Get Add-Ons With This New iPad Web Browser App

ringo ipad web browser

As we have said before here on TCGeeks, the Safari iPad browser could use a good update and perhaps that will happen when iOS 4 for the iPad arrives (still, in the Fall).  Until then, there are some really good alternative web browsers for the iPad, but, here is one that gives you some features that rival even the best non-mobile browsers. … [Read more...]

The Best New Apple iPad Productivity Apps

InkPad Productivity App

Have you been searching for some of the best new iPad productivity apps?  The ones that keep you productive and happily working away using your iPad for business or school?  Or perhaps you don't use it for either of those things but you just want to stay productive.  Here are some of those best new iPad productivity apps to check out. … [Read more...]

The #1 Way To Learn New Words With Your iPad

ipad word learning app

Do you like to learn new words?  New words are one of the best ways to exercise your mind and increase your vocabulary.  Perhaps you are a person that likes crosswords? Well, if you do like to learn new words you are in luck with this new iPad app. … [Read more...]

Report indicates changes in App Store ranking algorithm

App Store

Ever tire of looking at the App Store's top sales charts only to find that Angry Birds, and other familiar games, are still number one?  A recent report from the third-party app promoter, Fiksu, indicates that the folks at Apple may feel the same way. … [Read more...]

Best iPad Browser Alternatives To Safari


Here are some best iPad browser alternatives to Safari for all of those that are not quite satisfied with the default browser app that comes with the iPad.  Perhaps Safari will continue to improve as we  see upgrades come down the pike but until then the app developers are hard at work helping to make your iBrowser a little better. Best iPad Browser Alternatives To Safari The good news is that we are about to show you some great alternatives … [Read more...]

Assemble And Present A Professional Portfolio On Your iPad


Here's an iPad app of a different kind.  It allows you to present, display, and share your entire professional portfolio.  This is perfect for photographers, artists, models, designers, or anyone else wanting to impress their clients or land a job.  Here's the details. … [Read more...]

Groupon Arrives On The iPad | How To Use It

Groupon HD For iPad

Groupon has now arrived on the iPad which is great news but if you have never used it, then you might be wondering what it is.  Here's more information on Groupon, how to use it to save money, and the new HD version. … [Read more...]

Cablevision iPad App To Stream 300 Live TV Channels

Live TV On The iPad

Cablevision, a cable television provider that serves New York and a few other nearby states has released its own iPad app that offer live streaming of approximately 300 channels as well as video on demand programming.  Here's the details of this amazing announcement. … [Read more...]

How To Transfer Files With Your iPad | FTP For iPad


Transferring files with your iPad using FTP, Bluetooth or Wireless is a must have when working on the go.  Here's how to use the iPad for file transfer and file management... File Transfers & File Management For those that don't know, FTP is the File Transfer Protocol.  It is one of the oldest and most well-known ways to transfer files back and forth over the Internet.  We use FTP for many things but it is most popular with anyone … [Read more...]

Use Google Talk On Your iPad With GoTalk

GoTalk For iPad

Here is a must have iPad app for all those that using Google talk to communicate with others.  This is one of those apps that you may not have heard about but is one to check out since it was previously available only on the iPhone. … [Read more...]

This Is A Must Have iPad App. The BBC iPlayer


Here's an excellent guest post from our friend in the UK, Gareth. The BBC launched an iPad app this week that caught the attention of the whole world.  And some would wonder why this is such a big deal but to understand that you have to also understand a little bit about the BBC. Here's the scoop on this groundbreaking app. The BBC Must Have iPad App First, let me tell you a little bit about the BBC. In the old country, by that I mean the … [Read more...]

Twitter For iPad | The Perfect iPad Twitter Client? Yes!


If you use Twitter and you have an iPad then you know that there are a ton of really great Twitter apps.  In fact, you may have tried a few (or more than that).  Well today the official Twitter app is released and we are extremely impressed so far.  Here's why. … [Read more...]

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