100 Essential iPad Tips And Tricks

Get more from your iPad by digging deeper into its default apps and unleash the extra features in its operating system.

Like the iPhone before it, the iPad is an incredibly versatile device that can enhance your life in many different ways. If you fancy a trip to the cinema, you can use your iPad to discover the time and location of the next bus, watch a trailer to see what film looks good and even make a cinema booking. Your iPad empowers you by giving quick access to information. Indeed, if you leave home without it you’ll feel cut off from the rest of the world!

All iPads behave identically when you first get them out of the box, but that’s no reason for us to use our gadgets in the same way as everyone else. By reading our tips you’ll be able to change the way the default apps and the operating system behave, to make them suit your particular needs, You’ll also discover ways to squeeze more functionality out of the default apps and become an iPad expert!

100 Essential iPad Tips And Tricks

01 Which Direction Am I Travelling In?

When using the Maps app, you can see your current position on the map as a blue dot. If you’re unsure which direction you are walking in, simply tap on the compass arrow icon on the top bar. A torchlight-style beam will emit from the blue location dot, indicating your current direction. So you need never get lost again.

iPad Tips And Tricks - iPad Maps

02 Share Your Location

If you want to rendezvous with a friend, tap the ‘i’ icon by the pin that indicates your current location. Tap the ‘Share Location’ button and then email or MMS a map reference to your friend. They can tap the map’s URL link and view your location as a pin in their own Maps app.

03 Drop a Pin

If you can’t find a precise location via the Maps app’s handy search option, you can tap on the curled paper at the bottom right and press ‘Drop Pin’. You can then drag the pin to a point on the map (or just tap and hold on the screen), tap the blue ‘I’ icon and click on the ‘Directions to Here button’.

04 Get Bus Times

By default, the Maps app’s Directions function displays the route and time it’ll take you to get to your destination when travelling by car. If you click the Bus icon you’ll get walking directions to the nearest bus stop, then see the relevant bus number and departure time to take you to your destination.

05 Instant Traffic Repport

If you’re not sure what route to take, tap the Maps app’s curled paper (at the bottom right) and toggle the Traffic button on, Clear roads will be marked with green, slow moving traffic will appear as amber and real snarl ups will be highlighted by flashing red lines. You can then plan a faster route.

06 Give Turn-by-Turn Driving Directions

The Maps app’s Directions menu displays routes as a line from A to B, but this is not suitable for a driver to access safely while on the move. Tap ‘Directions’ at the top of the window then tap ‘Start’ in the directions bar. Now tap the list icon in the blue bar for turn-by-turn directions.

07 Pause Your Downloads

If you’re trying to update a bunch of apps at the same time and don’t feel like waiting forever for one of them to finish, it’s possible to pause the installation of an app and form your own orderly queue. Simply tap an app icon while it is downloading to pause the process. Tap it again to resume.

 08 Create Big Print

If you don’t always have your reading glasses to hand, it can be a hassle having to squint to read small fonts within text messages, notes or emails. Pop into Settings>General and scroll down to Accessibility. Then use the Large Text option to make the words in many applications look larger.

iPad Large Text - iPad Tips And Tricks

09 Perform a Double-Tap Zoom

For a closer look at your app icons, turn on the ‘Zoom’ option in the Accessibility menu. A double tap with three fingers will then magnify a part of the screen. You can scroll around the zoomed screen by dragging with three fingers. Double-tap with three fingers to zoom out again.

Double Tap Zoom | iPad Tips and Tricks

10 Activate VoiceOver

You can get your iPad to read out the contents of any screen (including button labels) by turning on the ‘VoiceOver’ option (in Accessibility). This will dramatically change the way you interact with the iPad, but is handy for listening to a book while on the move.

11 Avoid Problematic Auto-Corrections

Your iPad corrects misspelled words when you type, but it can get it wrong. To avoid missing auto-corrected words, go to Settings>General>Accessibility. Turn ‘Speak Auto-text’ on and you’ll hear a voice pronounce every corrected word.

12 Fully Close Paused or Open Apps

Double-click the Home button to show the app switcher. Swipe to scroll left or right to see all currently open apps. To quit an app, hold a finger on its icon for a few seconds until it starts to wiggle, then click the red circle icon.

13 Prolong Battery Life 1

Tap the Sleep/Wake button to lock your iPad and save battery power. If you keep forgetting to lock it, go to Settings>General>Auto-Lock and reduce the Auto-Lock timer setting to two minutes. If you don’t need the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi functions, turn those Settings off.

 14 Enjoy Quieter Typing

If you have grown to dislike that clicking sound that occurs every time you hit a letter on the keyboard then there is a simple solution to enjoy quiet typing. Go to Settings>General> Sounds and then move the ‘Keyboard Clicks’ slider to ‘Off’.

15 Fetch Not Push

Your iPad regularly chats to the server to find the latest Push Notifications, like Facebook updates. This can increase the demands on your battery. Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars and turn Push off. You can then fetch data according to a less frequent schedule.

16 Rearrange Your Icons

If you fancy tidying up your home screen and moving some icons around, tap and hold on any icon until all of the icons start to shake (jiggle mode) and then press and hold on a moving icon. You will then be able to drag and arrange it wherever you want on the screen.

17 Playback Control

To start or stop audio from radio apps (like Tuneln Radio), you usually need to click on their icons and then use their playback controls. Alternatively, double-tap Home and swipe to the far left of the app switcher to access playback controls for the active audio app.

18 Personalise The Screen

On iPads running iOS 4, you can personalise your Home screen to display your favourite photo. Choose Settings>Brightness & Wallpaper. Browse to your iPacl’s Photo Library and pick a shot. You can assign one shot to the Lock screen and a different one to the Home screen.

19 Use Categorised Folders To Store Your App

You could spread many apps across 11 scrollable screens, which means lots of finger swiping to find specific ones. Alternatively, hold your finger on an app to make it wiggle, then drag it onto another app to create a folder. Label your folders to store apps by category (like Navigation, Photography etc).

Create iPad Folder | iPad Tips and Tricks

20 In The Spotlight

If you’re after info contained in a specific message or email, it can take ages to scroll through a long list of messages. Access the Spotlight Search screen by swiping to the left of the Home screen. Enter a word and Spotlight will search Notes, Mail and messages.

21 Better Keyboard

The iPad’s touch-sensitive keyboard is easy to use. You can make the on-screen keyboard look even wider by rotating the iPad from portrait to landscape orientation. To automatically add a full stop and type the next letter as a capital, double-tap the space bar.

22 Even Better Keyboard

If you own a Bluetooth-enabled Apple Wireless Keyboard, go to Settings>General>Bluetooth. Turn Bluetooth on so the iPad is discoverable, then turn on the keyboard. One you’ve paired the iPad and keyboard by typing in a PIN code, you can tap out text using the hardware keyboard.

23 Create Web Clips

While you can access favourite sites by browsing through the Safari app’s Bookmark folders, this can be time-consuming. To find a site more quickly, browse to it, hit the ‘Add Bookmark’ icon at the top of the screen and choose ‘Add to Home Screen’. This creates an icon link.

24 Mail Me a Note

To be automatically emailed a copy of every new note you make in the Notes app, go to Settings>Notes. Change the Default Account from ‘On My iPad’ to your or Gmail address. Now notes that you make on your iPad will appear in your email account.

25 Stay Up Date

The latest operating systems fine-tune the way the 1Pad behaves, which can increase battery life. To make sure that your iPad’s iOS is up to date, connect it to your computer and look in iTunes’ Summary pane. Click ‘Check for Updates’ to discover if there’s a newer version available.

26 Prolong Your iPad’s Battery Life 2

If you’re out and about and need to squeeze a bit more life from the battery, you could disable Location Services. This helps various apps discover where you are so that they can find local amenities. You can turn this off in Settings>Location Services.

27 Prolong Your iPad’s Battery Life 3

Applying EQ settings (like Bass Booster) to the iPod app’s songs can use extra battery power. To avoid this, go to Settings>iPod>EQ and turn it off. If you’ve added EQ to songs directly in iTunes, you’ll need to set the EQ setting on your iPad to ‘Flat’.

28 Turn Off Auto Brightness

Your iPad adjusts screen brightness automatically, depending on the ambient light intensity. To manually reduce the brightness and save power go to Settings> Brightness and turn Auto Brightness off. You can then choose a less intense manual setting.

29 Charge Cycle

To help prolong your battery’s lifespan (the amount of times you can recharge it while maintaining 80 per cent of its original storage capacity), it is well worth charging it to full capacity then letting it drain completely once a month. Then you won’t need to replace it so soon.

30 View Bookmarks Bar

To display your favourite sites on a bar at the top of your Safari browser, go to Settings>Safari and then ensure that the ‘Always Show Bookmarks Bar’ is turned on. Now, when in Safari, tap the ‘Add Bookmark’ icon, then change ‘Bookmarks’ to ‘Bookmarks Bar’.

31 Create a More Complex Passcode

For a more secure passcode, go to Settings>General>Passcode Lock. Type in your current passcode and then turn off ‘Simple Passcode. Create a new code that is a mixture of numbers and letters.

32 Setup Restrictions

To stop your kids using the Safari or YouTube apps, go to Settings>General and tap Restrictions. Tap ‘Enable Restrictions’ and enter a passcode. You can then turn those apps off. You can also stop people installing apps on your iPad.

33 Wiser Wi-Fi

To stop your iPad automatically connecting to an unknown Wi-Fi network, go to Settings>Wi-Fi. Make sure that the ‘Ask to Join Networks’ option is turned on. You can also save battery life by turning Wi-Fi to Off when not using a trusted home or work network.

34 Back Up Your iPad

If you lose your iPad, you don’t have to lose useful information like Calendar entries, photos and Notes. Get into the regular habit of plugging it into your computer and syncing it with iTunes to create a backup. This enables you to sync the old iPad’s content with a new one.

35 Encrypt Your Backup

Another iPad user could plug their device into your computer and use iTunes “Restore from Backup’ option to turn their iPad into a clone of yours! To prevent this, go to the iTunes’ ‘Summary’ screen and tick the ‘Encrypt iPad backup’ box. It will now require a password.

36 Wireless Sync

If you’ve updated to iOS 5, you will be able to take advantage of the wireless sync option. This means no more wires when you’re looking to update, sync or back up your iPad, making life just that little bit easier for you. A welcome addition indeed.

37 Encrypt Email

default your iPad should encrypt your emails, but it’s worth double checking. Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Choose an Account. Click on the email address, click on Mail then choose ‘Advanced’. Go to ‘Incoming Settings’ and make sure that ‘Use SSL is turned on.

38 AutoFill

It can be a hassle having to type in a password whenever you access a site via Safari. To speed things up, go to Settings>Safari. Tap on AutoFill. You can get Safari to access personal details like your name and address by turning ‘Use Contact Info’ on. Turn on ‘Names and Passwords’ too.

39 Password Protection

If you find it hard to remember multiple passwords, you could buy the third-party 1Password app for your iPad. This enables you to store pertinent passwords for bank, online or iTunes accounts safely and securely. It can then log you into websites with a tap.

40 Add More Apps To Your Dock

By default, the dock of your iPad holds four app icons – but did you know that it can hold up to six? Just hold down on an app icon until it starts to shake and then drag it to the dock. You can also replace any of the default apps in the dock if you wish.

41 Quickly Highlight Paragraphs

There is a handy shortcut that you can use to highlight entire paragraphs without manually selecting all of the text contained within. Simply tap the text four times in quick succession and the full paragraph will be highlighted.

42 Quickly Mute

If you need to quickly cut the sound of your iPad – perhaps to take a call or if you’re someplace quiet – then all you have to do is hold down the volume down button for two seconds. Hey presto, instant silence, so you don’t disturb anyone.

43 Create a Playlist

To create a personalised music playlist, open the iPod app and click the Playlists icon. Tap Add Playlist and give it a name. Click Save. Then scroll through your Songs and tap on suitable tunes to add them to your Playlist. You can edit Playlists at a later date to fine-tune them.

44 Cover Your Tracks

If you don’t want anyone to discover what Safari pages you have been accessing then you can easily cover your tracks. Go to Settings>Safari and then you will see three separate options to ‘Clear History, ‘Clear Cookies’ and ‘Clear Cache’; pick the first option.

45 Copy and Paste Text Between Apps

f you want to copy and paste text from one app to use in another then tap and hold a word (and use your finger to drag and select more text, if you need) and, once the portion of text you want has been highlighted, tap the Copy option to save it to a pasteboard.

46 How to Delete Unwanted Apps

You can easily delete apps which you no longer use in order to free up precious storage space on your iPad. Simply press and hold on an app icon until the screen starts to shake (this is known as jiggle mode) and then tap on the ‘x’ next to the app’s icon. You can re-download paid-for apps for free, so you’ll never lose anything.

47 Unfreeze Your iPad

Sometimes you may find that your iPad’s screen freezes and won’t respond to touch. To get things working again, try pressing the Sleep button to make it nod off, press the same button again to wake the iPad up and slide to unlock. It should now react to touch as normal.

48 Hard Reset

If your iPad still won’t unfreeze after trying the previous tip, hold the Sleep button for a few seconds, then drag the ‘slide to power off’ button. Turning the iPad back on should fix things. Or press the Sleep and Home buttons for ten seconds or so until the Apple logo appears.

49 Save Web Images

If you find a shot via Safari that you want to keep (like a friend’s Facebook photo), then simply press your finger on the photo for a few seconds and a menu will pop up. By tapping on the ‘Save Image’ button, you can download the shot to your iPad’s Photo Library.

50 Take a Screen Grab

To get useful info like flight details or train times, you often need to perform time-consuming searches via Safari or dedicated travel apps. You can then press the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time to save a screen grab to your Photo app’s camera roll.

51 Scroll up Quickly

If you’re reading a long document, it may take multiple finger swipes to scroll back to the top, especially if you’ve zoomed in for a closer look at the text. To scroll up much more quickly, simply tap at the status bar at the top of the screen. This trick works in a variety of apps.

52 Batch-Edit Emails

To make your Mail inbox less cluttered, tap the Edit button at the top right. Scroll through the mails and highlight each unwanted one with a tap. A red tick will appear. You can batch-delete the highlighted mails with a click, or tap Move to send them to the Trash or Junk folders.

53 Faster Printing

Instead of syncing prints to a laptop and then printing them, you can print directly from the iPad. Browse to the shot you want to print, tap the icon in the top-right corner of the screen and choose ‘Print.’ You can then select an AirPrint-enabled printer and choose the number of copies you require.

54 Subscribe To Calendar

Using the Mac that you sync your iPad to, browse to apple.com/downloads/macosx/calendars. Download the calendars you want and they will appear in your Mac’s iCal app. Now sync your iPad (after ticking ‘Sync iCal calendars’ in iTunes).

55 Renaming Folders

If you aren’t happy with the names that your device gives to folders, you can easily rename them yourself. Just tap and hold on a folder until it starts to shake, then open it and click on the title. You can now enter whatever text you want.

56 Access Google Street View in Maps

If you want to get a better look at a location pinned on your Maps app, tap on the circular white and orange person-shaped icon to the left of the pin’s label. This will take you into Google Street View mode. Swipe the screen to take a look around, or tap the arrows to ‘drive’ up the street.

iPad Maps Street View | iPad Tips and Tricks

57 Lock to Portrait Orientation

The iPad’s accelerometer may cause the screen to rotate when you don’t want it to. To lock the screen orientation, double-tap the Home button to open the app switcher. Tap the icon at the far left so that a lock symbol appears.

58 Switch The Switch

Just next to the volume controls on the side of your device is a small switch. By default, this is used to instantly mute your device but you can make it lock the screen orientation instead. Go to Settings>General and use the ‘Use Side Switch to’ options.

59 Activating Caps Lock

When you want to tap a capital letter on your iPad keyboard, you first need to tap the left or right Shift key, which can be a hassle if you want to capitalise an entire word in your text. To turn on the Caps Lock, simply double-tap either Shift key. Tap Shift again to turn Caps Lock off.

60 Sync Other Mail

To sync a Google. account with your iPad, go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap on Microsoft Exchange. Enter your Google account details and choose to sync Google Mail, Contacts and Calendars with your iPad. For server info, type in ‘m.google.com’.

61 Find And Replace

As you know, you can hold down on a word in text to highlight it for editing purposes, but if you then choose Select followed by ‘Replace…’ you can get suggestions for similarly spelt words, which is handy way to quickly correct mistakes.

62 Access a Secret Apostrophe

When typing, it can be a real pain to switch to a different keyboard layout each time you need to type an apostrophe – so thankfully there is an alternative. Press and hold the T key and a secret apostrophe key will appear above it. Slide your finger up to type it.

63 Get an Instant Quote

Similar to the previous tip for a quicker way to type an apostrophe, it is also possible to access secret quotation marks when typing on the iPad on-screen keyboard. Simply press and hold the ‘?’ key and a quotation mark key will appear above. Just slide your finger up to type it.

64 Customise Push Notifications

Many apps use the Push Notification service to send info to the iPad’s screen. This can be useful or annoying, depending on the app. If you don’t need to know instantly when someone has posted a comment on Facebook, go to Settings>Notifications, scroll down to Facebook and set Alerts to Off.

65 Turn Off Predictive Text

The iPad’s attempt to predict what you’re typing can be annoying if you have to cancel wrongly predicted words. To disable this feature, go to Settings>General> Keyboard. Set ‘Auto-Correction’ to Off. This will also disable ‘Check Spelling’.

66 Access Websites Quicker

You can save yourself a few seconds when typing web addresses into Safari. You’ll have noticed there’s a `.com’ key to save you having to manually type it in, but if you hold it down you’ll access a secret menu of other options, like ‘.co.ukr.

67 Activate Ping

Ping is Apple’s social network for music lovers. By turning Ping on in the iTunes app, you can ‘like’ songs and share comments with friends, or follow other Ping members and discover new sounds. Once Ping is activated, you’ll see new Ping icons in the iPod app’s upper control pane.

68 Add Song Lyrics To Your iPad App

Copy a favourite song’s lyrics from the web. In iTunes, go to File>Get Info. Click on Lyrics and paste in the copied lyrics. Copy that song to your iPad. Play it in the iPod app and tap the album art in the ‘Now Playing’ screen to view the scrollable lyrics.

69 Quick Rewind

When you’re listening to a podcast or a talking book, you may get distracted and miss an interesting or important bit of information. Tap on the podcast or talking book’s artwork to reveal the additional sound controls. Tap on the handy 30-second rewind icon for an instant replay.

70 Get a New Web Window

It is possible to open links in a new Safari window, rather than the current one. Instead of simply tapping on the link, press and hold and a new menu of options will appear that allows to you ‘Open in New Page. Slide your finger up to access it.

71 Control iPod Sound

If you’re concerned about excessive sound levels, you can limit those produced by your iPad’s IPod app. Pop into Settings and tap on iPod. Tick ‘Sound Check’ to automatically limit the maximum level. You can set a maximum level manually using the Volume Limit option.

72 Create a Genius playlist

One way to find similar songs in your iPad’s music library is to tap on the Genius icon in the ‘Now Playing’ screen’s top control bar. This will create a Genus Playlist containing songs by similar artists. You can save that playlist, or Refresh it for an alternative mix.

73 Find Words in Webpages

You can search for words in Safari webpages. Type the word into the Google search box and then a list of suggestions will appear. Go to the bottom of the list to see options for ‘On This Page’ and then slide your finger over the Find option.

74 Disable Email Sound

It can be annoying when you’re listening to the iPod app and then the chime to signify a new email arriving interrupts the current song. You can disable the sounds of incoming emails and various other things by going to Settings>General>Sounds.

75 Get Larger Email Previews

The Mail app on the iPad previews just two lines of each email by default. If you think it will be better to preview more before you tap on it (just to see if it is worth opening),  go to Settings>Mail Contacts, Calendar and then tap Preview under the Mail section.

76 Turn Off Push Mail

Your Mail app defaults to Push when delivering emails, so they are shoved into your inbox whenever they are sent. If you want to snatch back control over when your new emails arrive, go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Fetch New Data and then set your preferences.

77 How To Delete Photos

If you need to free up storage space on your device, you can delete images and screen grabs from your Photos app. To do this, tap on the Share icon in the top-right corner and then tap on the images you want to erase. When they have been selected, tap Delete.

78 Enjoy a Slideshow

Instead of swiping through shots in a photo album, play it as a slideshow. Tap to view the first shot. Tap on the Play icon at the bottom to open Slideshow Options. Tap on Transitions and choose wipe or dissolve. Turn Play Music on and choose a track from your music library.

79 Updating Your Apps

Apps are regularly updated to eradicate bugs and add new features. To see if there are updates available for your apps, go to the App Store and tap Updates. You will then be presented with a list of possible updates, so simply tap on the Free link to download it.

80 Watch Full-Screen Videos

To watch full-screen videos in the YouTube app, turn your iPad to the landscape orientation, then double-tap the video to zoom in further and get rid of those black borders. Now sit back and enjoy the videos as they are meant to be seen.

81 Add Friends in Game Center

Game Center is great for playing against friends in online games. To add new friends, tap on the Friends category and then ‘Add Friends. You can now enter their nickname or email address to send a friend invite. Once accepted, they’ll be added to your list.

82 Get More Game Center Games

To search for games that support Game Center, launch Game Center and tap on the Games category. All your current games will be shown here; scroll to the bottom of the page and hit ‘Find Game Center Games’ to search for more.

83 Play Mates Online

If you want to set up an online game against friends, launch the game and then select the relevant multiplayer option. A box will now appear in which you can be matched against strangers or ‘Invite Friend’. Choose this and any friends currently playing can be selected to participate.

84 Turn Your iPad Into a Digital Photo Frame

If you want to show off your photos to friends, there are a host of options. Go to Settings>Picture Frame and you’ll see a page of options that relate to your Slideshows. Here you can set the transition, the time each photo is displayed for and more.

85 Access Flash Content

The Safari web browser doesn’t support Adobe Flash. But there is an app that allows you to view Flash content on your iPad. In the App Store, search for Skyfire Browser (52.99/$4.99). When launched, tap the Videos button in the bottom corner to scan for Flash content.

86 Stream a Podcast

You may be accessing you favourite podcasts by downloading them to your Mac/ PC and then syncing them to your iPad. To save time, use the iPad’s iTunes app to browse to the Podcasts page. Tap on a podcast’s title and it’ll immediately start streaming to your device.

87 Transfer Purchase

f you buy a song or app via your iPad, keep it safe by transferring it to your Mac or PC. Connect the iPad to your home computer and wait until it appears in iTunes. Now right-click on your iPad’s icon in the Devices pane and choose ‘Transfer Purchases.

88 Useful Information

It can be useful to know how much space you have left on your iPad without having to sync it to a home computer. Go to Settings>General and tap on ‘About’. You can see how many songs, videos and apps you’ve got stored on your device, as well as any remaining space.

89 Faster Searches

To speed up searches, you can Spotlight not to bother looking in certain places on your iPad. Go to Settings>General and tap ‘Spotlight Search’. You can tap to untick specific categories. You can also drag to rearrange the order of the search result categories.

90 Add a Signature

When you send an email from your iPad, you’ll probably end it with the same signature (like ‘Cheers, John Smith’ for example). Get the iPad to type your signature automatically by going to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap on ‘Signature’ and type in the text field.

91 Add PDFs to iBooks

If someone emails you a PDF (like your flight details), it can be tricky to read in Mail. Tap on the Share icon at the top left and choose ‘Open in iBooks’. You can then access individual pages more easily, turn up the brightness and store the PDF on a bookshelf for easier access.

92 Erase All Data

If you want to sell your old iPad, it makes sense to ensure that all your personal data is securely erased (though don’t do this until you’ve backed up the device via iTunes!) Go to Settings>General and tap Reset. Then tap on `Erase all Content and Settings’.

93 Watch Live TV

There are apps to help you view retrospective TV, but what about the live stuff? In Safari, go to ipad.tvcatchup.com, sign up and you’ll be presented with a full list of channels that you can watch for free. Tap the ‘Add Bookmark’ icon to add a shortcut icon to your home screen.

94 Share Files

By downloading the free Dropbox app onto your iPad and setting up a Dropbox account, you can access files from the online Dropbox storage cloud via your iPad. This enables you to view images, movies and documents without needing to store them on the iPad.

95 Move Apps Between Screens

If you want to move a downloaded app to a different screen, you’ll have to do so manually. Press and hold on the icon until it shakes and then drag it to the side of the screen. After a second or two it will shift to the previous or next screen.

96 No Place Like Home

Your iPad can have up to 11 home screens full of folders. When using an app, return to the last home screen with the Home button. Press it again and you’ll quickly scroll sideways to the first (main) home screen. Press Home twice rapidly to bring up the app switcher.

97 White on Black

By default the iPad displays black text on a white background. If you do a lot of reading, you may find it easier to read white text against black. To get this look, go to Settings>General>Accessibility. Turn the ‘White on Black’ option to On and your colours will invert.

98 Triple-Click

As well as using the Home button to return to the Home screen and activate the app switcher (double dick), you can assign a function to three button presses via Settings>General>Accessibility. Turn on Triple-click Home and use it to toggle accessibility functions.

99 Special Characters

Some foreign words require letters that vary slightly, like C. instead of C. To find and type foreign variants of a particular letter using the iPad’s keyboard, simply press and hold your finger over the letter. New keys will appear showing the variations of that character.

100 Use The Guide

If a particular iPad feature flummoxes you, then the official iPad User Guide is a only few taps away. Go to the Safari app and click on the Bookmarks icon at the top of the screen. Tap the ‘Bookmarks’ link and then scroll down to the iPad User Guide.

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