First Aid | iPad Troubleshooting

Technical problems with your iPad is an area that all owners are hoping they can avoid, yet if the worst happens we have put together this short tutorial that could offer the help you need to restore your iPad to good health. Good luck.

iPad Trouble Shooting – Creating A Back Up For Your iPad

Should you experience technical issues with your iPad it is possible to restore your hardware to previous stage before the problems arose, thus possibly avoiding them completely. Each time you sync to iTunes you will create a backup of your settings and apps and stored information (game saves, scores etc). alas back ups will not automatically include downloads from your iTunes library, or personal information such as contacts and calendar data, so it is recommended that you always sync all content from your iPad to iTunes where are possible, the extra time incurred will be worth it.

Restoring your iPad to a back up will basically turn back the hands of time to the date your last back up was performed, any information added to your iPad after said date could be lost.

Backups don’t include synced items, such as songs and videos from your iTunes library, or information such as contacts and calendars from your computer, unless you select these options via iTunes. If you didn’t select to sync music, photos and video when you first set up your iPad, we would advise you to sync all item for just this reson, if you don’t you will loose them!


  1. MA says:

    my ipad 2 keeps cutting off. every time i load a page it automatically goes back to the home screen. i need help. when i open my email it closes and goes back to home screen. i cant load games or netflix it goes back to home screen.

  2. DANTES says:


  3. Sweetie says:

    I couldn’t find my iPad, so I got my ipone and hit the (find my phone) app to assist. and yes, thankfully i found it. However… now I can’t open it… It just reads iPad disabled, now i’m super lost and extremely frustrated. Any helpful ideas???

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