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Add More Apps To Your iPad Dock Adding more or different apps to the app dock on your iPad is a good way to keep your most often used apps at your fingertips. The default apps in the dock are Safari, Mail, Photos and iPod, but you can easily change these or add more. STEP 1 Choose any of the apps on your home screens that you want to move to the dock and select it by touching and holding the icon until it starts to shake and a small H … [Read more...]

How To Scan Documents With Your iPad

faster scan

Here’s handy extra use for your iPad: a portable scanner. Armed with the right apps, you can utilize its rear-facing camera camera to snap documents – including multi-page ones- quickly and easily, then either share those scans as images or PDF files, or go one step further and extract the text from the scans to cop into a text file for editing purposes. The great news is that you can get all this functionality for free – and while the … [Read more...]

Using Remote For iPad


Make your iPad the hub for all your home entertainment. A key point of rhetoric in all of Apple's announcements leading up to the launch of 10S 5 has been the demotion of the home computer from the 'centre of your digital life' to just another device'. The power and versatility of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad mean you can perform the vast majority of tasks that were previously only possible on a PC or Mac on your mobile device, on the … [Read more...]

What are the Factors of good Web Design?

There are many companies and businesses in Brisbane. If any business wants to attain success then the main thing that matters is a good website. For a site to succeed there should be a good theme and design. There are many good web design companies as well onBrisbane. For a good web design brisbane what you need to do is search for a good company. The design company should have an eye of artist and the company should be able to understand the … [Read more...]

Choose The Children’s learning applications Wisely then Be a teacher of Your Own Child


Rapid developments in the technology world these days, is very helpful for everyone in carrying out daily activities . In fact , in educating the children, parents are able to use some of the latest communication technology products , through a various children's learning applications . Many applications are provided by the service provider , which can be used as a learning tool creatively, interesting and not boring for the kids . They can … [Read more...]

Locate Your Friend Using Your iPad | iPad Apps


Our iPad's a clever bit of kit: using a range of technology, including a GPS chip, it nearly always knows where in the world it is., with incredible accuracy. With the Find My Friend app, you can share this location with your iPad-, iPhone- and iPod touch-owning friends, and see where they are too. There are all sorts of uses for this: find out which restaurant your friends have decided upon, for instance, or see how far from home your partner is … [Read more...]

Offline Reading Using Readability Apps | iPad Apps


Instapaper has really taken off on the iPad and iPhone, yet it's not the only service to offer offline reading in a stripped-down form to make text free of images and adverts. Readability is a free service with the added benefit that app is also free from the App store. It has much the same functionality as the aforementioned Instapaper but has support from, dishing up really interesting articles from that source in the Longform … [Read more...]

Listen To Podcast | iPad Basics


Podcast may seem a little 2003 rather than 2013, but media outlets still seem them as a major catchup medium and an increasingly diverse genre for consumers of audio programmes. They're like DIY broadcasting- prerecorded audio or video shows that you can download (most of free) and enjoy on your computer, iPad or other device. Up until now, you'd fine them under the Podcasts tab in the iTunes Store: download one and it appeared in your music app … [Read more...]

Your iPad’s Lock Screen | iPad Features


Your iPad's Lock screen does more than provide a security block to prevent unauthorised access to your device (or stop you accidentally typing gibberish to a friend in an email) - it builds in useful functionality too. You can unlock your iPad straight to the picture frame to see some of your favourite photos. You'll see notifications such as new messages, reminders and more appear on-screen, and swiping these - then entering your passcode, if … [Read more...]

How To Create, Edit And Organize Notes in Evernote

evernote ipad

Should your desk frequently resemble a war zone,covered in jottings and other cryptic notes, then you're one of those people who will appreciate what Evernote can bring to your life. Evernote is a free, cross-platform service that allows you to store virtual notes, either individually or stored in notebooks. These notes can include text, documents and even audio recordings, and can be accessed from your computer. Mobile device or a web … [Read more...]

Can’t Setting Up Emails on iPad | Troubleshooting Guide

setting up email on ipad

Setting up a new Mail account, especially if it's not one of the supported email account like Google or Yahoo, can be challenging. It's easy to make a mistake when you input the require data, like POP mail server names. Even with an account that's supported, you can easily misspell your password or email address. If there are any errors in your email setup, you won't be able to send or receive email. If you can't set up a new email on iPad and … [Read more...]

How To Find a Missing iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

find my ipad

That moment when you realize you've misplaced your iPad can be a nightmare. But, thanks to some clever technology called Find My iPad service, you can - in most cases - track down where it is. Using a combination of nearby mobile phone masts, Wi-fi network and its GPS sensor, your iPad can pinpoint its location just about anywhere in the world with incredible accuracy. So as long as your device is connected to the internet in some way - either … [Read more...]

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