Locate Your Friend Using Your iPad | iPad Apps


Our iPad's a clever bit of kit: using a range of technology, including a GPS chip, it nearly always knows where in the world it is., with incredible accuracy. With the Find My Friend app, you can share this location with your iPad-, iPhone- and iPod touch-owning friends, and see where they are too. There are all sorts of uses for this: find out which restaurant your friends have decided upon, for instance, or see how far from home your partner is … [Read more...]

Monitor Your iPad Battery Life With All-In-1 Battery HD


The iPad has a great, long-lasting lithium-polymer battery that allows you to go quite awhile without a single charge.  But there are times when you might not have the ability to charge it up and this is the perfect time to be able to monitor your iPad battery life so you don't run too low and lose your work/connectivity. iPad Battery Information There is no doubt that the battery in the iPad is impressive. It can last quite a long time … [Read more...]

The Top 4 iPad Weather Apps For Winter


Fall is almost officially over and that means a whole new scene in the weather department.  Perhaps you have travel coming up or you have relatives visiting.  Or maybe you want to plan a weekend away but you aren't sure what the weather will be doing.  In this case, your iPad can be a great help. Here are the top 4 weather apps for the Winder season. … [Read more...]

Top 4 iPad eBooks Apps Compared | iBooks. Kindle. Borders eBooks. Barnes & Noble.

The top 4 iPad eBooks apps are Apples' iBooks, Amazon's Kindle, Border's eBooks, and Barnes & Noble.  Even though the apps are free, the books are not free so it might help to have a comparison of each one. Here are the pros and cons of the three iPad eBooks apps. … [Read more...]

Essential iPad Apps For Network And System Admins | Your Network Toolkit

iPad Apps For Network Admins

Are you an Network or System Admin and wondering just how the iPad can benefit you or be of value?  Perhaps you already have an iPad and you want to know what you can do with it to make your IT job easier.  Here are some essential iPad apps you can use to do just that. … [Read more...]

What Do You Think Of These 5 New Must Have iPad Apps?


Have you seen these 5 new must-have iPad apps?  Here they are.  It seems like iPad apps roll off the presses in droves each day and it's hard to keep up on all the new and changed stuff so we are bringing you this article so you can see some of the latest and greatest apps.  We think these are pretty darn valuable and represent some of the best in what Developers are working on. … [Read more...]

iPad PDF Readers | How To Download PDF’s On Your iPad

Are you wondering how to download PDF Files to your iPad?  This article shows you how several popular PDF readers will help you get PDF's onto your iPad … [Read more...]

How To Make Better Financial Decisions With Your iPad

iPad financial app

If there are two things that help make the iPad useful it would be helping you balance your checkbook and then setting up a plan for paying off your debt.  Ideally, these go hand in hand since getting your checkbook balanced means that you can then focus on a pay off plan for any loans you might have.  Here are two ways to do that. … [Read more...]

The Key Elements Of RSS And How To Use It For Business With The iPad


Do you know what RSS is?  Have you seen that little orange icon hanging around the Internet or heard people talk about "RSS" feeds and wondered what they were talking about?  This article is going to focus on RSS and it's going to not only explain what it is but it's going to show you some great tips and tricks for how to use it to your advantage right on  your iPad. … [Read more...]

5 iPad Medical Apps You May Not Know About. But Should.

iPad Medical Apps

We all know there are some great games for the iPad. There are also some really great photography apps and business apps too.  But did you know that the iPad you hold in your very hands can provide some amazing medical information as well?  If you have not yet checked out the impressive list of iPad medical apps, then here are 5 you definitely want to know about. iPad Medical Apps These iPad medical apps can be used by just about everyone.  … [Read more...]

Top iPad Twitter Apps Part 2 | TwitBird Pro. Echofon. Tweetings HD.

Our top iPad twitter apps post about a month ago included three really great twitter client apps for the iPad. Since then, however, some news ones have emerged and these are three that you might want to seriously check out even if you are a loyal fan of your current client... … [Read more...]

Project Oriented Task Management With Firetask


TCGeeks showed  you how to make the iPad more useful in our guide to task management.  Another great way to make the iPad useful is when it helps you get things done which may not be huge projects but simple everyday tasks that tend to build up.  Firetask is an iPad task management app with a different take on helping you get things done and it really works. … [Read more...]

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