The Daily App Show | Episode 2

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Welcome to the May 3rd Edition of the TCGeeks Daily App Show where we show you two super useful and must have iPad productivity apps.  On today's show I highlight the following apps. … [Read more...]

Tips To Replace Broken iPod Touch Screen

Apple’s iPod Touch is a most advanced and delicate portable media player in the world. It has a thin glass cover on its top that makes it so fragile. Even a careless drop can make it an expensive paperweight and not more than that. Well, to make your investment safe, Apple provides limited warranty of one year. You can extend this warranty with specific amount to specific period. The iPod includes two screens – one is the top protective … [Read more...]

5 Best Ways To Approach IT Problems Within Your Business

In your business, you’ll experience problems related to IT from time to time. Sometimes, you’ll have a problem with your security system. Some other times, you’ll have problems with data collection or administration within your business. You can’t predict your problem. But, the most important thing to do is to always be ready to fix the problem whenever it appears so that it won’t affect your business activity negatively. Here are the 5 … [Read more...]

The Daily App Show Episode 3

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Alrighty then.  Here is your Daily App Show Episode #3.  If you are new here, this is our daily (mostly) app show where we do a quick video on our TCGeeks YouTube channel highlighting some of the best new iPad apps that you can use to get the most out of your tablet.  And here are the apps we cover in today's show. … [Read more...]

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