A Step by Step Guide to Jailbreaking Your iPad 2!


The news we've all been waiting for is finally here, a tool has been released that will allow iPad 2 owners (and all other iOS 4.3+ device users) to jailbreak their tablets!  This is no unstable beta solution either, this is a full-fledged *untethered* jailbreak.  Even better news, this method is easy to do and doesn't even require you to connect to a traditional computer. … [Read more...]

How Much Of Your iPad Do You Really Own?


I have been following the story of George Hotz, aka Geohot for about a month now.  He's the guy from New Jersey that was the first to jailbreak the iPhone and has since been sued by Sony when he issued a jailbreak for his own PS3.  Apple could not sue him since it was deemed by the U.S. Government that jailbreaking is not illegal. But if that were not the case would they too have tried to sue Geohot? … [Read more...]

iPad 4.3.1 Jailbreak Tutorial With Sn0wbreeze


This iPad 4.3.1 jailbreak tutorial using Sn0wbreeze is valid for the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod tocuch 3G/4G and iPad ( 1st Gen only).  If you are looking to jailbreak your iPad and you have iOS 4.3.1 and want to take advantage of the multiple apps in the cydia app store then this is the tutorial for you. … [Read more...]

iPad Jailbreakers: Browse For Cydia Apps Easier Right From Your Desktop

Cydia Search

If you are an iPad jailbreaker (sounds like a club) and you often find yourself struggling to find iPad apps in the Cydia store then you are now in luck because here is a great new way to search for them right from your browser. … [Read more...]

Spend $35 And Display Your iPad’s Entire Screen


Have you ever wanted to project your iPad's entire screen up on a large screen?  Perhaps for a demo or a training session on how to use the iPad?  Well thanks to Christopher Breen over at Macworld, you can now do this for the low price of $31 and a little bit of jailbreaking.  Here's how it's done. … [Read more...]

Rotating your homescreen wallpaper on a timer with ‘BossPaper’


The  gorgeous 132dpi screen on your iPad is great for displaying beautiful wallpaper on your homescreen.  It is so great, that you might have trouble choosing one killer background out of your library to hold that position of honor.  However, if you have a jailbroken iPad, you may not have to! … [Read more...]

5 Post-Jailbreak Essential Cydia Apps


Here are 5 essential Cydia apps once you have jailbroken your iPad.  You have finally thrown off the shackles of Apple’s closed iOS, your iPad is officially jailbroken.  Now what?  Here are five essential (and FREE) items that you’ll want to grab from the Cydia store. … [Read more...]

Getting Around Your iPad In Style With “Activator”


Tablet computing is all about convenience, and getting stuff done faster than it has been done before.  By now you have probably figured out that there aren't too many shortcuts built into Apple's iOS, presumably for simplicity's sake.  If you're looking to add a couple gesture controls or shortcuts to your jailbroken iPad, "Activator" from the BigBoss repository is the Cydia package for you!   … [Read more...]

What Is iPad Jailbreaking?

iPad Jailbreak

I bet you have heard the term "Jailbreaking" from time to time or even in the media and wondered what it is.  Jailbreaking has a really bad sounding connotation to it but it really isn’t that bad at all. In fact, it is one of those thing that can actually be useful and helpful.  Here is everything you need to know about jailbreaking the iPad. … [Read more...]

Easy iPad Jailbreak 4.2.1 With RedsnOw

iPad 4.2.1 Jailbreak

When I first started writing this tutorial I was writing for 4.1 as it was anyone’s guess when iOS 4.2 would be released by Apple. Well Just before publishing this Apple decided to push out 4.2.1 today. buy prednisone So here I am rewriting my premiere tutorial on jailbreaking the iPad with iOS 4.2.1.В  And pay no attention to my tears due to deleting my 4.1 tutorial. buy 25mg viagra buy diflucan … [Read more...]

When will you be able to jailbreak your iPad 2? Soon!

Jailbreak 4.3

You giddily skipped home from the store yesterday with iPad 2 in hand, a thinner, lighter, faster nugget of Apple magic.  All through the evening you synced data, you solved the puzzle of the mysterious smart cover, and you made funny faces into the photobooth app.  It has been fun, but that new gadget spell is beginning to wear off, and the age-old question is creeping into your mind.  It probably looks something like this, "WHEN CAN I … [Read more...]

Jailbreak The iPad: What It Means And Why People Do It


Jailbreaking the iPad (and iPhone) has been a hot topic for quite a long time.  It started with the iPhone and has since applied to the iPad as well.  But what is "jailbreaking" and why would you want to or not want to do this with your iPad?  This post will be useful if you want to understand what all of the hype is around jailbreaking and it helps you decide if you want to pursue it. … [Read more...]

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