Read more...]

Synchronizing Your Browser Bookmarks With Your iPad And Other iOS Devices


So let me ask a question.  Now that you have multiple devices in your digital life such as an iPad, iPhone, laptop, work computer, etc., do you ever find the need to want to synchronize your browser bookmarks so that you always have them handy?  Here's how you can do that. … [Read more...]

5 iPad Apps That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

etch a sketch for iPad

Ok so you want some iPad apps. That's great. But what about grabbing a few that will make you feel like a kid again and embrace your youth?  Somewhere out there are studies which have shown that those who act young, stay young. … [Read more...]

Take A Break This Weekend With The #1 iPad Game | Osmos

Osmos is the #1 iPad game for the second week in a row.  It is a game that clearly made for the iPad and draws you in very quickly once you understand it.  Here's the scoop... … [Read more...]

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