A New iPad News Reader You Don’t Want To Miss

iPad news reader app

Are you using any of the iPad news reader apps currently?  There are quite a few of them but none of them do what this brand new one does.  And none of them actually presents trending topics in a way that saves you time surfing the web.  Here is a new iPad news reader app you may want to check out. … [Read more...]

Flight Tracking For iPad | FlightBoard – Flight Information

Flight Tracking For iPad

FlightBoard is a single-purpose Flight Tracking app for iPad that provides live airport Departures and Arrivals information. So the app's function is a simple but ever-so-useful one, particularly for frequent traveler. I've been taking a look at the app and have to say I'm impressed. FlightBoard: Flight Tracking For iPad Departures And Arrivals From Around The World for the Frequent Flyer Strong Points & Notable Features? It's got a very … [Read more...]

The Best iPad Blogging App [With Giveaway]

Blogsy App

When it comes to blogging on the iPad there are just a few options and none of them have been very fruitful so far.  Using the Wordpress app still has its major drawbacks and the plain HTML is OK if you don't want to load up any images or videos.  But here is a new (and best) iPad blogging app that might be a better answer. … [Read more...]

iPad Alarm Clock Apps | Five You Should Know About

iPad Alarm - ClockPro

The iPad does not come with an alarm clock (or any clock for that matter), so we thought we would show off the the many ways you can make perfect use of the top alarm clock apps.  You may be surprised at how much you can do with these. Read on for the details... … [Read more...]

Groupon Arrives On The iPad | How To Use It

Groupon HD For iPad

Groupon has now arrived on the iPad which is great news but if you have never used it, then you might be wondering what it is.  Here's more information on Groupon, how to use it to save money, and the new HD version. … [Read more...]

Make The Mundane Task Of Chores Exciting With ChorePad


When I was a kid, the thing I hated most was having to do chores.  It was second to having to stay inside when it was raining.  If you have kids then you know how they hate to do chores and you also know how hard it is to motivate them to do those chores.  ChorePad might just that. Here's how. … [Read more...]

Apps so Your Kids Can | iPad for Kids

iPad - App for Kids

Lets your kids loose on these great apps. You may wonder why, when you already have enough trouble wrestling your iPad from your kid's grasp, you'd want to tempt them with more apps. We have news for you: you've lost that battle. The second they first experienced the touchscreen interface and the range of possibilities at their fingertips, you were destined to share the device with them. The best you can do now is make sure that when the do … [Read more...]

Adobe Photoshop Touch SDK

Tool Palette

Adobe is giving a gift to creatives everywhere, and opening up a cornucopia of development opportunities, with three new tablet apps that are sure to enhance your Photoshop workflow.  Being confined to clicks and drags no longer, you'll be able to pinch, swipe, and tap your way to a beautiful art piece. … [Read more...]

5 Best iPad Network Tools For System Admins

iPad Network Tools

The iPad can be the perfect tool for a system administrator.  There are a whole set of network tools you can use to do the things you need to do each day.  We would like to show you a few top network tools that you can use right on your iPad to help you with your daily tasks. … [Read more...]

Ultimate iPad Music Guide | The Best Apps

Composing, creating and sharing music on the iPad is one of the things you can do to make it an invaluable tool.  If you like learning how music works, creating music or simply just creating sounds, you will find this guide very useful.  Read on.... … [Read more...]

Top Educational iPad Game Apps For Kids


There are iPad games and then there are educational iPad games.  The difference between the two is slight but if you are looking for a great way to make the iPad useful while having fun and learning all at the same time then take a look at these great educational iPad games.  A lot of these are for kids, but hey, adults can actually find them useful as well because we are all just big kids anyway. … [Read more...]

Use Google Talk On Your iPad With GoTalk

GoTalk For iPad

Here is a must have iPad app for all those that using Google talk to communicate with others.  This is one of those apps that you may not have heard about but is one to check out since it was previously available only on the iPhone. … [Read more...]

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