iPad Getting Started

ipad_getting_startedAre you just getting started with the iPad or iPad 2?  Here’s the perfect place to start. On this page we will run down everything you need to know about your new iPad from the apps you will want to check out to using all of the features and even learning some essential tips and tricks.

If you already have an iPad then this page is for you as well. Here we will be sharing tips and tricks, articles that will help you make the most of your iPad and best of all we will add to this page quite frequently so check back.

Remember that the best way to begin using your iPad or iPad 2 is to sync it with iTunes and then explore the default apps such as your contacts, email, calendar, and photos.  Once you get comfortable there then it’s time to explore the App Store and get some great apps which suit your lifestyle or interests.

If you run into issues, go ahead and send an email to shane@tcgeeks.com and I can give you a hand too.  The links below will definitely get you started with some of our most popular articles but feel free to explore around and if there is something you do not see that you were hoping to find then feel free to let me know.

How To Use Your New iPad

This article will get your started using your new iPad.  It’s full of great resources, tips and tricks, how to get started and where to go when you need help.  We also have a great section on using your iPad for business and using your iPad for School.  And if you are just looking for some great iPad apps well, we have you covered there too.

Helpful iPad Resources

If you are a new iPad owner there are probably a lot of things you want to know how to do with your new device.  You probably want to know how to use some of the accessories, which apps to buy first, and how you can use your iPad to be more productive, have fun, or explore new things.  Here are some articles that will help you as a new iPad owner:

How to Use iPad 2

Helpful iPad 2 Resources

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