iPad iOS 4.2 Features You Might Have Missed

With all of the hype around Airprint and Airplay and Multitasking you might have missed some of the other great features that iOS 4.2 brought with it.  But there were a whole bunch of other great features that came with the upgrade so we would like to show you a few of those.  Go ahead and have a look…

Some iOS 4.2 Great Features

Safari App

There were some great enhancements to the iOS 4 version of Safari.  Here are a few:

  • Accelerometer-based Actions.  Tilt the iPad to control or manipulate objects right in the browser. Not all sites use this yet but if you run into one that does, it makes web surfing a lot more interesting.  Try it out on a site and see if you get any results.

Accessibility Improvements

These iOS 4.2 features are great especially if you have special needs or perhaps you have a grandparent with poor eyesight using the iPad.

  • Large Text. This can be found in Settings > General > Accessibility.  It really works and it makes text a lot larger in apps such as Notes, Mail and other supported applications. This is a great new feature because you can select various text sizes and adjust it without having to scroll back and forth to make the feature work.
  • Web Rotor.  Here is an interesting new iOS 4.2 feature that not everyone will use but it’s definitely useful.  It is found under Settings > General > Accessibility > Voice Over.  This allows visually impaired people to use the iPad by changing the way some gestures and taps behave.  And it also narrates your interaction with the iPad.  Web rotor also offers some great fine-tuning to web browsing and text entry.  With it turned on, for example, you can press two fingers on the iPad screen and then rotate as if you were manipulating a dial. This causes the iPad to bring up an on-screen graphic reading aloud context-sensitive options depending on which app Web Rotor was opened in.

Business Enhancements

If you use the iPad for business then there were a few enhancements to iOS 4.2 that you might find useful as well.

  • You can now setup multiple Exchange accounts (long overdue feature)
  • You can now reply to event invitations from your Exchange email account directly within the calendar app
  • The built-in Active Sync now includes Exchange Server 2010 and SSL VPN Support
  • Find My iPad is finally FREE

Other Great iOS 4.2 Features

  • The ability to place restriction on Installing or Deleting Apps
  • Locking changes to Email and Location settings
  • YouTube has now received the ability to Like or Dislike videos via the YouTube app

So there are some really great iOS 4.2 features that you might have not known about or just overlooked.  There were over 100 new features added so I am sure I have missed a few as well. If you have any that you have found particularly useful please add them to the comments below.

What is your favorite iPad iOS 4.2 new feature?

Originally posted 2010-12-03 11:53:18.


  1. Robert L. says:

    Do you know any accelerometer based websites? You have peaked my curiosity.

    1. Shane says:

      Hey there Robert.

      There Are not many at all. I was able to find this one:


      All it does is show you a fish that responds to the motion of the iPad

      I’m hoping this technology advances a little more than this.

  2. Liz says:

    The PacMan game uses this and it’s a lot of fun.

    1. Shane says:

      Hi Liz…thanks. I was not aware of that and now I need to try it out!!!

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