iPad Note Taking Apps And The Best Stylus To Use

Ever wanted to know what a really good iPad note taking app is and what kind of a stylus you should use?  The best way to know is to use a lot of them and find the ones that work the best.  Here are a few and one of the best styli that you can get as well.

iPad Note Taking Apps And The Best Stylus To Use

There are several categories of note taking apps for the iPad. Some of them don’t allow you to use a stylus and some do.  Some are far more complex and include tasks, lists, projects, etc.  But for most people they just want to have a note taking app that works and one that they can also use with a stylus if the need arises.

Taking notes on the iPad is one of those basic fundamental things that a lot of people will ask about when they first get theirs. It’s natural to want to use it for that since it has a nice big screen, is light and portable, and is generally a great tool to use for meeting or especially in school. Using the virtual keyboard on the iPad is great after you get used to it but also it’s nice to have something you can write with once in a while.  And this is where the stylus come in handy.

The Best iPad Stylus

I want to start off with the stylus before getting into the apps.  A stylus for a tablet computer is a pen-like device that has a capacitive tip.  That means it can be used with the screen of the tablet kind of like you can use your fingers.  One thing about the stylus is that while it looks like a pen, it really has some differences.

For one thing, it does not have a sharp tip like a pen.  For reasons of usability with the capacitive nature of it, the tips can only get so thin before they do not work well.  A lot of people are shocked when they first use a stylus because it just does not feel like on would expect and indeed they are very good at sketching or drawing but not as good at writing words.

There are also models that are not as heavy as a good, quality pen.  So you might pick it up and it feels cheap and like a toy.  For the most part you get what you pay for when it comes to a good stylus.  The one thing to be aware of that I have heard from users is the tip of the stylus.  Some people say that the ones they have tried have a tip that feels like rubber skidding across pavement.  It grabs at the screen and does not provide a “smooth” writing experience.

One stylus, however that I have been getting a ton of great feedback on is called the Cape Cod.  The site that sells it calls it the “best stylus on earth” and judging from the feedback I have from those that own one they are not exaggerating.  The Cape Cod is perfectly weighted, has a fairly sharp tip, and does not grab at the screen of the iPad.  It actually looks just like a pen and has a metal casing with rubber grips down where your fingers go.

The Cape Code sells for $33.99 and can be found here on the Best Stylus site.  Warning….this site has some bright colors.

The iPad Note Taking  Apps

So now you have a darn good stylus on the way and you wanna get ready with a good note taking app.  But you don’t want to waste time or money so you are wondering what the best ones are. Fair enough.  It can get expensive rummaging through app after app so here are a few you can check out.

Notes Plus ($5.99)

Notes Plus for iPad

Notes plus is rated with a 4.5 out of 5 stars by users.  It is a full featured iPad note taking app that has some really nice things that it can do.  But the best thing this app does is allow you to take really good notes with your stylus.  In fact, it’s completely geared toward that.  It fully supports handwriting, typing and audio recording.

One thing it does is provide a feature called “Close-up handwriting”. This is a handy little feature which support writing very small text but what you see is a lot larger.  And another nice thing is that it support palm handling.  And that means you can rest your palms naturally on the iPad screen without interrupting your writing, etc.

The overall interface was designed to be clean and neat and it is one of those apps you can take with you to a meeting and use for notes or for doodling images or sketches.  Best of all, if something comes up that you want to record, then it allows you to begin recording audio.  If you want to see the app in action, there is a great YouTube video below that you can watch on their website.

Notes Plus - Handwriting, Note Taking, Shape Drawing, and Sound Recording - Viet Tran

Sundry Notes Pro ($2.99)


Another iPad note taking app that can be used with your stylus.  Sundry notes has been around for awhile and they have a very solid app for taking notes with.  It allows you to type, draw, sketch, record audio, and even create tables.

It definitely has all of the features you would expect to find but it has something else: WiFi collaboration.  Now here is what makes this app stand out from the other note taking apps. If you are on the same WiFi network as others using the Sundry app, then you can all collaborate together on the same set of notes.  And that is great for group meetings or if you are a student wanting to share notes together.

Beyond that, it provides a nice clean and crisp interface that looks just like a pad of paper (lined or unlined) and let’s you sync all your notes or sketches right up to the cloud.

Sundry Notes Pro - inZania LLC

Audiotorium Notes ($4.99)


Here is another iPad app for taking notes that is fully integrated with Dropbox.  This is super for those of you out there (and there are a lot of you) using Dropbox to store your digital information.  Audiotorium is actually directly connected to your own Dropbox account which means that you can take notes with it and not have to worry about syncing it or sending the notes to your email, etc.

It also happens to have a massive list of features and a beautiful interface.  The developers did an amazing job with this one.  Like the others it lets you take notes, record audio, and organize everything pretty much any way you want.

It also supports a technology called TextExpander.  If you are not familiar with that, it is a way to use short codes in order to expand out to frequently used words, phrases or sentences.  Those that rely on TextExpander can save massive amounts of time.  So using this app, you can cut down your actual writing time and  be far more productive (provided you know and remember your codes).

Audiotorium also support the inserting of photos right into your notes.

Audiotorium Notes - Text & Audio Notes with Dropbox & TextExpander integration. For meetings or school, you want this app! - App Apps, LLC


It would not be hard to recommend the Cape Code stylus at all based on the user feedback.  But to recommend one iPad note taking app over another might be more challenging.  They are all great and they all will offer the same set of base features.  Notes Plus is the one that is middle of the road while Sundry offers you wireless collaboration and Audiotorium gives you instant Dropbox syncing.

I would pick the one which gives you what you need beyond notes because they all do that very well and are in a similar pricing range.

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  1. Thanks for the stylus tips. I haven’t heard of those before. I’m currently using a Griffin which sells for about 1/2 the price… but the Cape Cod looks much nicer. I may have to check it out! Related: I helped fund the Cosmonaut (wide-tipped stylus) through Kickstarter. Interesting concept of going with the form factor of a dry erase marker vs. a pen. I’m looking forward to checking it out in the June time frame.

    Notes Plus is one of my favorite note-taking apps. I wouldn’t classify it as middle-of-the-road, but I haven’t looked closely at the other two you mentioned (yet). Some others you might consider are Note Taker HD, Noteshelf and UPAD.

    One of the things I like about Notes Plus is the transparency of the developer. You can visit his website and view his development progress and product backlog (e.g., Dropbox support and PDF import and write-over). He’s also very responsive. In addition to what you mentioned, some other differentiators are the folder hierarchy which makes it easy to organize your notes, and shape detection (draw perfect triangles, squares and circles!).

    Note Taker HD is also very robust. Differentiators include galleries of many, many shapes and ability to import and markup PDFs. Though it doesn’t have folders, you can add tags to notes to help you find them later.

    Noteshelf is simpler, but it may be all some people need. It has more templates that the others I mentioned (e.g, day planner, tasks lists, meeting notes), and also hundreds of icons that can be placed in your notes. Negatives include: no auto advance when writing, no text (keyboard) and no shapes.

    I look forward to checking out the apps that you mentioned!

    1. Shane says:

      Herb. Thanks a ton. Really appreciate the feedback. And I really like those other ones you listed as well. Yeah I think that with apps the developers being helpful and transparent is becoming increasingly important as a form of customer care. No longer can you throw out an app, expect people to pay and then abandon your customers.

      The cape cod stylus was highly recommended by several readers who rave about it and the ratings say the same. Although the website leaves alot to be desired!!

      1. Anne B says:

        Sorry Shane, can’t agree with the review of Stylus R Us .Not only does the website leave alot to be desired, especially all the overdone reviews plastered all over the site from supposed thrilled customers, (blowing their own trumpet ?) so does the Stylus. I was given an extendable one that looks remarkably similiar to the radio aerial on my car with some sort of conductive stuff jammed in the end. The top has a clip which looks like it’s been removed from a normal writing pen and fused onto the ‘aerial’. Using it can be real hit or miss. They stress that you must use very light pressure which in my opinion is not a natural way of writing. I’d suggest that there are plenty of You Tube videos to watch so you can then pop out into the shed and make a very similar one ,for a tenth of the price or look elsewhere. Basically an overpriced cheaply manufactured product.

        1. Sue says:

          LOLLLLLLL THE TITLE OF THESE COMMENTS is Speak Your Mind. Let’s see if we get to do that. After all, one side, wouldn’t be fair, now would it?. We find it amazing so many judge a book by its cover. Haven’t you ever heard of the saying, DON’T JUDGE a book by its cover?? People that do judge anything by the way it looks, and, in turn, shy away from it, are the one who lose, believe that! When you began your search for a stylus, did you have judging the site in mind? Of course you didn’t. How would you like a new neighbor of yours, coming over to visit you and your wife for the first time, and upon entering your living room, they start telling you, that couch has to go. That chair is ugly. How would you feel then? You’d say to yourself, and what business is that of yours: this what WE like. We didn’t decorate our home, to please our neighbors. Whatever happened to each his own?? Haven’t you all had enough of these black and white, all 100% IDENTICAL sites where everything is colorless and everything on it is a link so the first one you click on, you’ve left that page, never to get back there again?? Now that (type) needs to go!!
          As far as the comment above saying…”Sorry Shane, can’t agree with the review of Stylus R Us .Not only does the website leave a lot to be desired, especially all the overdone reviews plastered all over the site from supposed thrilled customers, (blowing their own trumpet ?”
          LOL. I guess the truth (having a valid reason to blow your own trumpet) does irritate many who just can’t handle the truth. Having the BEST, always seems to upset many.
          And then we have this award winning comment from above:
          “I was given an extendable one that looks remarkably similiar (SP) to the radio aerial on my car with some sort of conductive stuff jammed in the end. The top has a clip which looks like it’s been removed from a normal writing pen and fused onto the ‘aerial’. Using it can be real hit or miss. They stress that you must use very light pressure which in my opinion is not a natural way of writing.”
          Disregarding the miss pelt word of that author, what? Now the “construction” of the stylus is an issue? Ommmmgggg and why is this an issue? And you said…”I was given an…” taken to mean, the company was NICE ENOUGH to throw in a free stylus along with your order, and what do you do? You then blow the gift off, and start picking the construction apart. What part of this are you missing? I think it’s time for you to RE-watch the VERY FIRST YOUTUBE video on their MOTTO page titled “NO PRESSURE TIP”, just try and find ANY OTHER stylus that can do that!!! Bragging? Rightfully so! Their stylus walk on water. They require absolute ZERO pressure.
          And what part of this paragraph on their web site didn’t you understand, seen on their 3rd page titled SHOWROOM, towards the bottom. It says..
          Because there are “different strokes…for different folks” (everyone likes different things) SRU realizes our stylus may not be for everyone. However – as the saying goes: there are two kinds of people in the world: the majority…and the rest.
          When it comes to the majority of touch-screen stylus users – they DON’T want to have to use any pressure while note taking – texting – emailing – drawing – or anything else on their device. They simply want to be able to ever so lightly touch their device screen – and activate whatever they touched. That again – is the majority. And for the majority – you will NEVER be happy with any other stylus – as all of the other stylus companies (BUT STYLUS-R-US) require pressure on the screen – to activate.
          Then we have the minority. Those few -who enjoy having to jab and grind their screen each time – as if they were killing an ant with every assaultive stroke. If you fall in this category, PLEASE do not buy our stylus – as a) you will not like it at all. b) you will have to go thru the refund process and….c) you will have to mail your stylus back, prior to being given a refund. So, if you are a “heavy-handed-jabber” please do NOT buy our stylus.
          For those who want a magical super light touch on the their device screen – so that you can speed from icon to icon – letter to letter – line to line and get the job done fast – with literally NO-PRESSURE AT ALL – STYLUS-R-US is the only stylus to use. FYI: All of our stylus have and use the VERY same tip – so they all perform flawlessly. ”
          Did we possibly miss that Anne? The company is pleading with all of the people like yourself, who love having to jab and stab and pound their glass screen trying to activate whatever, NOT to buy their stylus because it DOESN’T require any pressure: what 98% of the world wants. Just because you enjoy the stabbing game, don’t knock the rest of the world who doesn’t!
          And this comment is a winner: Anne wrote….”especially all the overdone reviews plastered all over the site from supposed thrilled customers”
          A detective you will never be Anne. a) You need to learn what a screen shot is. b) you need to recognize a PayPal document so you know that one was legit. c) You need to read the wording of each individual author who write those all being different. You then need to go to their FORUM REVIEW link on the left side of their site, and read those countless reviews. What? Those are all pretend (supposed thrilled customers) reviews too? Anne…Anne…Anne. You need to get a grip. You need to understand you can’t please everyone. Forget the web site: To each his own. Forget the construction of a free gift. Their stylus makes absolutely every other one out there, look foolish. For crying out loud, RE-WATCH the first video on their site as requested above. THEY NEED NO PRESSURE!! If you aren’t happy if you can’t vent your frustrations and angry on the paper you’re writing on, hey? Don’t take it out on a company or product that is making the most cherished stylus on earth and probably establishing zillions of happy customers. A judge and jury, you are not.
          98% of that company’s forum reviews (FROM ACTUAL CUSTOMERS’ who undoubtedly read and followed the DON[T USE ANY PRESSURE instructions) – have praised the customer service and the stylus. Last I knew, MAJORITY rules! Just as, you can’t please everyone.

          1. Robert L. says:

            Wow! I have been huge fan and word of mouth advertiser for Stylus-R-Us. I have never seen a company rant about a review and make personal attacks like this before.

            Shane actually gave a glowing review of your products. The comments are overwhelming positive of your company’s products as well. If you truly believe to each his own on the website you would not have even mentioned it.

            I just bought my third stylus and awaiting it’s arrival. I will most likely return it at this point and not promote your great products. One can have the best mouse trap in the world but if it is sold in this manner will soon find he has no market.

            1. Jack Bauer says:

              Hello Robert: I’m Jack Bauer – CEO of Stylus-R-Us (SRU). A friend of mine sent me your comment so I felt only right in replying to set the record straight. I think you’re jumping to conclusions in figuring Sue – above – is one of our staff or employees. Your (past) way of expressing yourself – liking our product – was to buy three. Hers – was to defend a product and company she apparently likes – obviously – after also buying one or more of our product – which – what she said – shouldn’t be charged against SRU. What she wrote also – should have been taken as her opinion – which she has every right to express – just like you and others have done. Everyone has a right to express. That’s why Shane has this site. Surely – we all can’t agree with everyone and because we don’t – doesn’t mean one is right or wrong. It would be considerate however to aim the arrows at the correct source and not assume that just because one writes a post that was in fact – abundantly valid – for the most part – though she said a few things we don’t agree with – that it was authored by SRU – as it was not – nor do we know this Sue.
              I did see where Sue said in one line “We find it…” indicating what? More than one person. Could be her boyfriend or husband – but to think it is SRU – isn’t fair or correct. And she also said in one line…”The company is pleading, not, “Our” company, but “the” company. And in another place she wrote -”They stress that you must use very light -” again separating herself from SRU. Based on these three of many words she used – I think it’s a little unfair to aim the arrows at SRU.
              More importantly and what was the “jest” of Sues comment – if I take it correctly and I couldn’t agree more. Forget the site; Forget the colors and overzealous positive attitude rightfully placed. Does everyone go to other sites – to judge them? Or to buy something? A simple question that one needs to ask themselves before slamming down the gavel. All one should be interested in – is the product. Period. And there is no better. That should be the only focus point. Or – as you reiterated from, “Shane actually gave a glowing review of your products. The comments are overwhelming positive of your company’s products as well.”
              I think this should be the only thing focused on and leave all of the comments – site colors – and all the rest – where it belongs. Personal preference that everyone has a right to.

              1. Robert L. says:

                @ Jack – Thanks for the clarification. One of my pet peeves is assumptions. I obviously assumed she was affiliated with your company because of the way it was written. My bad. My faith is restored with SRU!

                I agree in comments and opinions but I stand by my comment of making personal attacks, which she did, takes it a little too far no matter ones opinion. Speak your mind does not give free license to be condescending, make personal attacks, etc. It seems civility when you may not disagree one someone has gone by the wayside from much of what I see on web forums.

                Small side note to Sue, et al. I do the same as Shane when I recommend SRU – I say great products but be warned it is a brightly colored site (or something of that nature). That’s it – short in sweet. I don’t say it as a dig but a confirmation they are in the right place. Same as I send people to a great BBQ place down the street. There is a little ugly hole in the wall next to drug store that has the best BBQ in town. When I first went to the site I was a little thrown from all the great comments about the product. Having a business degree, marketing background, and general fan of the like of Napoleon Hill I do believe in first impressions. This is merely my opinion and obviously don’t discount others that go another route as I would not have bought your products. Rather my first impressions from SRU were from individuals in various blogs/forums when searching for real life testimonials about the best stylus.

                Thanks for followup Jack.

                1. Robert L. says:

                  Jack, my answer is still awaiting moderation… hopefully a short comment will be posted

        2. Looking for a great Stylus says:

          Amazing reading!. I have to ask the question… Would anyone who WASN’T affiliated with Stylus R Us really bother to write a reply that long and scathing in attack ? Robert L, I think you assumed correctly in the first place! That will be one Stylus I will definately NOT be purchasing.

          1. Looking for a great Stylus says:

            Just seen some other posts by Jack Bauer CEO of Stylus R Us. http://forums.everythingipad.com/f24/stylus-r-us-3-day-sale-1006/
            I’m more amazed now. I never thought looking for a Stylus would be so entertaining!

            1. Jack Bauer says:

              Hope everyone is having a decent 4th of July and excellent weather. This is my second attempt to reply to several of these post – the first – vanishing after I clicked on the back link to recheck a prior page. Let me begin by answering Robert’s long awaited answer. Unfortunately Robert – I haven’t the time to return here all the time like I’m getting the impression most do. I know many people live on forum sites (not saying you do) but I haven’t the time. As well, you have my email address (as I have yours – of which you will be receiving an email soon telling of our new capped stylus that everyone has been aching for) and I think questions like your last to me – are better answered in emails. Shane never meant his great site – to be Judge Judy’s Courtroom I’m sure. Any time you or anyone wants answers – feel free to email us at the Stylus-R-Us complex.

              Regarding the gentleman’s comment about my post being entertaining: Always in possession of an imagination – often mixed feverishly – with things I believe in – does in fact bring out some different post and ways of expressing. But then – imagine what a boring world we would live in – if we all wrote the same: If we all had THE SAME WEB SITES!! ;-)

              I’ve always liked “different”. For example – my wife and I recently purchased the 2011 Camaro. Knowing I couldn’t do enough to the engine to make it THE FASTEST car – (because there is ALWAYS someone who has faster) I elected to focus on the exterior – to have something “different” – no one else anywhere would have. After all – who wants the same shirt – boat – house – or Lear Jet – as the person next to you? I never cared for that – nor will I ever. I like designing things – I’ll not see anywhere. If you scroll to the bottom of my countless links on our site – you will see the “Camaro” (link) my wife named “FIVE-O” – after the new Hawaii FIVE-O TV show we both watch – seeing how they have a Camaro similar – but stock.

              So yes – we have some colorful post – exactly like we have THE most – deliberately colorful web site – unlike 99.99% of all the rest – that are black and white – with tiny photos and every other word on them – a link. Really….seriously…should our web site EVER be an issue? I mean….is what our site looks like…why you went there in the first place? Different strokes….for different folks.

              To our apparent past customer Anne – who also made a comment far above – regarding the telescoping stylus looking like a car antenna…please understand this. a) They have to be made on metal to conduct our body capacitance. That accounts for metal. b) And as far as looking like a car antenna – is there another form of telescoping – we’re not aware of?? You put metal and telescoping together Anne – and a look-alike car antenna is what you’re going to get. Here again – is looks really the subject one should focus on?? Or wouldn’t it be wiser – to focus on – how absolutely incredible they work? Check out the YOUTUBE clip on the page/link titled “Before We Begin” below “WHY ALL THE HYPE” and tell me you know of anything else in the world – that can do that? Anything – and I’ll have on my site next week.

              And Anne – if you haven’t requested a refund – please do. Surely you couldn’t still have a product you don’t care for….could you??? We’ll be elated to refund your money – providing the stylus is still in the condition it was when you received it.

          2. Jack Bauer says:

            Amazing reading!. I have to ask the question… Would anyone who WASN’T affiliated with Stylus R Us really bother to write a reply that long and scathing in attack ? Robert L, I think you assumed correctly in the first place! That will be one Stylus I will definately NOT be purchasing.

            Allow me to reply to this person – not electing to use a special forum or real name. Please understand – there is no way I can say this – without it coming off sarcastic. It’s unfortunately in life – unless we’re in front of the person talking – to hear the “tones” they use with their choice of words – we can’t gather their frame of mine. So in advance – no disrespect intended here when I answer your comment of…”That will be one Stylus I will definately NOT be purchasing”.

            With you having adopted that stand point – who – exactly – loses? Stylus-R-Us? Not hardly. You lose – as everyone else does who may be influenced by your or other negative comments – who elect NOT to buy the stylus – that is literally taking the world by storm. It’s too bad we can’t have a page – where we could post the thousands of emails praising our product – because you would see what you are (ALL) missing – for one – “thought-to-be” valid reason or another – if elect not to buy.

            How many business establishments have you seen in your life – that have a dumpy looking business from the outside – possibly a restaurant – yet they have the best food in the world. It would be a very wise recommendation to anyone reading these post – to totally blow off all negative advice or comments – and BUY & TRY! You have nothing to lose. You have a 30 day REFUND. How can you lose? Let the product sell itself. Wouldn’t that be the wiser thing to do? ;-)

            1. Looking for a great Stylus says:

              Jack Bauer: Very amusing reply. Sir… the reason I will not be purchasing your Stylus Pens has nothing to do with your product. I have read your replies on this site…. and various other sites.. and they are really quite bizarre. My dear man, we are discussing a Stylus Pen..get a grip !

              1. Robert L. says:

                I think he has gotten off his medication. It is rather amusing.

              2. Jack Bauer says:

                From one of our detective customers. I’d sent an email asking if his order had arrived yet. He replied below (with his permission to print this)

                —–Original Message—–
                From: Classified
                Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 8:37 AM
                To: ‘Mr. Stylus’
                Subject: RE: Note taking?

                Just got it. It was in my mail box. Finally got the stylus out after opening the container, and it works great. I’m going out this morning to interview a suspect and will be using it to take notes on the iPad with the Notetaker HD app. Thanks again!


                Hello Classified;

                Curiosity has killed the cat. Is it still working satisfactorily for YOUR kind of note taking or have you used the ball point pen too long to switch over?



                His reply

                No more bp pen. It’s working great and a lot of guys like the iPad for note taking. I’ve already got about 15 notes I’ve taken with the stylus. My wife’s job is giving all of them iPads for their job (nurse anesthesiologists) & I’ll try to demo the stylus for her boss. We are driving to Gatlinburg, Tn for vacation, and I forgot the stylus at home so I’m bummed. Don’t like using finger anymore. Thanks for following up.


                From another customer:

                Thanks for the email. By the way love your stylus. Have purchased three and several friends have also ordered and love them too. Just want you to know I’m a very happy customer!

                Sent from my iPad


                From another customer:

                I bought my wife an iPad. I let her use my New Jersey stylus and of course she loved it She loved it so much that I had to get one for her.

                Once again remarkable customer service. I got a shipping notice within minutes of my order and you even recognized me as a repeat customer from months ago.

                Thanks again.


                From another customer:

                Gentlemen- your pens arrived today. All I can say is: WOW!! I am a fountain
                pen addict/collector. I have way too many fountain pen sets. Your styli
                write with the same level of delicacy as some of my better pens and I have
                several pens for which I paid over $1,000.00. The change over from the club
                that I was using will be easy and rapid. Let me know when you make a resin
                clone of the Monte Blanc #149 with a matching screw-on cap. Good job.
                Sincerely, Classified


                And another…

                I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sending the stylus to my daughter. It works great for her and we tend to use it quite a bit this summer to prepare her for first grade next year. This will definitely help her with spelling tests and communication apps. Thanks so much!
                And another…
                Hey Jack(if I may),
                I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to thank you for following up on my request. In this new era of hustle and bustle it warms my heart that there are still people who care enough to take the time and follow-up on one persons personal request. I’m definitely a life time customer of “stylusrus”. V/R

                Sent from my iPad

                And another…
                Hi! (Who Ever You Are),

                Wow! That was the quickest response I have ever received from an internet
                purchase….You are even faster than Lands End. Thank you ever so much!

                Being in Alaska & remote from most folks makes your quick reply even more special!!!

                The stylus work GREAT!!!! I can’t put it down!!! The VERY light touch is nice!

                Sincerely, Classified


                And then – your last comment:

                Jack Bauer: Very amusing reply. Sir… the reason I will not be purchasing your Stylus Pens has nothing to do with your product. I have read your replies on this site…. and various other sites.. and they are really quite bizarre. My dear man, we are discussing a Stylus Pen..get a grip !


                As we’ve stated. Don’t buy! Who loses? It’s time you got “a grip” on one of our styluses and forget the post – the judging – and set all of your psychological road blocks aside and focused on the issue at hand. Stylus-R-Us stylus makes an iPad and 90% of all other touch-screen devices – dance. However – if you want to continue gumming up your screen with your fingers – please – by all means – do. You have that right.

          3. RICKLAW says:

            Hey guys I figured I would chime in for a second here. I am a loyal SRU customer that is in no way shape or form affiliated with Jack or SRU. I am just one of many fans of SRU and the customer service they have. I’d like to share my experience with SRU thus far: When I first bought my ipad 1 I did about 20 mins of research online and ended up going out to my local bestbuy to purchase a Targus stylus. After I came home and used it for a few hours I wasnt satisfied in even the least bit. So I went back online and spent a couple hours researching all the different Stylus manufacturers and SRU kept coming up in my searches. I proceeded to his website which, concededly is not the typical corporate biz site you would normally see by major businesses like Targus and the like. But that’s where the uniqueness of SRU begins. Jack and his team have put together their own site, unlike the sites that the big time money making companies invest in. He’s a small biz owner, just like many of us. He’s not a corporate giant who invests 1000s and 1000s of dollars into developing the most redic website possible. Instead he spends his time and money inventing and perfecting his stylus, and making it unparalleled in the stylus market today! I’ve tried quite a few different styluses and I dont think anyone can honestly claim that his stylus is like any other. It is one of a kind! But it may not be for everyone. People that like to apply lots of pressure to the screen or are kinda rough on their stuff may not find SRU’s stylus to be the stylus of their choice. But I found SRU’s stylus to be exactly what i was looking for. I ordered my 1st SRU stylus a few months ago and have purchased about 6 more ever since! Jack has routinely checked in on me to ensure that I was completely satisfied with each and every one. I havent had a problem with any of them. My only problem is that I want more! He has so many different kinds that I have found it hard to choose just one. Im going to get a capped one soon because it would be perfect for traveling (to school/work/etc).

      2. Andrew says:


        You make a point about the web site but then, some web sites are so full of jazz that it makes you wonder about the products actual ability. I found the stylus R us site by chance on a forum much like this one and plucked up the courage after trying a few to spend the money my Ipad deserved. I was very impressed. I bought the double duty pen & stylus combination because I would say I wriote on paper (unfortunately) almost as much as I type on my Iphone & Ipad so I found this to be the best offering of theior vast range. They almost have too many to choose from ! I am so pleased I am actually wondering if I should try one of the extending ones because their web site makes a very valid point, my hand is always in the way especially when scribbling or note taking. (By the way, thanks for the note taking app recomendations as well.)
        Anyway, children, I think this forum has enough of your who has the last word contest and I will conclude to say that I love the product, Robert L, your feelings about the people behind the company should be irrelevant and this and other forums are for people like me to find and recomend products we like and buy, not slam dunk the company cos they said something you didnt like.
        Enjoy the product for what it is, a well designed piece of magic !!!

  2. Haha… Yes you’re right about the website!

    1. Shane says:

      Ha! Isn’t it awful? It drove me crazy

  3. Great article. I’ll definitely have to check out the Cape Cod stylus.

    1. Shane says:

      Thanks tj. Much appreciated!!

  4. Robert L. says:

    I have been using Note Taker HD also for over a year. It was perhaps the first one in the app store that was geared to using a stylus with. It has gone through many iterations which have drastically improved it over time.

    I remember looking when I bought it there was not anything close to compare it to. Since then I have not really looked as I am happy with it. With that said I am really impressed with the level of this new crop. Audiotorium really intrigues me with all of the features it has. I wish I could try some out some of these apps before buying them.

    1. Robert L. says:

      Oh, yeah. I love my cape cod pen.

      1. Shane says:

        Yeah….you helped inspire the post :)

    2. Shane says:

      Hey there Robert –

      Yeah..I agree about note taker…I was kind of focusing on the new crop but you bring up a really good point about trying them them before buying. This is one thing the Amazon App store lets you do apparently and in my mind it’s a darn good thing. Apple needs to start thinking of this if they have not already. Basically you could use it for 2 weeks or 1 week and then it expires if you don’t buy it. It would sure make sense to me because nearly everything else you can try and buy.

    1. Shane says:

      Hi there Mike…someone else mentioned this one and I know that they are in production now so i’m 100% excited to see this one and get feedback…it looked like the tip was a but blunt but perhaps in real life it’s not that bad?

  5. Robert L says:

    I respect those who are praising the Cosmonaut. I have used many and found very few that live up to the hype in real life. I am actually impressed with it but am a bit dubious by other blogs claiming its superiority without ever having used it for the obvious reasons. Guess I am on my soapbox today. ;)

    1. Robert – I agree. No praise from me yet. I liked the concept enough to help fund the effort, but will wait to receive and test mine before passing judgment one way or the other.

      Shane – Regarding the blunt tip on the Cosmonaut, update #4 indicates they are testing tips of various diameters: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/danprovost/the-cosmonaut-a-wide-grip-stylus-for-touch-screens/posts

      1. Shane says:

        Ahhhhh….now that makes sense….Thanks Herb…I like that idea because I think there should be different tips and options for various tasks..in fact I know there is also a real paintbrush stylus as well with capacitive bristles and you can use it to “paint” on the iPad

      2. Looking for a great Stylus says:

        Here’s hoping you can post your thoughts about the ‘Cosmonaut’ when it is available. I liked the look of it on the website. Thanks for the link.

  6. Jill says:

    I purchased my iPad 2 about 2 weeks ago and was lucky enough to have run into that web site some of you are talking of. The one that sells the Cape Cod. First let me say, you’re right, the site is bright and colorful but to each his own. None of us went there to judge the site, but to hopefully get the best stylus made. Secondly let me say, that company makes just that. They are like, omggg incredible. I didn’t get their Cape Cod or Maine (stupid names for a stylus) because I read their link titled “iPad Stylus” which made me buy the Entrepreneur which is like, out of this world cool. I liked it so much I then bought the Terminator just to compare the two and there is no difference in any of their stylus where they all use the same type. If you can overlook the bright colors of the site and some of the other off the wall things, you are in for a real treat if you get any one of their stylus because they are unreal great. No pressure at all needed like they advertise. I put the URL I think on my name if you click it.

    1. Robert L. says:

      Yes, most if not all of their pens use their patented capacitive tips. After that I think it boils down to personal preference. Some like the cape cod have the added aluminum tubing which supposedly gives it just one more level of power if you will.

      Really glad to see posts with good discussions / comments. My favorite ones. ;)

      1. Shane says:

        Same here Robert – - I love comments and discussions….I notice a lot of other sites don’t really pay attention to them but to me, that’s what makes a site feel “alive”!

  7. Roger says:

    Have to agree with the poster who said that Cape Cod and Maine were stupid names for a stylus, so I got the New Hampster one ;-) Maybe if I lived in Maine or Cape Cod they’d be ok . :) Definitely, the beststylus site kinda bites, but it is like Christmas…everywhere you look there is something new to open with cool looking stuff inside. Drives me nuts when you have to scroll down so much on a site tho, but a lot of people are doing that to their sites now. Too many links. Sort of overwhelming, but I did see a lot of styles that look pretty cool. The extendo ones look interesting. I may have to try the Terminator stylus next time, after I get my maxi pad. Right now the New Hampster one is awesome on the iPhone, so if the extendable one works as well, I’ll need one. I hate when you order an iPad and have to wait forever for them to deliver the damn thing!

  8. Frank W. says:

    This is to Roger who commented on the Terminator. I have two of them and omg are they ever out of this world. I bought my first one and loved it so much, I had to buy a spare, in case I ever lost my first one. Like Shane said, they require no pressure and for note taking and drawing and really everything on the iPad, there is no beating them. And like what I think Jill said, they advertise all their tips are the same so there is no need to just buy the Cape Cod. They all work just like it because of the tip. I’m now going to buy their Entrepreneur and eventually the other two telescoping (though I forgot their names) because they are like a collection of the finest to me. Anyway Roger, you will love the Terminator when you get one.

  9. Fran Gordon says:

    i recently got the iPad2 and when it arrived I did extensive research into which would be the BEST stylus on the internet. After purchasing a few different ones I was fortunate to find the telescoping stylus from Stylus-R-Us and was thrilled and amazed when I tried it. After watching the videos on YouTube I couldn’t believe such an incredible stylus was possible and found it far exceeded all my expectations in every way. I’ve already gotten 2 for my iPad (the Terminator and the New Yorker) and another, one for my iphone (the Camry) and another for my husband. The fact that they seem to work magically with the slightest touch has made people stop me on planes and anywhere they see me pull out the telescoping portion of the pen. Of all the stylus I’ve tried, all the ones from the Stylus-R-Us website were by far the most spectacular in every way.
    Do yourself the biggest favor and treat yourself to a top of the Line present… I know you’ll be as happy as I am.

  10. Robert L. says:

    Ok, I bought Notes Plus and it has now officially replaced my long running note taking app Note Taker HD. They both have their great points but have to say Notes Plus really outshines the other. This blog is costly! Actually more productive apps.. :-)

    1. Shane says:

      Lol. And you want more productivity apps??? Perhaps now some budgeting apps ;)

      1. Robert L. says:

        LOL However 5.99 (high side) app times 10 gives me highly productive apps cheaper than one good app for my mac.

    2. Robert L. says:

      Ok, back to report on my switch to Notes Plus. Wow! This app is amazing. It is like they took all the good parts of Note Taker Plus plus some and made a much more intuitive cleaner app. It is a breeze to work without having to think about the app itself. Too much to say about all the features but I would be remiss if I did not rave about the one feature new to me – the built in recorder. it is really nice to have and the recordings are tied to the page you are on.

      Good pick Shane! I highly recommend it.

      1. Robert L. says:

        Oh yeah, forgot to mention the stylus aspect. Shane is right about it being geared towards the stylus. I find it much better than the previous app I was using a stylus. It is seamless – especially with my Cape Cod stylus. Yeah, I know about the name : ) but have to call it what it is. lol

        From a long time iPad note taker you can’t go wrong with that combo!

        1. And i’m happy to report that I’m using it right now to take notes for a speech I’m giving at Blog World! I will also be using it to take notes during the other talks as well so I’ll see how it does when I’m really using it a lot!!

  11. Jack Bauer says:

    I remember when my son was growing up – I tried telling him he’d reach an age when he won’t listen to me: When he’d think my advice – wasn’t correct – and he and his friends knew more. You with kids – have gone through this – or are about to. Nothing is more frustrating. Terribly – terribly painful when trying to tell someone something – we know to be 900% correct and honorable. and they just won’t listen.

    The analogy I gave my son to try to get him to see the light – was this. We’re both on motorcycles and racing each other on a track. Being a better rider than he was – I pull way ahead – several miles in fact. So much so – he could no longer see me. Suddenly – I see what looked like a prior earth quake in the road where it dropped off several feet. Traveling at the speed I wasn’t able to stop quite in time – so I ran off the two foot drop in the road and crashed. Luckily I wasn’t hurt but could hear my son speeding towards me.

    Waving my hands in the air – I tried warning him he had to stop – or his life would be in danger. He didn’t listen. He knew that wasn’t the finish line and thought I was trying to trick him into losing – so he kept going. Being just a story – I asked him – “How do you think I would feel – seeing you racing for the pending danger – and not being able to stop you? Better yet – how would you feel if it was vice-versa and you were the one trying to stop me?” A sad look fell over his young face. I’d made a point. He didn’t like the outcome.

    But as life has it – he forgot the story as he grew older and fell into that trap we all fell into: not listening to parents. And he has paid for that – over and over and over – just like I did and probably you as well.
    The sad part about this aspect of life – it doesn’t just effect us in the area of our kids. Countless times in our lives – and in numerous areas of life – we run into this same situation where we know something sooooo well – yet can’t for the life of us – make others believe it. They just have to go through the suffering or losses – often – financial – before they see they were wrong: they should have listened.

    Where is this going? If you knew me personally – Jack Bauer – CEO of STYLUS-R-US – you would know – at this age – no one on earth is more honest – unlike my younger years. This is to say – if you’re wise – you will be able to separate the “salesmanship” you think you’re hearing here – and know it is the truth. Because if you’re unable of doing that – you too will crash on the side of the road – surfacing in the form of – WHY didn’t I listen to that Bauer guy – when he tried telling us – all of the other styluses made – aren’t worth the professional wrapping they come in. Why did I have to listen to one or two others who said the others weren’t too bad???

    The STYLUS-R-US motto – is WE DON’T HAVE ANY COMPETITION. And that’s our motto – for good reason. We don’t! Not one other – thought or claimed-to-be decent stylus – can hold a match to our tip. But please keep in mind – this is ONLY true – if you follow our VERY SIMPLE instructions of – DON’T TAP!!!!!!!!!!! Just touch. I mean – how much easier can it be?

    If you blow off speed limit signs – you get a ticket! If you cook a pie 20 minutes longer than it suggest – you burn the pie. Just as – if you do not follow instructions to the letter – hey? Who’s the bad guy? The manufacturer? Or the customer? Instructions are always there – to give us the longest and best performance of the product. Don’t read or follow them – and a) It’s your loss and b) you have no right to write a bad review. How many – what you thought were GREAT iTune apps have you bought – used and loved – yet others gave them one star? Any why? 1) They expect too much and 2) They didn’t use them properly.

    Just 4 reasons to buy a STYLUS-R-US stylus. 1) If it doesn’t perform as we preach – or you don’t like it – you have 30 days to get a full refund – per web site stipulations. (Who else will do that?) 2) If you have any problems with it for a year – no problem: we’ll replaced it with the SAME kind. (Who else will do that?) 3) We have over 30 different stylus – all using the same tip – so you know you are getting a NO-PRESSURE needed to activate stylus. (IF…IF you follow instructions). 4) Because our stylus do NOT require any pressure whatsoever – using them for note taking – art work – drawing – emailing – texting – book page flipping – scrolling or surfing – is a dream come true. We could go on and on with the reasons you should be buying our stylus – but reaching people – isn’t easy. They have that “mind-of-their-own” which often doesn’t lead them onto the correct path in life. You buy any other stylus but a STYLUS-R-US stylus – and you will have taken the $wrong$ path – please remember reading this.

    Oh and we want to thank all of you who have been to our web site and love the bright colors and sharp photos. ;-) That’s one of the beauties of having the finest stylus in the world – it can be sold from anywhere.
    Please remember also – that though the Cape Cod has been pushed on this site – EVERY SINGLE one of our stylus – use the very same tip – so don’t think for a second – that if you don’t buy a Cape Cod – you won’t be getting a breath-taker – because you will.

    I want to thank Shane and his PROFESSIONAL web site – for allowing me to post this.

  12. Robert L says:

    I don’t even come here anymore but got emails about the thread. Entertaining morning by rantings from a delusional individual. If he really thinks people are talking about his pens or website at this point he needs some help.

    1. Looking for a great Stylus says:

      Robert L … The search for a Stylus Pen has definately been entertaining. A very strange individual teetering on the edge !

      1. Jack Bauer says:

        “….teetering on the edge,” ….and who wouldn’t want to be on “this” edge? ;-) The poor people any negative comments have steered away – will never know what they are missing. You all want to remember HOW this post began: With Shane PRAISING the Cape Cod. Add that fact – to just a smidgen of the ones below – and if you’re decent at math – you’ll see who the winners are.

        A SRU Customer…

        Jack. Thanks do much for your outstanding customer service. You and your company are rare in today’s environment. You truly put your customer first. I have never had such a quick response from a company or been treated so kindly as you have treated me. I will be certain to recommend you and your products to anyone I know that could use a stylus.



        And another…

        I was just thinking last night that I never wrote back to thank you for the extra stylus (the expanding one) that you sent me to try! I love the Roger wand one the best, but both are fine. My girlfriend really likes her Roger Wand too! I’m a teacher and many teachers in my school are starting to buy iPads after they see me using mine for so many things in the classroom and I show all of them the wand and tell them not to waste their money on the other stylus’ out there (like Targus, etc) and get the Roger Wand instead and they will never regret it. I’m planning on ordering the longer full length wand to use in my classroom with the iPad next paycheck.
        I’m very happy to have found you and thanks again for the expandable freebie! I really appreciate it!

        Sent from my iPad


        And another….

        I had to write and tell you how blown away I am with my iWand 9″ stylus! I chuckled when I received all of the large type instructions explaining how NOT to use the stylus. Good thing you included them, too. Many people would do exactly what you warn against. You don’t press like with a pen. I read the enclosed guide and made sure I lightly touched my iPad screen. Before I knew it, I could build up a tap-tap head of steam that was more accurate than my lil’ ol’ finger ever was. Just using it to play match 3 games quickly was a joy. Painting, drawing and writing with it was also great. The thinness of the stylus makes it comfortable to hold in the my hand. I can keep my iPad at the right distance away from me to read or play and easily tap without reaching out. This is too cool to be believed. Thanks for a great product. I’ll be recommending it to everyone I know. Purely awesome!



        And another….

        Dear Jack,

        Guess what! the lost is found! My husband came home and now that we knew the shape of the package, he realized that we had received the stylus after all. He brought it to me from where he had laid it down and forgotten it. I am so sorry to have troubled you with our silly mistake. You have been lovely during this and I thank you for it!

        As an interesting aside, today we received a large package from a tool company containing a SINK of all things. We don’t know this company and how they got our address either. We did buy a sink from someone 2 years ago. Maybe someone pushed the wrong button on a keyboard. (maybe they need a pretty stylus) but here we have a sink! It seemed a remarkable coincidence. So I will work hard to get it straightened out.

        The stylus works Great! Thanks for everything.

        Best wishes,

        Sent from my iPad


        And another….

        Yes, this (new stylus sent to her free) appears to be perfect for her. We have a smaller one that requires a 90 degree angle and she cannot do that. Also with her disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy 1, she would need the light pressure. Due to the light pressure she can only do, she is unable to write with a pencil as she cannot put enough pressure on the paper for it. She must use a marker when writing.

        I was unable to contact you by Skype yesterday and things got a bit busy, as you can imagine with a special needs child. I will try to contact you this afternoon.

        Thank you for all your help.


        And another….

        Hi Jack

        Thank you for getting back in touch with me as soon as you did. The Maine would be fine. I will continue to promote your product which I already have since I have been using the pen. Like I said in my 1st e-mail I have been very impressed with the performance of your pen.

        Thank you


        And another….


        I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sending the stylus to my daughter. (free) It works great for her and we tend to use it quite a bit this summer to prepare her for first grade next year. This will definitely help her with spelling tests and communication apps. Thanks so much!


        And another…

        Yes, I wanted two TERMINATORS. They came in yesterday and work great. Thanks.

        Sent from my iPad


        And another….

        Jack: As Humphrey Bogart said “I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship”. Thank you and I’d be glad to help you with a forum post or whatever. I want the green one and my contact information is

        And another….

        Thanks for the email. By the way love your stylus. Have purchased three and several friends have also ordered and love them too. Just want you to know I’m a very happy customer!

        Sent from my iPad


        We rest our case. Case closed. ;-)

        1. Robert L. says:

          Jack, actually this post was created because I talked to Shane and told him how happy I was with the Cape Cod stylus. I rather inspired the post and pleased to tell others about the product I found.

          You might not want to ASSUME things. Good luck in your business and your rambling posts.

          1. Jack Bauer says:

            You might not want to ASSUME things. Good luck in your business and your rambling posts.

            It’s not an assumption when anyone says things like…”A very strange individual teetering on the edge !” Anyone in their right mind would counter comments like that – and seriously correct it – if – if they had the ammunition to do so – which I happened to have – the following probably my last – and arriving just in time: today – which will also be seen on my web page – as a screen shot of an email – to supports it’s not made up. This email abundantly represents STYLUS-R-US and the owner/operator and staff – to the letter. A third time customer.

            Email received on 7-5-11 From an SRU second time around customer.

            I just wanted to commend you on the new “The Portland” stylus. I have bought a few styluses from you now, and my favorite so far has been “The New Hampshire”, but haven’t had it in stock in a while. I have been wanting to order a new “The New Hampshire” stylus, but since you haven’t had them, have been a bit hesitant to order any other ones although I know they all are good. I have had many compliments on my favorite stylus and have recommended you to several people, a few of whom have actually ordered from your site and enjoyed your styluses as well. Last week, I saw “The Portland” and it caught my eye. I decided this time not to make the same mistake I made with “The New Hampshire” and order two right off the bat. I am so glad I did! I got them in the mail today and I absolutely love them. I have a friend that just got an iPad2 today and asked what stylus I use. I told him I have just the one for him and he asked if I would order one for him. I just placed the order for him and it should be here by the end of the week barring no issues with the mail service. I can see where these will be a big hit if people start seeing them and catch onto them. I am thinking about ordering an extra one for myself just to have. This is a high quality pen made into a stylus that is capped and works great. I can’t tell you how happy I am with my purchase. Once again, you have amazed me! Thank you so much for making my experience with my iPad2 that much greater as I hate fingerprints on it and these styluses just glide across the screen to make a pleasant work experience.


            I replied – thanking her for her email – and asked if she would purchase the New Hampshire again over the Capped Stylus. I then asked if I could use her emails on my site and on post like these. She wrote back the following….

            Jack, I’m telling you, I knew taking it out of the pack it was better quality than the NH. Don’t get me wrong, I love the NH, but I have a feeling the Portland is about to beat it out in popularity for me. When someone sees me with my iPad, the first thing they want to know about is the stylus and the second is what apps I’m using, third is the bag I carry it all in. I plug your site as often as possible, and often stop myself to say I sound like a commercial. The truth is when you have products that are so great and work so well with other items, they make you excited and want other people to see how well they work. I found your site doing research for the best stylus for the iPad and I’m so glad I did. It was one of the best finds I could have made because I like others tried the Targus stylus from Best Buy and it can’t hold water to these styluses in any way, shape or form.

            Would I buy another NH now that I’ve had the capped? If I did, it would be as a spare for emergencies when I can’t get to the capped one. I still like the NH, but the capped is so much nicer. Oh, what a revolution!

            Yes, you can use my e-mail on the site and other places. People need to know how great these styluses are.

            Thank you so much again for such a great product!

            (I typed this with the Portland. Beautiful, simply beautiful!)


            Sent from my iPad

  13. Robert L says:

    Funny, you take part of a response and not the whole thus it is out of context in your response. I find it interesting you waste your time in forums instead of running your self proclaimed fantastic business. You can add as many testimonials as you want after this just to take up more space. :) As stated once again I was a very satisfied customer and in fact inspired this blog entry by Shane. You have single handedly turned a great promoter of your product to the exact opposite. I will not buy another product from you merely from your treatment of people in this post thus my comments after the fact. You can respond if you want but the record is set straight for anyone that cares to read through this whole sorted post if the don’t fall asleep first.

  14. Jack Bauer says:

    Hey Robert: ;-) Here’s one for you. Why don’t you return all of the stylus you bought from us – and we’ll return all of your money and postage. ;-)

  15. Robert L says:

    And your response sums up everything just as expected.

    1. Looking for a great Stylus says:

      Robert L… Yes , that was the response I expected. Fortunately for all that may visit this thread, Jack Bauer has fully exposed himself by his incessant ‘ranting’ and ‘raving’ to any adverse comment about his product on on this …and many other forums.

      1. Jack Bauer says:

        Robert……;-) This most recent post of yours – leaves one a little shy on understanding. If it was referring to my lack of answering your post (before your last) – I deliberately held back from answering – so not to put you on the spot – where you so rightfully deserve to be put. So if your last post was saying – “see! Jack didn’t answer because he has nowhere to go,” please know – I did not answer that – to spare you the mess you now leave me no choice but to put you in. You should have left well enough alone.

        And to do that – let me repeat my prior message – that being..”Hey Robert: ;-) Here’s one for you. Why don’t you return all of the stylus you bought from us – and we’ll return all of your money and postage. ;-)

        Only let me add – forget all the thought-to-be clever comments in rebuttal to this – and tell us all – WHEN you’ll send ALL of your stylus back for a full refund. And WHEN you can’t do that – tell us WHY you won’t be sending them back. Let me answer that for you: without our stylus – there’s no place to go. Where are you going? Back to PoGo? Griffin? If so – you shouldn’t have any problem sending ours back for refund – now should you???? Watch! This will never happen! And we mean all of them – not just one. ;-)

        As to your recent comment of..”Jack Bauer has fully exposed himself by his incessant ‘ranting’ and ‘raving’ to any adverse comment about his product on, on this …and many other forums.”

        Was that an incomplete sentence – or what part am I missing? Could anyone – who invented a legend in it’s own time; something that makes all other stylus look embarrassing – just sit by and not defend – when this great product is attacked? Who – anywhere – would do that? Would any parent sit by and watch their child be bullied around by kids or parents – or would they JUMP in there and take action? Are you insinuating – I’m just suppose to read total lies about our product – and do or say nothing???? ;-) No one I know – could do that Robert. You’ve read these emails I’ve posted. They are a very few and small representation of 95% of our customers that know our stylus walks on water – compared to 100% of all others. It’s the remaining 5% (who love to go into iTunes and trash GREAT apps because they never read the instructions – or wrote a review – 34 seconds after downloading the app). People like yourself – who just have to get in there and stir things up (to acquire attention) are few and far between – but unfortunately – do exist – as will my rebuttals. That’s only natural.

        Now – again I will say – you have our email address. Why not continue your fruitless – needless – foolish – childish – bickering – via email – rather than trying to gain attention from the fan club you’re living with the delusion you’ve acquired – and show us all how grown up you are – and you’re NOT just trying to seek attention. Watch! He’ll not be able to do that ……………….EITHER!

        And when he CAN’T resist rebutting – isn’t that the exact same thing you’re accusing me of? Rebutting when confronted????? Show us all Robert – how wrong I am/was/will be – to do that – by your ABILITY to not fall victim to this NATURAL human act of defending. Can’t do it—can you. ;-) No one can.

        1. Looking for a great Stylus says:

          As to your recent comment of..”Jack Bauer has fully exposed himself by his incessant ‘ranting’ and ‘raving’ to any adverse comment about his product on this …and many other forums.”……………..That comment was actually my post….not Robert L’s…..please direct your attacks to the correct person.I read you are having trouble understanding the above comment? Take a moment to read your comments on this thread and many other sites you have spammed and that should give you quite a good understanding of what ‘ranting’ and ‘raving’ applies to . You leave adverse comments about other Stylus Pens, but can’t cope with criticism when there is one about yours ?

          1. Jack Bauer says:

            Thank you for the clarification. I guess it was your USING his name within – that threw me off. One of the things I too have found interesting: certain individuals believe they can insult and belittle – such as YOUR comment on ranting and raving – and the about spamming -and Roberts – when disrespectfully saying..”A very strange individual teetering on the edge !” – yet expect to not get caught up in a reflection. That’s kind of like criminals doing their thing – and expecting not to get caught. I’ve never met anyone – anywhere – who doesn’t reflect whatever. There is ALWAYS a reaction – for every action. Idiots come over here and ruin our two of our tallest buildings in NY – and USA reacts with havoc for countless suspects and those directly involved. All – a natural reaction.

            In gift shops we see that – whatever it is called – where the water in this gift – flows to one end – then automatically flows to the opposite end – when taking all it can with going one way. Every action – good or bad – creates a reaction – and for this – there is no “Yeah but’s”. Turning the other cheek – isn’t that easy for anyone.

            To account for the ranting and raving – seriously. Go to our site to the link called – “Before We Begin” and watch the YOUTUBE clip towards the bottom under the title “WHY ALL THE HYPE”. Then grab one of your PoPo’s – Boxwaves – Dagi – Targus – or any of the others you now have tucked away in a box – and try what was done in that video using one of the other stylus. Ranting and raving?? Well – well warranted! There has actually been two different occasions for me (and one for a friend) – where I never even touched the iPad2 glass – hovering directly above the icon I wanted to open – and it activated. (opened the app). Ranting and raving?? I wonder why.

            I realize my posting as much as I have – may expose my “gift-of-gab” a little too much -rather than a few thousand one-liners others post – as if this were a instant message site. But after waking up today at 4:10 AM – here is just a few lines I read on a new email – from one of the customers I quoted above – on our Portland stylus. Just a few lines because this hits it all – right on the head.

            “I have been wanting to get back to you all day and haven’t had the opportunity until now, even though I know you said no reply was necessary. I have to say, after using the Portland a good part of today in meetings taking notes, I’m even more impressed than I was yesterday. This is just a great stylus all the way around. I have to say, anyone who does not like your styluses needs to learn how to read and follow the instructions properly. I have to admit, when I ordered my first one, I was skeptical, but I read all the instructions, followed them, and fell in love with the wonderful instruments they are. Like you said, they beat any other stylus if you read and follow the directions.”

            I’m not sure if certain people are jealous – I was the one who invented a stylus that makes 90% of all touch screens – to include but not limit the PC’s – Pads – Tablets – GPS – Cell Phones – current day cash registers – and a zillion other devices – literally dance – but let me tell you – when laying in bed at night playing with my iPad2 – naturally using one of my telescoping – (now The Big Screen my favored one) hey? I am STILL in awe – at how they work. I say to myself – HOW CAN THIS BE?? I only have to rest several tip fibers on the screen – and bingo: it activates. Ranting and raving?? We have so many emails from customers who – as I just quoted from the customer quoted above said…” I have to say, anyone who does not like your styluses needs to learn how to read and follow the instructions properly” – have READ the instructions – and followed the simple (light touch) instructions – only to have sent emails – giving an entirely new name- to ranting and raving – in our favor. Give credit – where credit is due. Give Caesar – what belongs to Caesar. That’s just the way it was meant to be and is – with most fair people – such as will be expected in your reply – should there be one.

  16. Looking for a great Stylus says:

    Jack Bauer, Mr Entrepreneur ,Cindy,Becky Pink&Soft ……to name just a few of your suspected spamming names. You are a disgrace ! You try to explain the reasoning behind defending your piddling Stylus Pens as similar to defending the horrific events of 9/11 …???……. Words fail me !

    1. JB says:

      No…you’ve failed yourself. Accept responsibility.

  17. Herb says:

    Reading the replies from Jack has been somewhat amusing. I’ve finally decided to jump in and give my 2 cents. Jack – You remind me of a little kid who MUST have the last word. And I agree with many others that your posts are rambling and over the top.

    Regarding your product: One of the customer emails you posted reminded me of something. It said, in part: “they beat any other stylus if you read and follow the directions.” IF YOU READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I want a stylus that requires instructions.

    Now, maybe I could have been convinced if it was really THAT much better than the Griffin I use today… and the Cosmonaut that I’ll soon have. But, you know what? I’ll never know. Your behavior here has convinced me I don’t want to do business with you, no matter how good your stylus may be.

    Plus my Griffin doesn’t require special instructions. I just pick it up and it works.

    1. Jack Bauer says:

      I know what you mean Herb. No one in the world throws away instructions – like I do – NEVER even glancing at them. I despise instructions. Don’t need-em. Never did. I can put anything together 95% of their time – just by looking at it. This being the case -can you imagine me – of all people – trying to stress instructions to the degree I have to. But there is a reason for that (of which – I realize – no one will like – as it’s too much the truth). And that reason is – 80% of the world – has no earthly idea what our mottos mean. THE LIGHTER YOU TOUCH – THE BETTER THEY WORK – and – DON’T TAP!! Just touch!”

      If people could just grasp and BELIEVE and practice that – you could take all of my instructions – and toss them right out the window – like you will all eventually toss allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of the other stylus you buy. ;-) Fact! Either you’ll get sick of having to JAB the screen with all the other stylus – or curiosity will kill your kitten – and we’ll see you $$too$$. I know..I know: don’t believe it if you want – but it’s a fact.
      In closing – let me say this. All of the replies of this type (never buy from us) – remind me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes a new car for a test drive with the salesmen. Low on gas…Kramer elects to keep passing up every station they come upon. (Doesn’t buy). Station after station they pass up – both watching the gas gauge getting lower and lower – until on a stretch of road where there wasn’t any stations nearby – the engine quits having run out of gas. Kramer – being Kramer – thanks the salesmen for the test drive – and says he’ll think about it (the car purchase). A very funny episode. And I thought Seinfeld series was over. How wrong I was. Thanks guys – because I missed (past tense) Seinfeld. ;-)

  18. Mike says:

    Jack, can you please hold off for a couple of minutes while I get some more popcorn?

    1. Robert L. says:


  19. LJones says:

    I don’t understand why its crazy to have instructions for a stylus. What’s so awful about that? I have a stylus-r-us stylus and its awesome.

    Did I have to read the instructions? Yes I did, and it took under 3 minutes.

    Did I have to learn how to use the stylus properly? Yes and it took about 10 minutes to get the hang of it.

    So my investment, outside of the money I paid for the stylus was 13 minutes. In return, I got the best stylus I’ve ever used. Its great for drawing and general operation. It never drags, and I don’t have to jab at the screen to use it.

    In terms of customer service, I can’t speak to other folks experiences, but mine was great. I received prompt emails telling me my order had been placed and shipped. The item came to my door in 2 days, but your mileage may vary

    I did have a question or two, and when I emailed them I got a response. Not in a day, but in about 5 minutes. I thought that was pretty cool.

    I think if I made a product, took the time the make sure it worked, shipped it out, and then watched it get trashed by folks who never used it I’d be pissed too.

    1. Looking for a great Stylus says:

      I think we can safely add LJones to the Spammer List …… Jack Bauer, Mr Entrepreneur ,Cindy,Becky Pink&Soft. etc etc etc ….LOL

    2. JACK BAUER says:

      This is (AGAIN) Jack Bauer – CEO of STYLUS-R-US. I not only work for the company – I own it – so there is no misunderstanding. This comment is to the individual who wrote the post saying.,..Looking for a great Stylus says:

      August 6, 2011 at 3:51 am

      I think we can safely add LJones to the Spammer List …… Jack Bauer, Mr Entrepreneur ,Cindy,Becky Pink&Soft. etc etc etc ….LOL

      First let me say…I hope all of you are in great health and enjoying the life God gave each of us. We all have good and bad days but there’s nothing we can do about that. They say the first hundred years are the hardest and I could easily testify to that at any Grand Jury Hearing. ;-)

      Okay – with that said -and to the above individual – we have so many sales each day – world wide – I have no idea who this LJones is. We looked up that name in the database and no such name appears – so in all honesty – she or he – doesn’t work for us – nor have any connection to us – other than being another sharp person – who could see thru any negative comments and rather focus on the positive comments – and – in doing so – elected to buy. And – like all those who do – and who FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS – they become an SRU happy customer – who merely want to try and express to others – HEY – don’t listen to anyone who says anything derogatory. Just listen to the people who have actually bought from SRU – read and followed the instructions – and love their stylus. That is that persons message – of which they – like I – have every right to express.
      Please understand that the reason we overkill with instructions – is because no one believes our MOTTO: THE LIGHTER YOU TOUCH – THE BETTER THEY WORK. If everyone could comprehend that – (TO ITS FULLEST!) – we could take all our instructions and toss them out the window. In thinking we needed to make yet another video – we did just that – the link hopefully seen below to you tube.
      I know I haven’t stressed how light you need to touch the screen anymore than 7,392,866 times but you know – often – it takes that many. Anyway – I want to thank that LJones for speaking 100% the truth. Every word within that post is GOSPEL – especially the very last line: ” I think if I made a product, took the time the make sure it worked, shipped it out, and then watched it get trashed by folks who never used it I’d be pissed too.”
      It’s amazing there are those who actually believe SRU is to just stand by and be assaulted and torn apart – and just take it. Is that you? Fortunately – it surely isn’t us. Especially when you built this product and business from scratch – and have THE only NO PRESSURE needed stylus on the planet. Yes…we will defend. ;-) Thank you all who have stood by us and blown off any negative comments.


  20. Bouchra B says:

    MagicalPad (www.Magicalpad.com) is a new App that was released today. I’ve been waiting for it for a while after I’ve seen a video on Youtube a month ago . This App gives you the flexibility of freeform layout on taking notes, but with the unique capability of having unlimited hierarchical lists with expand/collapse, drag/drop and moving things around like nothing else out there.
    Honestly, this what Evernote or OneNote should’ve been like. I think these guys at MagicalPad get it; it is like Curio for iPad, it can be used for meeting notes, checklists, school notes or notes. you can take notes in structured way without being bound to lines and pages as other notes or outlines force you into. The coolest thing is that it comes packed with Dropbox export and import, Google Docs, Evernote and email. You can not only export, but import content as well. They support PDF, OPML, TXT, RTF, and their native MPX for sharing files. You can import and export OPML from and to many apps and softwares.
    They don’t have handwriting, but if you like typing this is great, you can easily search for content later and you get the freeform layout that you love about the pen.

    1. Herb H says:

      That looks cool! For 99 cents, I’m going to give it a whirl.

      1. Bouchra B says:

        It is lacking AirPrint, but it is still kind fun app to work with. It will be great if we can get a more professional opinion about it. I’d love to hear your opinion.

  21. Jack Bauer says:

    Did someone mention great note-taking apps? Knowing that”preference” dominates all of us – this one in this video has my vote 500 to 1 against ANY others. This app walks on water. What else could it possibly do?

  22. Jack Bauer says:

    From an Stylus-R-Us Customer:
    I bought a Double Duty stylus a few months ago, and ran out of ink. I looked at Office Depot for a replacement cartridge, but couldn’t find one.
    Can you tell me where I can buy a replacement for it?
    SRU Reply:
    We buy the pens – as pens – from a distributor – and unlike us – they don’t care of their customers or customer service at all – so that’s out. We’ll get them off tomorrow. Thanks. Hope you mastered the stylus.


    yep.. i got it down, and it’s making life a breeze.

    I went paperless a year ago, bought an iPad about 8-9 months ago.. have an iPad 2. I take a lot of notes while I’m on the phone with Clients and others and use an App called Notetaker HD which lets me write on the IPad and email the note to my database. The stylus is perfect for it, I can take all my notes in handwritten form and keep them.

    Well done.


    Do you mind if I use this email on my site – less ANY personal info. No numbers names etc.


    feel free



    Notetaker HD gets the SRU vote as well.

  23. Bouchra B says:

    I’m curious to see what others think about MagicalPad. Freeform outlines vs. mind maps. http://www.magicalpad.com

    1. Herb says:

      I downloaded it for 99 cents when it first came out because it looked so nice. Honestly, I haven’t used it once though. At this point, I have other alternative apps that I use instead. However, it works well and employs a unique approach to note-taking. Definitely worth a look for those who haven’t checked it out yet.

  24. Cathie says:

    Hi I am new to using a ipad and I have downloaded the audiotorium application. I cannot work out how to hand write notes with my styllus in this application. Any help would be good. Thank you.

  25. Dave says:

    amazing post from SRU. Like someone else said, guys, it’s just a stylus :)
    anyhow, on my side I have an Ipad since day 1, with no stylus, and I have been using a lot Evernote for its syncing capabilities but it lacks meetings oriented feature such as actions, to-do and follow-up.
    I’m always looking for a replacement App as I think we could gain a lot of time if it was done correctly.
    I’ve tested nearly every notes / todo app on the Appstore in 2 years, I have to admit I’m still amazed how difficult they are to use in a work environment.
    I just discovered http://www.beesapps.com/beesy-ipad-to-do, an iPad To-Do app , that seems to have understand note taking from a business perspective. I tried it for a few days and for the moment I’m quite thrilled, even a bit too powerful at the beginning.
    I particularly love the fast and nice Icons to add different kind of notes / actions and the instant meeting minutes you can send.
    Another great thing I’ve been appreciating: it reuses my notes / tasks from the meeting in the To-Do manager, yes you read correctly ! Huge time saver.
    Only drawback so far: a few glitches here and there, but nothing compromising the use of the App and the lack of iPhone sync at the moment but the devs at http://www.beesapps.com said they’re on it for a future release.

    1. Andrew says:

      I have not used beesapps, but have tried all the other standard note taking apps (Notes Plus, Notetaker HD, UPAD etc) and found them to be lacking in many areas. I recently came across – ZoomNotes which has most of the features mentioned by Dave and more (icon library, sharing to Dropbox, email, twitter, facebook; write on PDFs; import videos etc). It also has an unlimited zoom which is great for brainstorming and mind mapping. The developer is really responsive too.

  26. We are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community.

    Your web site provided us with valuable info to work on.

    You’ve done a formidable job and our entire community will be grateful to you.

  27. Samia Leed says:

    Good article,

    I did not know this app. As i’m an addict to note taking apps i will try it, for sure!

    I ‘d like to suggest as professional note taking and ToDo application “Beesy”. A month ago, I have discovered it and now i use it every day at work for my meetings
    In this app you can find many feat ures to accomodate tasks, To-Do and make monitoring
    Beesy is really great and maybe the only disadvantage is you need time to use it efficiently. I guess this app really deserve we spend a little bit time to understand it

    If you are interested, you can google, ” Beesy or go to their website for detailed information

    All the best,

  28. Do any of these apps sync with or export to Evernote?

    1. Herb says:

      With most apps, you can easily email or export a PDF/image into Evernote.

      Since Evernote has bought Penultimate, that’s probably your best bet if you interested in future integration. However, my current favorites are Notes Plus and Notability.

  29. Chris Dukarski says:

    Hello. I am a physical therapist and I am trying to find an app that would allow me to input text via a stylus on the screen and then have it input the text into an evaluation form in typed text. Are you aware of an iPad app that would allow me to input my biomechanical evaluation and be able to utilize the screen as a touch screen using a stylus to input info? It would be awesome to have the software recognize the inputting words and then enter them as typed text instead of “scribble”. This would be an amazing option for those of us who are poor typists and poor penmanship. There you have it, an awesome idea. It could revolutionize the medical field. Let me know if u can help. Thx.
    Chris Dukarski

  30. […] iPad Note Taking Apps And The Best Stylus To Use | TCGeeks – If you are looking for some iPad note taking apps and the best stylus to use with them then … but have tried all the other standard note taking apps (Notes Plus …… […]

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