How To Remove Sent From My iPad Signature

how to remove sent from my ipad signature

This tutorial will show you how to remove "Sent from my iPad" signature that mail automatically adds to each of email messages you send from your iPad. One of the first things you might notice while using mail on your iPad is that it automatically adds the signature line "Sent from my iPad". If you'd rather set that to your own email signature - or have none at all - follow the instructions outlined below. Step 1. Start out by selecting … [Read more...]

Convert PDF files to ePub files on iPad


This tutorial will guide guide you through process of converting PDF files so that they can be read in iBooks, the iPad application, iBooks uses an ebook format called ePub. Using a converter application (and ebook manager) called calibre you can quickly convert PDF (and other file formats) to ePub files, which can you then transfer to your iPad for reading in iBooks. This tutorial will take you step by step through the entire process. Step … [Read more...]

Useful Guide in Buying an iPad

One of the best devices that you can find in the market nowadays is the iPad. Almost everyone wants to own this magnificent device these days because it offers several features that you cannot ignore such as watch videos, play music, read ebooks, playing e-games, share or view pictures and others. iPad is an amazing device that gives you the opportunity to have the world in your palm. As there are various brands and manufacturers of iPad, it is … [Read more...]

Inside the iCloud

iCloud iOS 5

iCloud represents the future of data and transfer and will revolutionise the way we use our devices, enabling all information and data to be accessed from any device, any time. The iCloud brings a whole new way of storing, sharing and processing data with your iPad and is, quite frankly, amazing! And here's how it works and how you can use it! There are so many exciting apps available for the iPad it’s virtually impossible to cover them all, … [Read more...]

Using iMessage A Step-By-Step Guide


For this tutorial we will take you through the use of 'Message - is one of the best features of 10S 5 enabling instant group chatting, picture and file sharing and more. It will change the way you communicate and makes it even easier to stay in touch with people so understanding how to get the most from this feature is essential. You can text from the iPad and here's how... STEP 1 The first thing you'll need to do is make sure [Message is … [Read more...]

Browse the internet privately on your iPad

images (1)

The iPad's web browser knows where you've been. But what if you don't want people to know which sites you've visited? Normally, when you use a web browser on your iPad or desktop computer, your movements are tracked. By default, every site you visit is recorded in the browser's history, and 'cookies' - little snippets of information -remember when and where you visited, and what you did. There's a valid reason for this - it makes revisiting … [Read more...]

Notification Centre

Notification Centre 1

i0S5's new notification system makes keeping track of new notifications and acting on them a piece of cake. Every notification is stored in one place and can be accessed at any time with a single swipe of the finger. STEP 1 You can access the new Notification Center at any time no matter which app you're in simply by swiping your finger down from the top of the screen. STEP 2 When you swipe down. Notification Center will be pulled into … [Read more...]

Lock The Screen Orientation On Your iPad


There are several reasons why you might not want the iPad to automatically switch from portrait to landscape (or vice versa) screen orientation. Some apps look better in one or the other aspects and several games really don't suit landscape mode. Luckily, there is a way to stop your iPad switching screen orientation automatically and keep it fixed on either landscape or portrait mode. STEP 1 Whilst in any app, double-click the Home button at … [Read more...]

Making Numbers Add Up!

Mac Spreadsheet

Numbers is the only spreadsheet app you'll ever need for your iPad. It comes with a suite of powerful functions and enormous flexibility that make it the must-have app for anyone who works regularly with spreadsheets. Spreadsheets can be the cornerstone of businesses, organisations and home affairs. The ability to update and edit on the move is a great bonus and Numbers for iPad is hugely powerful piece of software that enables the user to do … [Read more...]

Pairing and Unpairing Bluetooth Device


The Bluetooth function on your Wad allows you to use lots of different peripherals such as keyboards and headphones. Before you can use these wireless extras, you will need to pair them to your iPad. Pairing Bluetooth Device To The iPad Pairing simply means making your iPad see and connect to a device. STEP 1 Follow the instructions given with your chosen Bluetooth peripheral to make it visible to your iPad. The actual steps needed to do … [Read more...]

How to Lock Your iPad


Adding a PIN lock to your iPad is a good idea, particularly if you keep personal or important information on it. Setting up a PIN should be the first of a number of security features you can add to your device. Doing so won't stop your iPad being lost or stolen, but it will prevent anyone accessing your private data. STEP 1 Open the main Settings using the icon on your home screen. STEP 2 Choose General Settings from the left hand column … [Read more...]

Upgrade Your iOS Divice | iOS 5 Features


Keeping your iPad, iPod or iPhone up to date with the latest version of iOS is important. Each new version of the operating system adds new features and might also Include fixes for known problems. Luckily, updating iOS is easy when you know how. iOS 5 Features - Upgrade Your iOS Device Backup And Sync Your Data Before you update your iOS device, it is a good idea to make a backup and sync all of your data. Connect your device to your PC or … [Read more...]

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