Infinity Blade For iPad | Action Games

Infinity Blade for iPad | Essential iPad Apps

As the iPhone and iPad increases in popularity, more and more big name developers are starting to take notice, eager to earn a slice of the profitable Apple pie and perhaps earn some kudos in the process. Infinity Blade by Chair Entertainment — under the watchful eye of parent company Epic Games — is the latest developer to jump onboard, and the end result is arguably one of the best looking iPad games of all time. Utilising the Unreal … [Read more...]

Disney Fairies Fly For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

Disney Fairies Images

Do you believe in fairies? If you just started clapping your hands together like some uncontrollable Peter Pan hyped up on energy drinks, then boy, do we have the app for you. lf, however, you just shouted out 'Codswallop!' at the top of your voice, you just killed a fairy, and this is still an app very worthy of your consideration. iPhone games are just meant to be a bit of fun, after all, not a philosophical consideration of the existence of … [Read more...]

Beat Sneak Bandit

Beat Sneak Bandit For iPhone

Save the world from a mass clock theft in this enchanting and deviously unique platformer Beat Sneak Bandit : All the clocks are gone. People don't know when it's lunchtime! No one knows when the soaps are on! Children are brushing their teeth for hours, because they don't know when to stop! Such a dastardly scheme could only have been hatched by evil villain Duke Clockface. "Are you implying that I need clocks to build a time freeze device? … [Read more...]

Apps so Your Kids Can | iPad for Kids

iPad - App for Kids

Lets your kids loose on these great apps. You may wonder why, when you already have enough trouble wrestling your iPad from your kid's grasp, you'd want to tempt them with more apps. We have news for you: you've lost that battle. The second they first experienced the touchscreen interface and the range of possibilities at their fingertips, you were destined to share the device with them. The best you can do now is make sure that when the do … [Read more...]

Geek out your gameplay with the AR.Drone

AR.Drone Feat

Discontented with the virtual bad guys that are present in your current iPad games?  Are you looking for a little more "cutting edge" in your gameplay?  The Parrot AR.Drone might be just the ticket! … [Read more...]

Top Educational iPad Game Apps For Kids


There are iPad games and then there are educational iPad games.  The difference between the two is slight but if you are looking for a great way to make the iPad useful while having fun and learning all at the same time then take a look at these great educational iPad games.  A lot of these are for kids, but hey, adults can actually find them useful as well because we are all just big kids anyway. … [Read more...]

Sneezies For iPad | Board/Family/Kids Games

Sneezies Images

With so many games now costing just 69 pence, a title has to be really special in order to make it stand apart from its competitors. So here's our own little  shout out to the wonderful Sneezies, one of the cutest and cleverest apps we've discovered for some time. Life for a Sneezy is pretty sweet, as they just spend all their time floating around in little bubbles, safely cocooned from the world. Of course, that wouldn't really make for that … [Read more...]

Use Notifications Centre On iPad | iPad Basics

iPad2 Notification Centre

Before iOS 5, anything requiring your attention on the iPad would pop up in a box in the middle of the screen, interrupting whatever you happened to be doing. Fortunately, the iOS on the latest iPad's addresses all that with an easy access Notification Centre. You can now decide for yourself how notification appear, either as a pop-up in the middle of the screen, as a bar the top, or not at all. Those that appear as a bar at the top leave you … [Read more...]

A Diving Sim App That Doesn’t Go Deep Enough | Ocean Blue for iPad

Ocean Blue For iPad

Remember when the Koi Pond app first hit the iPhone? It was, and is quite a neat little app that let you watch Koi swim around gracefully and tap the water to create ripples in the pond. Since then, many similar apps have been added to the App Store. Ocean Blue for iPad takes this sort of app to a whole new level. It's bigger in every way-designed for the iPad's big screen, full of a wide variety of sea creatures and environments to view them … [Read more...]

Blade Warrior For iPad | Strategy/RPG Games

Blade Warrior Images

There are plenty of apps that boast incredible presentation values, but not much underneath. Blade Warrior straddles this idea almost perfectly. From the off, you can tell that a lot of care has gone into it, as every aspect looks mesmerising, while an appropriately epic score provides the energy necessary to promote that big game feel. When you actually get into it, however, it doesn't match the build up. As minions attack one of your many … [Read more...]

Words With Friends

Words With Friends

Words With Friends : Chances are, any given iPhone has Words With Friends downloaded on it. Zynga's run¬away hit found the sweet spot among word game enthusiasts when it came over to iOS in 2009, making the iump from the web browser and Facebook to the iPhone and iPad. The asynchronous, turn-taking mode with push notifications set the standard for these types of multiplayer games. Players match up with friends from Facebook or their contacts … [Read more...]

Armado For iPad | Action Games

Armado images

Armado is an armadillo who is both tough and quick, and it's your job to guide him through various perilous levels in this enjoyable game from Tricky Software. Platform games are a difficult market on the iPhone because of the lack of physical buttons, but Armado manages to get around this by using the accelerometer for controlling Armado's direction and a single screen tap to make him jump.This is an incredibly enjoyable app and a lot of fun to … [Read more...]

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