iPad Jailbreak

What Is Jailbreaking?

Have you heard of iPad jailbreaking and wondered what it is?  When you jailbreak the iPad it is the process by which the firmware (operating system) is modified so you can run apps and perform functions on your iPad that were not initially intended by Apple. It also adds “unofficial” app installers such as the Cydia app store.  This means you can access a whole new world of apps and interesting ways to use your iPad.

iPad Jailbreak

When you jailbreak your iPad, the risks are minor and the worst thing that can happen is you would have to restore back to factory defaults.  And despite what some would tell you, jailbreaking is legal.  We have put together some information on what jailbreaking is, how to do it, and we will add helpful articles each week to show you apps and tips for getting the most out of your jailbreaking experience.

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