Five 2 Player iPad Games


Using the iPad for school or for business is a great way to get the most out of it, but as you know there are some amazing games that you can get.  And what is a better way to enjoy them that with someone else.  So here are some great 2 player iPad games that you can enjoy with friends or family. … [Read more...]

Enjoy Instant Online Meetings With Your iPad


Have you ever wanted to have a quick online meeting with someone, either for business or school?  Today, you can do that thanks to bringing their free iOS viewer to the iPad. … [Read more...]

View Craigslist Like Never Before With Lifelike Craig

Cragslist App for iPad

Do you have an iPad and ever browse Craigslist?  We have all looked on there from time to time and sold something bought something but as you know the interface is pretty boring.  So here is a way to browse Craigslist just like a newspaper. … [Read more...]

5 iPad Apps That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

etch a sketch for iPad

Ok so you want some iPad apps. That's great. But what about grabbing a few that will make you feel like a kid again and embrace your youth?  Somewhere out there are studies which have shown that those who act young, stay young. … [Read more...]

How To Transfer Files With Your iPad | FTP For iPad


Transferring files with your iPad using FTP, Bluetooth or Wireless is a must have when working on the go.  Here's how to use the iPad for file transfer and file management... File Transfers & File Management For those that don't know, FTP is the File Transfer Protocol.  It is one of the oldest and most well-known ways to transfer files back and forth over the Internet.  We use FTP for many things but it is most popular with anyone … [Read more...]

GoodReader iPad PDF App Updated | Review

GoodReader iPad PDF App Updated

Great news for all those out there using the GoodReader iPad PDF app. It's just been updated with some really great new features that make it an even better app.  Here are the new features and how you can use them. … [Read more...]

Grays Anatomy Premium for iPad | Medical App for iPad

Gray Anatomy for iPad

This medical app for iPad has absolutely nothing to do with the TV show - thank goodness- ' Gray's Anatomy' is the renowned classic anatomical book penned Henry Gray way back in 1858. His work is considered to be one of the most iconic and significant medical books of all time and is now available to view the high resolution screen of the iPad. Not to mention, thanks to the 3.1 version update, this medical literary classic is now available with … [Read more...]

10 Must Have iPad 2 Apps For New And Existing Users


Perhaps you just got your iPad 2 and you want to know what must have apps to get that are the best, most popular or the ones that are the best to start off with.  Here are 10 of the most essential iPad apps that will get you started. … [Read more...]

Use The iPad To Get Through Boring Meetings | Best Drawing Apps

Sketchbook Pro

You know what I like to do with my iPad? I like to doodle. I like to sit there in my long, boring and (even though I work in an air conditioned office) hot meetings and mess about whilst drawing dinosaurs eating the USS Enterprise or Valentino Rossi on his new Ducati.  So here are my favorite iPad drawing apps.   The Best iPad Drawing Apps For people who have proper jobs, that require some creative input, the iPad, and come to think of … [Read more...]

Report indicates changes in App Store ranking algorithm

App Store

Ever tire of looking at the App Store's top sales charts only to find that Angry Birds, and other familiar games, are still number one?  A recent report from the third-party app promoter, Fiksu, indicates that the folks at Apple may feel the same way. … [Read more...]

Top 4 iPad eBooks Apps Compared | iBooks. Kindle. Borders eBooks. Barnes & Noble.

The top 4 iPad eBooks apps are Apples' iBooks, Amazon's Kindle, Border's eBooks, and Barnes & Noble.  Even though the apps are free, the books are not free so it might help to have a comparison of each one. Here are the pros and cons of the three iPad eBooks apps. … [Read more...]

Must Have Kids iPad Apps For Less Than $1

must have ipad kids apps

If you have kids then you know that the first day you got your iPad they started seeing it as a great big toy to play games on.  And from that point on, you had to "share" it.  Well, we are here to show you some great kids iPad apps that you can grab without spending more than $1,  and providing not just fun for the kids but educational "fun" as well. … [Read more...]

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