Warning: These 3 iPad Books Are Game Changers-You’ll Be Hooked

I’ve seen a lot of books for the iPad in the iBookstore.  So have you.  Afterall, the book apps are the most popular category in the entire store.  When people think of books for the iPad, they immediately think of the iBookstore and head over there to check out the latest bestsellers.  But this isn’t where you are going to find the cool books.  The books that make you stop and say “wow”.  Here’s a few that do that and how to get them.

I’ll admit it.  Whenever I saw a book make the app store, I wasn’t that interested.  It wasn’t as cool to me as a game or an exciting productivity app. Part of the reason for this is because I associated a book app with books in the iBookstore.  There is a difference, however.

Books in the iBookstore tend to be more static. They are meant to be used and read like a book.  Words. Images. Pages that flip.  Apps that are books are a little different. They are more dynamic and offer features such as interactivity, animation, and a totally different way to experience a book.

There are certainly some standout examples that have nearly 5-star ratings and offer up ways to experience books you really must check out.

The Cat In The Hat – Dr. Seuss ($3.99)

For $3.99 you get the classic Dr. Seuss book with added features and functionality far beyond even what Dr. Seuss himself imagined.  Now, you might wonder why it’s so amazing.  Well for starters, you get professional narration, background audio and enlarged artwork for each scene.  Better still, individual words are highlighted as the story is read and words zoom up when pictures are touched.

There are actually three ways you can read this book:

  • Listen to the narrated story
  • Read it as you would a print book
  • Let it play like a movie

It’s hard to find a print book for $3.99 let alone an interactive book.  So this is actually a great way to save money and experience a great classic in a whole new way.  Even adults will enjoy this.  There are more classic titles by Dr. Suess as well including:

  • How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  • The Lorax
  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • The Sneetches


Pedlar Lady ($4.99)

Now here is something you won’t find in any other print book.  This is how books really were meant to be experienced.  Pedlar Lady immerses you in the story, offers up randomly selected alternate views, sound effects and extras, so that no two viewings are alike.  It also offers sophisticated and dynamic typography, poetic language, and even a Spanish option.

There is a trailer of the movie here


Alice For The iPad ($8.99)

Yet another way developers are taking books to new places.  Imagine the story of Alice in Wonderland in a book that literally takes you on the entire adventure.  With this app (book), you can tilt the iPad to make Alice grow big or shrink.  Throw tarts at the queen of hearts while enjoying hundreds of pages and amazing animated scenes.

Once a kids story, this is a new way to take it to a level even adults will find enjoyable.


There are three examples of iPad books you won’t find in the iBookstore.  These are book apps.  They are ways to enjoy books that have not yet been possible before.  The significance here is that they are able to education, entertain, and change how we read books.

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