3 New iPad Keyboard Cases To Check Out

There might be times when you want to have an iPad case that comes with a built-in keyboard.  The reason is that it’s a lot easier to compose documents on an iPad using an external keyboard as opposed to using the on-screen version.  Now you can definitely get an external keyboard such as the Apple Keyboard dock or the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard but some people want all of this functionality built right into a handy iPad case.  Here are three of those that you might want to check out if you are thinking of getting one for the holidays or just for your own use.

So what exactly is an iPad keyboard case? It’s a traditional iPad case that folds out to expose an internal keyboard.  And it typically will hold up the iPad at various angles so you can type.  With some of them, the keyboard will detach and with others it will stay stationary.  They are thicker and more bulky than a sleeve or folio but they do have built in functionality so that makes up for the extra bulk.

You might wonder why you would get one of these keyboard cases  instead of just getting a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to go along with the case you already have. These are definitely for a certain type of  user.  Some people just like the idea of bundling everything in one system.  For the executive that goes to a lot of meetings or for the writer that does a lot of writing, then these are pretty nice to have around.

Here are three of these types of iPad keyboard cases you might want to check out.

The Clamcase

Clamcase iPad Keyboard Case

Here is an iPad keyboard case that looks more like a laptop than a case.  It is an all-in-one system that houses your iPad and actually looks pretty good.  The body of the case reminds you of a black Macbook.  Remember those? The Clamcase is not out yet but it is slated for the Fall of 2010 (which is now).

It has a bluetooth keyboard that offers a tactile feedback allowing you to compose and type quickly. The iPad automatically to the keyboard wirelessly which also means the 30-pin dock connector is free for charging.

The case also flips 360 degrees so you can use the iPad in multiple positions and still keep it housed inside the enclosure.  And speaking of the enclosure it has a smooth but grippy rubberized exterior for better holding and carrying around.

Another feature is what they call the infinity stand.  This is a feature of the case which allows and endless combination of positions to accommodate your needs.

There is no pricing yet listed on the website other than a range of prices they are asking what people would pay for one.  I would pay $99 for one but not $169.  These are definitely a very nice and sturdy looking case.  So far I like the look of this one and it’s made out of a strong ABS plastic so it should withstand quite a bit and not break.

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Here is another very nice looking iPad case with a keyboard built in.  This one actually looks like a leather folio but inside it reveals a nice full-size keyboard.  It is called the Keycase Folio Deluxe.  The keyboard is a Bluetooth wireless keyboard which is made out of silicone.  One nice thing about that is the protection you will get form spills.  It also allows for very quiet typing so if you are concerned about noise then you might want to consider this case.

Something else that is really nice is that the keyboard has a built-in rechargeable battery.  It can last up to 45 hours per charge and it can also be charged using a USB connection.

On the case, there is a magnetic clasp that keeps it closed and this extends the entire height of the case which helps to secure the iPad in place.

This iPad case with keyboard looks pretty darn good.  Customers that bought it had a few slight issues.

1.  They wish it was real leather for better durability

2. The silicone keyboard is much better for short messages and not long documents

Other than those two minor issues, people see satisfied with it overall.

You can buy the Aidacase Folio Deluxe for the Ipad here on Amazon where it is listed for $99.

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Sena Keyboard Folio Case


Another yet to be released iPad keyboard case, the Sena is a strong hopeful to the current lineup.  It is made from the finest quality European leather and includes an integrated Bluetooth wireless keyboard.  It offers a book style look and a side folding design with cutouts for all of the ports and speaker.

It has a soft velvet protective lining on the inside while the iPad is kept secure by a leather strap and further protection via a secure flap with snap enclosure.

The Sena is handcrafted and thus it is a little more expensive coming it at $149.  However you can pre-order for $129.  The keyboard itself has 45 hours of battery life and is ergonomically sound with a low profile and nice soft buttons (it has a silicone face).

The press release did not say when the Sena iPad keyboard case would be shipping but they are definitely taking pre-orders so that’s a good sign.  This is definitely a case that is perfect for an executive or frequent traveler that uses the iPad as a notebook replacement.

The Sena name is synonymous with high quality and durable products so it’s likely that this case will also function very well and hopefully allow you to type without a lot of distraction or noise.

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So there are three new iPad keyboard cases.  Each one is a little bit different but the clamcase is the most striking in looks and functionality.  The first generation of keyboard case combos had some serious issues (not all of them) and hopefully this new batch of predecessors will address those issues and bring to market some great products.

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  1. DMelanogaster says:

    Well, you know, the big issue here is that you are losing the light weight of the iPad. It would have been helpful to see relative weights of these cases, because that’s important! If you’re going to carry 3 lbs around instead of 1 1/2, might as well get a nice laptop (in fact, I have been carrying around a Toshiba R200 — which weighs 2.4lbs. — around for the past four years. The iPad feels a lot lighter.)

  2. Shane says:

    Hey thanks for the comment and you are absolutely right. I’m going to edit this and add some specs!! Thanks for the feedback.

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