10 Must Have iPad 2 Apps For New And Existing Users


Perhaps you just got your iPad 2 and you want to know what must have apps to get that are the best, most popular or the ones that are the best to start off with.  Here are 10 of the most essential iPad apps that will get you started. … [Read more...]

How To Use iPad 2 Effectively | iPad for Begginers [Guest Post]

how to use ipad 2

With the amount of work I can do on my iPad 2 now, my notebook is becoming less important to me. Now that I know some awesome techniques to be able to do more work, my iPad 2 is even more useful. Now I can enter/edit text faster and open/manage apps and files easier. Unfortunately, iPads are not made for data entry. That is why the attachment keyboards are very popular. Even though these keyboards are more compact then a normal keyboard, they … [Read more...]

How To Use Airprint on iPad with Printopia

How to use Airprint on iPad

If you can’t wait for the future of AirPrint, you can enhance what your iPad can do with the feature using a third-party utility such as Ecamm Network’s Printopia. A plug-in for your Mac, Printopia allows you to how use AirPrint on iPad with any printer connected to your computer. It also introduces features that go beyond paper, such as printing to specific applications (for example, you can send an photo you are printing on your iPad … [Read more...]

Top 50 iPad Apps That Work With Dropbox


Here are the top 50 iPad apps that work directly with Dropbox.  These are apps you can use with built-in Dropbox support which means you will have full access to all of your Dropbox features and files.  If you have been using Dropbox and enjoying it, then you might want to know what works with it.  Here's the top 50. … [Read more...]

10 Indespensible iPad 2 Tips And Tricks


If you are a new iPad or iPad 2 user and you want to learn some great tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPad and impress others then here are ten indespensible iPad 2 tips and tricks  to get you started. … [Read more...]

10 Must-Read iPad Resources For All New [and existing] iPad Owners

As a new iPad owner you might want to have some resources handy that allow you to learn more about your device, care for it and explore the features. Here are 10 must-read iPad resources for new and existing iPad owners... … [Read more...]

Games On iPad For Beginners

Games On iPad

Games On iPad : When it comes to games, you'll be spoilt for choice. There are so many available to download, both free or paid-for, so you can spend hours getting immersed in an adventure story (thank goodness for the iPad's excellent battery life), or just use it to while away a few minutes of your time. The obvious choices are there, like arcade-type games such as The Incident and Fruit Ninja HD, to adventure games like Hero of Sparta 2 and … [Read more...]

Watch TV on iPad | Free iPad Television

Watch TV on iPad

There are ways-though not as many as you’d think-to watch tv on iPad. When I started to write this, I really did think there would be tons of different ways to get free, legal, television shows on the iPad. Turns out I was wrong. But there are some options. If you search for “television” in the App Store, you’ll find a lot of apps. The problem is that most of them are not ready for prime time or have anything to do with television. … [Read more...]

How To Sync And Edit Docs With Your iPad

sync and edit docs with ipad

Sync and edit documents with your iPad.  Imagine if you work with Word on your PC and then you want to be able to sync that document "somewhere" so you can continue working on it right on your iPad.  It's actually possible to do this and it's actually possible to skyrocket your productivity by syncing your documents and working wherever you want to.  Here's how. … [Read more...]

Your iPad’s Lock Screen | iPad Features


Your iPad's Lock screen does more than provide a security block to prevent unauthorised access to your device (or stop you accidentally typing gibberish to a friend in an email) - it builds in useful functionality too. You can unlock your iPad straight to the picture frame to see some of your favourite photos. You'll see notifications such as new messages, reminders and more appear on-screen, and swiping these - then entering your passcode, if … [Read more...]

iPad Keyboard: Using a BlueTooth Keyboard | New User Guide

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard

If you work with, rather than against, the intelligent autocorrect and other smart features built into Apple iOS, you can get up to a fair old typing speed using the on-screen keyboard on your iPad, or even iPhone or iPod touch. If, though, you’re using an iPad's Keyboard to write a long document, or want to do more in a reply to an email on your iPhone than peck out a few hasty words. You should consider investing in a wireless keyboard. … [Read more...]

How To Restore, Restart Or Reset Your iPad


Do you know how to restore, restart or reset your iPad? Do you know the difference between the three?  This is one of the most valuable things you can know how to do with your iPad because it is also one of those skills that you can take with you and use when your iPad stops responding or for some reason completely freezes.  … [Read more...]

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