How To Use iCloud To Find Your Mac

How To Use iCloud

Up until now, Macs have been dependent on others (third party software) for the recovery of stolen or lost Macs, iPhone, and iPads. How to use iCloud to find your device using Find My Mac is easier than ever. Find My Mac is a new feature in iCloud. There are, however, a few drawbacks. How To Use iCloud To Find Your Mac You need to have OS X Lion 10.7 or higher, Wi-Fi access, a free iCloud account, a partition installed for recovery; it has to … [Read more...]

Using Maps On The iPad | Get Direction

Using Maps On The iPad

Even though Maps doesn’t feature spoken turn-by-turn navigation, you can still use it to get from point A to point B. To enter Directions mode, tap the Directions button in the upper left corner of the toolbar. The search bar will expand into two different fields—Start and End—with an s-shaped arrow in the middle. Tapping the arrow at any point will swap whatever you have in those two fields—useful if you’ve navigated somewhere … [Read more...]

Navigate With Maps | iPad Tutorial

iPad Maps | iPad Tutorial

Few things are more frustrating than trying to unfurl a full-size map while driving or walking around. With Maps on the iPad, you can view, zoom, and get directions for almost any destination in the world—without the hassle or clutter of toting around paper maps. The 3G iPad even comes with a built-in compass and GPS receiver. iPad Tutorial - Get Oriented Apple’s built-in Maps app uses Google Maps to deliver search results, driving … [Read more...]

Your Guide Using Twitter on iPad | iPad Tutorial

Twitter For iPad | iPad Tutorial

Follow this iPad Tutorial to get started with your Twitter account and the official application on your iPad. From installation, searching for users, to tweeting your latest thoughts or opinions, we have got the core uses covered in much more than 140 characters! Getting Started Upon opening this app you will greeted with a lot of information, don’t panic, on the left you will notice the categories that your fellow Twitters fall under. The … [Read more...]

Another New iOS 5 Features To Help With Your Day: Reminders

iOS 5 Features | Reminders

Another one of iOS 5 features is Reminders. It like using Post-it to setup self reminders and task lists on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. It keeps them synced up through iCloud so you don’t miss any more appointments or meetings. It’s one of the newest iOS 5 features for the Mac and iPhones, iPads, and iPods. iOS 5 Features: Reminders Reminders keeps all your reminders synced to all your iOS devices so all you have to do is glance at the … [Read more...]

iMessage Is The Best iOS 5 Features For Texting On Apple Devices

iOS 5 Features | iMessages

You thought it couldn’t get better but with iMessage on the iOS 5 you can use any of your Apple devices to text anyone you want, anywhere you want, using any device you want. If you have an Internet connection, iOS 5 features, then you can use any of your iPhone, iPads, or iPods to text message anyone on your list, for FREE. iOS Features - iMessage If you use iChat on your Mac then you know how iMessage works. It’s an IM client for sending … [Read more...]

How To Use AirPlay With Apple TV | Streaming Your iPad Content

How To Use Airplay

If you own an Apple TV (the 2nd gen model and above) then AirPlay is potentially one of the coolest new features included in the recent iOS 4.2 software update for the iPad. AirPlay allows you to stream content from your iPad or iPhone (or touch) to your TV screens via Apple TV. The content you can stream is pretty limited right now, but should expand in the future – through Apple updates. How To Use Airplay With Apple TV For now, you can … [Read more...]

A Guide to Facebook On iPad | iPad Tutorial

Facebook For iPad | iPad Tutorial

Use this iPad tutorial to get started with the official Facebook application, from setting up your account, searching for friends, to uploading images and bringing your entire social network a little closer together. Signing Up & Signing In With installation complete, firstly tap the 2x button on the lower right to expand this iPhone native app to full screen. Here you are given two options Signing in or signing up. If you have a Facebook … [Read more...]

Using iCloud For App Download | iPad Tutorial

Using iCloud

A little tip for iTunes 4.3 users. This version of iTunes already has some iCloud functionality up and running. Notice the button that enables you to view all your purchased tracks. Next to this you’ll see a cloud icon. This enables you to quickly and easily sync all your previously purchased iTunes tracks across your devices. Using iCloud For App Downloads. Thanks to the iCloud you can now access every single app you have downloaded – free … [Read more...]

Tweets Everywhere With Your iPad | Twitter For iPad

Twitter for iPad

There are many pretenders to the crown but if you are looking to share your tweets or iOS 5 linked files and media with the rest of the world, there is one application that you are going to need. With numerous excellent Twitter for iPad already on release the official Twitter application has some lofty competition to better and it does so with ease. Unlike the equally impressive official Facebook application, it would appear that the … [Read more...]

Best Social Networking Apps For iPad | iPad Tutorial

Skype for ipad

Our team has put together this comprehensive round up of the most popular Social Networking apps for iPad and we share our thoughts on them so you can choose which is right for you, whilst giving you our picks too. AIM For iPad Upon launching this app, we were impressed with its quick startup and the fact that one can choose from three different instant messaging accounts, AIM, MobileMe or Mac. After logging in via our AIM account, we were … [Read more...]

Social Networking On iPad | iPad Tutorial

Agile Messenger HD Pro for iPad

Social networking has completely changed how we communicate, and with Twitter linking functionality incorporated so deeply in iOS 5 the links between the iPad and social networks has never been stronger. So we have compiled this feature as iPad tutorial to ensure that you use your iPad to navigate your social network sites, to stay in touch with friends and family across the key social sites and tools. IM+ When you open the app for the first … [Read more...]

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